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Planning is always a good thing as it can be a basis on what you want to accomplish not just on small projects but for long-term goals too. Making a 5-year plan template can help you know yourself better – what you want and what you aspire for. It’s a strategy that revolves around the goals you want to achieve in the future so you know where you want to be in five years and how you will get there.


What is the purpose of a 5 year plan?

We’ve often heard the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” If someone asks you this question on the spot, you might find yourself in a situation where you try to find an appropriate answer. Will you get promoted to a higher position? Will you still rent an apartment or will you already have your own home? Do you know any specific answer to this important question?

Even if you do have answers, these probably aren’t clear. This makes all the difference if you make a 5-year plan template. Creating your own personal 5-year plan template, 5-year business plan template, 5-year career plan template, 5-year plan template for life or 5-year strategic plan template gives you an edge over those who don’t think about their future goals or plans.

  • It allows you to make improvements in your life
    The idea of the plan is that you can improve the good things you have to make them better. A 5-year plan template for life removes distractions as it gives you an opportunity to dig deeper and identify what is important to you. Then you can scrap everything else that is not. The plan also gives you the chance take accountability for your own goals.
  • It effectively improves your focus
    These characteristics of a 5-year strategic plan template makes it very effective. It is a game plan to help keep your “eyes-on-the-prize.” It gives you an overview of the next five years so it doesn’t look like a mystery or worse, exactly like the routine you have been a slave to for the past five years.
  • It helps you grow
    A personal 5-year plan template is more than just a to-do list or a calendar events as these only focus on short-term goals. Five years is an adequate timespan that can reflect realistic and effective changes within yourself. It can also allow significant growth in your personal and professional life.

Downloadable Templates:

5 year plan template 04

5 year plan template 05

5 year plan template 06

5 year plan template 07

5 year plan template 08

5 year plan template 09

5 year plan template 10

5 year plan template 11

5 year plan template 12

5 year plan template 13

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5 year plan template 15

5 year plan template 16

5 year plan template 17

5 year plan template 18

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5 year plan template 22

5 year plan template 23

5 year plan template 24

5 year plan template 26

5 year plan template 28

5 year plan template 29

5 year plan template 32

5 year plan template 33

5 year plan template 34

5 year plan template 35

5 year plan template 36

5 year plan template 37

5 year plan template 38

5 year plan template 40

5 year plan template 01

5 year plan template 02

5 year plan template 03


Why 5 years?

A 5-year plan template gives you enough time to “lay down the tracks” that will help you reach the more important achievements and milestones you wish to accomplish without having to resort to procrastination. As you may surmise, it’s a lot easier to get distracted by short-term goals that may seem more urgent or offer a faster payoff.

If you want to take the more challenging road, then take one with a longer view. In choosing this, you need to use your creativity and have enough boldness to dedicate and envision yourself to the life that you aspire for. You need a comprehensive plan to make this life your reality.

As you mature and evolve, so will your plan as it helps you maintain focus on your long-term goals. The end game in using the plan is growth and progress. It should enable you to create the life that you want with laser-focus and aim, yet having enough flexibility to adjust to who you’re growing into as time progresses.

The benefits of creating your own 5-year plan template

You can either create your own 5-year plan template or use one that’s readily available online. You can use this tool to provide insights into your own personality, values, ambition, and more. It can also help potential employers to determine whether or not a prospect employee fits well in a certain corporate culture or job environment.

More importantly, a 5 year career plan template or one aimed at your personal goals can help you assess your visions for the future. Here are the standard benefits to look forward to when you have this plan:

  • It helps you learn more about yourself
    A 5-year plan isn’t supposed to be a strict activity schedule that you should adhere to for the next five years. It’s mostly about knowing more about yourself and having the ability to pinpoint who you are and who you want to be. Consider these questions:
    Who do you want to be in the future?
    What do you want to do?
    What should have you achieved?
    What do you want to see as you look into the future?
    The answers to these questions will be the basis of your plan. When making it, you will discover your ambitions, vision, and values of the future. The plan is where it all starts and where you discover who you really are.
  • It helps you develop long-term goals
    After you have discovered the visions you have for the future and the ambitions that go with it, you can know determine the long-term goals you will need to bring you there. These goals help shape your vision of the future.
    Long-term goals form the basis in reaching the vision of the future that you have established in your process of self-discovery. These are the charts that serve as guides to your end goal one step at a time.

Make sure that the long-term goals you set are all realistic, attainable, and specific. You should also have the ability to measure them so you can use them as markers as to how you move forward. This plan figures out what you want exactly.

How do you write a 5-year career plan?

Do you have a career goal in mind? Maybe you’re too apprehensive as making one is a daunting task. On the contrary, it isn’t that hard. Here are a few easy steps for making your 5 year career plan template:

  • Think about your career goals and list them down
    The first thing you need to do is to make an assessment of your professional life and determine the things that you want to achieve. Consider where you want to be in the five year’s time.
    Write all the things that you know you’re good at and the things you enjoy doing. What part of your work gives you the most enjoyment? What parts do you have the greatest interest in? You can easily move forward in your career if you find a role that seems interesting or one that you find enjoyable.
  • Make a list of your skills that can help you achieve your career goals
    You know the skills, experiences, and abilities that you currently possess. Make an assessment of these traits and whether or not they can help you achieve the career goals you’ve set.
    For instance, you have a great interest in becoming a graphic designer but there are some types of software you cannot use. This means you need training if you want to reach your goals. Be very honest with yourself regarding your current skills and the skills that you should learn in order to advance.
    You should have a plan on how to gain knowledge that will help you achieve your goals. When writing the plan, incorporate the training and education needed to develop the necessary skills for your advancement.
  • Break your goals down into smaller, more achievable goals
    After gathering all the data for your 5-year plan template, you can now start writing down your plan. When looking at a 5-year plan in its entirety, it may seem to be out of reach. What you can do is break things down into simpler steps that are more achievable. This helps you see more clearly how much progress you’ve made and, in turn, keeps you motivated.
  • Actively seek out opportunities
    Now that you’ve finished your plan, you can start searching for opportunities where you can gain experience. Generally, there are two ways you can do this:
    Look for opportunities within your company
    Don’t be afraid to talk to your employer about any skills that you want to learn or improve and find ways where you can gain relevant and specific experiences.
    Look for opportunities in other companies
    If you feel you are not receiving the support you require or the opportunities aren’t available to you, maybe it is time to search for other opportunities in different organizations.
  • Keep going back to your 5-year plan
    If you want to succeed in achieving your goals, regularly review your progress. Sit down and review your plan to make sure that you’re on track in achieving both your minor goals and your 5-year goal. It can also be a time to make adjustments, especially if your career has taken you to unexpected places.
    If you feel you’re not making any progress on your intended goals, try finding out why. Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues and friends for feedback or arrange a meeting with your employer to find out what else you can do to work towards your long-term goals.


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