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An acting resume template serves as your calling card as an actor along with your headshot. You don’t create this document just to show off your past work and experiences. Your actor resume template must also contain your acting classes, level of education, physical stats, and any “special skills” you may possess. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this document is of the utmost importance.

Format and elements of an acting resume

Apart from your headshot, the acting resume template shows how serious you are about your craft. Creating a poorly-formatted acting resume example sends the wrong message, therefore, you must make sure that the beginner actor resume template shows your professionalism. When it comes to marketing yourself, you must always aim to be the best.

When you use the proper acting resume format, you can impress anyone. For instance, using a reverse-chronological format for your acting or theatrical resume template allows you to highlight your past performances. Just make sure to use clear and legible fonts to make your document easy to read and understand. Also, it’s best to save your resume as a PDF file to ensure that it’s compatible with different kinds of devices.

Downloadable Templates:

acting resume template 07

acting resume template 08

acting resume template 09

acting resume template 10

acting resume template 11

acting resume template 12

acting resume template 13

acting resume template 14

acting resume template 15

acting resume template 16

acting resume template 17

acting resume template 18

acting resume template 19

acting resume template 20

acting resume template 21

acting resume template 22

acting resume template 24

acting resume template 25

acting resume template 26

acting resume template 28

acting resume template 29

acting resume template 30

acting resume template 31

acting resume template 32

acting resume template 33

acting resume template 34

acting resume template 36

acting resume template 37

acting resume template 38

acting resume template 39

acting resume template 40

acting resume template 41

acting resume template 42

acting resume template 43

acting resume template 44

acting resume template 45

acting resume template 46

acting resume template 47

acting resume template 48

acting resume template 49

acting resume template 50

acting resume template 01

acting resume template 02

acting resume template 03

acting resume template 04

acting resume template 05

acting resume template 06


Don’t take your acting resume lightly as this is as much of an asset as your talents and your looks. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been an actor for some time now, this resume helps you get more roles. Here are some of the most important elements to include in your actor resume template:

  • Your most recent contact information
  • The most recent contact information of your agent.
  • The objective or summary of your resume.
  • Your acting credits.
  • Your education, training, and workshops.
  • All of your special skills, accolades, and awards.
  • Any additional references like testimonials, reviews, and links to your past work.
  • Your best headshot.

If you want to create the best possible layout, start off by using a standard paper size. Make sure the document is the same size as your headshot since you’ll attach this to the back of your resume. Also, start off with your professional credits then your educational credits, and finally, your community theater credits.

Writing tips for when you create an acting resume

Composing an acting resume template differs slightly from composing a “normal” resume. But most of the basic information in this document stays the same. This may be your first time to write a beginner actor resume template. You may want to create a new acting resume example containing your updated information.

Either way, creating the template shouldn’t be such a difficult task. With that in mind, here are some writing tips to guide you:

  • Make sure to include your headshot along with your acting or theatrical resume template
    Any good acting resume comes with a headshot that has been professionally photographed. This photograph must show a close-up of your face or your whole face along with your upper body. The purpose of this photograph is to give a strong impression as it captures your personality.
    Make sure that you only attach a professional headshot because an amateur one looks bland, unappealing, and flat. Hiring agents typically look at the headshot first before reading the resume so you must make sure to attach your best one.
  • Include your most recent contact details
    All formats of resumes start with contact details. This gives the reader a way of reaching out to you right away. This is especially true if the hiring agent wants an actor from a specific area where you’re from. Your contact details must include:
    Your whole name.
    Your permanent address.
    Your primary and secondary phone numbers.
    Your professional email address.
    If you have one, include your IMDB profile too.
  • Include your personal information
    Even though you’re attaching your headshot, you must also describe your appearance in your acting resume format. Never make up statistics as this will backfire when the hiring agent meets you in person.
    If they find out that you’ve included inaccurate information on your resume, you can say goodbye to that job and any future jobs with that company. Here is some personal information to include:
    Your date of birth.
    Your race.
    Your eye and hair color.
    Your weight and height.
    You can write this information on one line at the very top right under your contact details. Some actors even print their resumes at the backside of their headshots. If you plan to do this, make sure to use high-quality photo paper and a high-quality printer to avoid compromising your professionalism.
  • Add your acting experience
    It’s best to write your acting experience in reverse chronological order. This means that you place the most recent experience you have at the top. But you may also want to separate your experience into different sections depending on the types of media you acted in.
    Therefore, if your most recent experience was in theater, then place all of your theater experience at the top. Then include your other experience like in television, film, and so on.
    Although you want to include all of your experience in your acting resume template, you must limit the document to a single page. Therefore, if you have extensive acting experience, you should only include the most relevant or the most recent. Each of the experiences you include must have the title of the production, the name of the director, and the role you played.
  • Add your awards and accolades
    If you’ve won any awards, include these in your acting resume. Include who gave the award, what category you won in, and the year you received the award.
  • Include any additional skills you have
    If you have any additional skills, include these as well, especially if you know that they’re relevant for the role you’re applying for. These skills increase your flexibility and make you more of an asset in the eyes of the hiring agent.
  • Don’t forget your training and education
    Finally, don’t forget to include any training or education you’ve taken. You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort on these endeavors so why not include them? This information is very important, especially when you haven’t become a well-known actor yet.
    Also, when the hiring agent sees that you’ve actually taken courses or training for acting, they’re more likely to take you seriously. These show that you push yourself to become better at your craft.

FAQs about acting resume

Now let’s take a look at some FAQs about acting resume templates. Before composing your template, you must learn all that you can about it. This makes it easier for you to come up with a finalized resume that you would feel proud to submit to different talent agencies. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions:

  • What’s the best kind of actor resume template to use?
    As aforementioned, this type of resume requires a different format compared to normal resumes. Therefore, you must use a template that’s meant specifically for acting resumes. This guides you in determining the information to include in the document.
  • What should you place in the header of your acting resume?
    Apart from your headshot, one of the first things hiring agents look at is the heading of your resume. Therefore, the heading must contain your contact information, your personal information, and the contact information of your manager or agent.
    Here, you can make a couple of adjustments to the fonts. You can use a larger, eye-catching font for your name. But for the rest of the information on your header, you may use standard fonts.
  • How can you make your resume stand out from those of the other applicants?
    Writing a resume which captures the interest of hiring agents requires the right balance between interest and readability. Use different fonts and formatting to give personality to your document. But don’t add too many variations either as this might have a negative impact on the overall appearance of your resume.
  • How should you list your education on an acting resume?
    Include this information in the training section of your resume. Include the name of your school, the degree you’ve earned, and whether or not you attended acting school. Also, include any other supplemental courses you may have taken, especially if these helped improve your acting skills.
  • How long should your acting resume be?
    If this is your first time to create this kind of resume, you may want to download a template to use. You can also read some acting resume examples online to see the type of content which you should include in such a document.
    But as aforementioned, you must limit your acting resume to a single page. Therefore, all of the information you plan to include must fit into this space. You may choose to print your resume on a separate piece of paper and then attach it to your headshot or you can print it directly as the back of your headshot.


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