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A young career-minded lady with commitment, integrity, teamwork skills, and effective communication abilities who takes great interest in becoming a successful leader. Ms Dorris majors in insurance, and matters academic/education research (research proposals, thesis).




Ms Dorris is a graduate from The University of Nairobi with a degree in International Relations as well as a graduate from Daystar University with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. To add to her professional life and skills, she holds a Certificate of Proficiency by virtue of having passed the exams from the College of Insurance thereby qualifying her as an insurance specialist.


Experience and Interests


Ms Dorris has an experience in bancassurance. She has worked for Faulu Bank, Ecobank, Diamond Trust Bank and currently Cooperative Bank. Some of her roles were:

  • Financial advising;
  • Routinely follow up with clients to ensure high level of customer service:
  • Manage and direct sales of various insurance products provided by banks;
  • New client prospecting;
  • Product marketing through activations and brochures;
  • Attain and expand new and existing businesses to build a strong API base.

Finally, she love watching movies, reading novels, nature walk and zip lining.

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