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Simply worded, an adjustment letter is a formal reply to a customer’s claim or complaint. A goodwill adjustment letter will inform the latter that the company has received their complaint. It will also specify what corresponding actions the company will take to resolve the issue.

The acceptance of the customer’s claim may come in different forms, from a simple regret for the mistake to making corrections for such mistake in the form of compensations. Responding to such claims is essential in promoting the goodwill of the company and in maintaining cordial relationships with customers.

If you try to read an example of adjustment letter, you will see that it informs the customer of the validity of their claim, whether it will get granted or rejected. Since one of the main reasons for these letters is settling the claims of customers, it’s also referred to as a claims settlement letter or an adjustment of the status cover letter.

Making a goodwill adjustment letter to respond to complaints will require some degree of tact and diplomacy. It should never have a tone of disrespect or negativity. A good adjustment letter will acknowledge and address the complaint in such a way that the customer will not feel offended but rather satisfied. This will ensure a continuing good relationship between the seller and the customer. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you compose the letter:

  • Use a positive tone throughout the letter
    A letter which carries a positive tone could be highly beneficial to both client and vendor as both parties will get satisfaction. The vendor empathizes with the client to make the latter feel that the vendor understands their situation.
    The client, at times, may be at fault, but this is no reason to provoke him. It’s not right to accuse the client of any wrongdoing or make an offer of settlement with resentment. This could lead to negative publicity for the company.
  • Use professional language
    Often times, clients aren’t right with their complaints. In such cases, the vendor will need some tact, diplomacy, and logical reasoning to make sure that gives satisfaction to the complainant.
    If the compensation or refund the clients asked for isn’t justifiable, don’t be too blunt. Rather, adopt a more tactful approach. Deny their request in the most congenial manner, express your concern about their complaint, and give them some appreciation for their concern about the issue.
  • Personalize the letter
    This means making the customer more comfortable and offering proper respect. You can start by addressing your client by name. This is a step towards recognizing the client’s individuality. Society knows the client by name and this, in turn, becomes the client’s identity.
    Addressing him by his identity will confirm his importance. If the client has a title, use this as well to the same effect. If you are any good at it, you can even introduce some relevant line of humor to ease any discord. This could make the customer feel better and encourage him to take a more positive approach.
  • Use the company’s letterhead
    For business and other official letters, always use stationery with the company’s letterhead. Keep in mind that you can consider an adjustment letter as a legal document and should comply with formality. Furthermore, using such stationery will signify that the customer deals with a responsible authority which asserts his belief in his company.
    Using a letterhead could leave an impact on the client as it remains embedded in his memory, especially if the result goes in his favor. From here, the letterhead becomes a symbol of fairness and gets a satisfied customer who can spread the company’s good image around at no extra charge.

Downloadable Templates:

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adjustment letter 01

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adjustment letter 12


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