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Legal and Business Templates

Welcome and Warm Greetings: Your legal and business solutions start here. We are Kenyan lawyers and business specialists. Our online legal and business services offer you a whole new dimension in B2B services by delivering top-quality, in-depth, and highly responsive business and legal templates. We have compiled over 30,000 customizable smart templates/forms to be used whenever needed.  The templates/forms are flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed, may be downloaded without charge from the website are in the following categories: Legal, Business, Real Estate, Personal, Arts and Media. The templates can be used for the following industries: Small and Medium...

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How to Start an IT Firm in Kenya

If you enjoy the fast-paced world of IT, then venturing into the industry will be a good fit and we are going to guide you on how to go about it. Kenya is the innovation leader in technology in emerging markets in both East and Central Africa and is considered as one of the three top innovation hubs in Sub-Sahara Africa. So, the following are some of the statistics about Kenya, in light of the digital space: Kenya’s population Kenya had a population of 54.38 million in January 2021.Kenya’s population increased by 1.2 million (+2.3%) between January 2020 and January 2021.50.3% of Kenya’s population is female, while 49.7% of its population is male.28.2% of Kenya’s population lives...

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How To Start A Construction Company in Kenya

When you start a construction company in Kenya, you are assured it is going to be profitable. With more people buying land and developing them, everyone is procuring construction services. A lot goes into starting and growing a construction company in Kenya. While funding is critical, numerous research is needed to grow a successful construction company. Below we highlight some of the most critical steps you need to take to succeed in your construction company.  1) Come Up With A Business Plan A business plan is an essential strategic tool for any entrepreneur. And So, it goes without saying, when you are looking to...

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Choosing Between a Business Name, Limited Liability Partnership and Company Formation in Kenya

If you are an entrepreneur, you are on the right track. Before proceeding to venture into any business, however, it is important to know the basics of different company formation in Kenya that will best suit your business, not just in the short term, but long term as well. Business Name A business name simply means a name which a business trades under for commercial purposes. In registrations, the business name is the category where sole proprietorship and basic partnerships fall into. It is suitable for not just single-owned businesses and partnerships, but also for businesses that are not already looking forward...

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Costs of Registering a Company in Kenya

Before there is money, there is business. In order to create all the wonderful things you want in life, like…A beautiful, spacious home, a team of domestic support, and a great education for your children…Plus, a 57-acre horse ranch where you can live with no intrusions aside from the gentle sound of birds and ponies whinnying in the distance…Before you can have any of that, you need to do some business.Because all these things start first with a vision — a vision that is accompanied by business calculations that helps you determine exactly how to get there. Here is how to...

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Unemployment On Trial

INTRODUCTION The Constitution of Kenya, 2010, by declaring in Article 55(c) that the State “shall take measures […] to ensure that the youth […] access employment,” gave rise to the legitimate expectation that the State will assuage young Kenyans’ fear of unemployment after completing their education, leading to the enactment of The National Employment Authority Act, No. 3 of 2016 to actualise the wording and spirit of the Article 55 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; and yet youth unemployment , estimated at 35%,  is 3½ times the national unemployment rate of 10%. Furthermore, 80% of unemployed Kenyans are below 35...

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Conveyancing The three landmark stages of a conveyancing transaction are: Making of the Contract Completion Registration DUTIES OF THE ADVOCATE IN A CONVEYANCING TRANSACTION Vendor's Advocate Obtain information on: - Full names of the parties, full particulars of the property,  the price,  deposit is required,  details of encumbrances  whether the property is vacant, expected date of completion, prepare the sale agreement, obtain original title document from vendor, approve transfer/conveyance, procure execution of transfer/conveyance, receive and account for the proceeds of the sale to vendor., obtain rates, rent clearances, consents where required, obtain discharge of charge/reconveyances. Purchaser’s Advocate Obtain information on:- finances, taxes legal costs and expenses of the conveyance, scrutinizing of title documents, investigation of title, approving sale agreement, preparation of transfer/conveyance ...

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Small Business. Your Smart Lawyers!

Small Business. Your Smart Lawyers! As a small business owner, you might feel like you’re “not that powerful” or “don’t have much influence” on society. Especially if you’re not generating tons of money just yet. so, you even see no need for a lawyer. Maybe you think, “Once I’m raking in millions, then I can hire a lawyer for my paper work.” Yes…and no. Having more money is helpful, for sure. But even if your business is very new, not super profitable yet, or currently has just one employee, aka you, even then, you need that lawyer than you ever thought. With every business decision you...

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Technology Startup – Ten Issues to Keep in Mind

Technology Startup - Ten Issues to Keep in Mind 1. Will Former Employers Assert Rights? Former employers can sometimes assert rights in startup’s proprietary technology (either in its present form or in an earlier version). Some circumstances to watch out for are: (a) an inventor conceived his/her idea while working for a former employer; (b) a startup’s founder took proprietary documents, prototypes, or other materials with him from a former job; (c) startup will compete with an inventor's ex-employer; (d) two or more startup founders worked for the same former employer. In any of the above cases the startup and even its...

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Startup Formation Considerations

Startup Formation Considerations One of the most important things founders of a startup should do before launching the company is to determine the exit strategy. The founders have to decide whether they want: (1) to go public; (2) to sell the startup out in 10 years, (3) to merge with another company when the startup reached a certain revenue level, (4) to form a joint venture with a larger company. Depending upon their objectives the founders of the startup could have radically different underlying strategies in achieving their objectives. For example, many legal, financial and business decisions would be made in a...

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