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Construction Disputes

We assist our clients in:- Negotiations,Mediation, Adjudication, Arbitration, Litigation and Site Acquisition

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Capital Markets

We undertake in:- Legal Due Diligence in public floatation’s and private acquisitions; Public Take – Overs of Companies listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange; Government & Parastatal Privatisations; Share rights issues; Structured & Corporate Finance.

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Legal Audit & Compliance

We help individuals, businesses and corporations be in strict compliance with statutory regulations, policies and keep them up to date with the latest conditions in the market.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clients first-class value-added professional assistance, combined with an in-depth understanding of the particular areas of the business. We are focused on results, committed to excellence, creative thinking, systematic innovation and to acting regionally in order to enhance value for our clients. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client.

Our Vision

Our primary philosophy involves a deep respect for the individual and client, a dedication to affordable rates, trustworthiness and reliability. Our professionals’ core values are embodied in our way of doing business and serve the client and are defined by Ethics, Integrity, Confidentiality, Trustworthiness and Credibility. Putting our clients first is a simple philosophy flowing throughout every aspect of our business and underpinning everything we do.


  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Real Estate Law and Construction;
  • Tax Law;
  • Banking Finance and Securities Law;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Insurance Law;
  • Probate & Succession;
  • Constitutional and Human Rights Law;
  • Environmental Law;
  • Personal Injuries and insurance law;
  • Media Law and Defamation;
  • Immigration Law;
  • Employment Law;
  • Communication, IT & Fintech;
  • Capital Markets;
  • Legal Compliance;
  • General Legal Consultancy.
  • General Litigation; and,
  • Legal Auditing.


  • Transport & Logistics;
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture;
  • Environmental & Climate Change;
  • Consumer Products;
  • Financial Institutions;
  • Government and Public Sector;
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals;
  • Hospitality;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Manufacturing & Industrial;
  • Mining & Minerals;
  • Power;
  • Private Equity;
  • Real Estate;
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications; and,
  • Fintech & InsurTech.

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