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An affidavit in Kenya is sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 Laws of Kenya. An affidavit is commissioned by a Commissioner for Oaths duly appointed and commissioned to act as such. The Commissioner for Oaths shall be a practising advocate as required by the Act.

Who may swear an affidavit; an adult of sound mind

Under what circumstances is an affidavit required in Kenya? There are various circumstances under which a person maybe required to swear an affidavit in Kenya which may include but not limited to;

1. As evidence in a court of law

2. Confirmation of names i.e. if they differ in documents such an National Identity card of passport

3. To authorize a person to undertake a certain activity e.g. a parent authorizing a minor to travel to a foreign country

4. On behalf of a company

What do you require?

1. Form of Identification

2. Present before a commissioner for oaths and sign the affidavit

If you require an affidavit in Kenya, please contact us on or by phone +254 716 442 388.

Downloadable Templates:

Affidavit - Template 4

Affidavit - Template 5

Affidavit - Template 6

Affidavit - Template 7

Affidavit - Template 8

Affidavit - Template 9

Affidavit - Template 10

Affidavit - Template 11

Affidavit - Template 12

Affidavit - Template 13

Affidavit - Template 14

Affidavit - Template 15

Affidavit - Template 16

Affidavit - Template 17

Affidavit - Template 18

Affidavit - Template 19

Affidavit - Template 20

Affidavit - Template 21

Affidavit - Template 22

Affidavit - Template 23

Affidavit - Template 24

Affidavit - Template 25

Affidavit - Template 26

Affidavit - Template 27

Affidavit - Template 28

Affidavit - Template 29

Affidavit - Template 30

Affidavit - Template 31

Affidavit - Template 32

Affidavit - Template 33

Affidavit - Template 1

Affidavit - Template 2

Affidavit - Template 3


PS. Sometimes all that’s needed is a form, document or tip that can solve problems or issues that repeat in your life or business. To save you from unnecessary legal costs by hiring lawyer(s), here are customizable smart templates/forms that you can use as often as you need; flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed.

In many cases, when visiting our website, you will be able to solve your legal and business problems in 20 minutes without ever contacting even our lawyers! You can of course do it the old-fashioned way if you prefer, but it's much more fun doing it remotely and saving you costs! If you need our help, kindly follow the following instruction:

For our ONLINE legal and business services, please follow this instruction:

    1. click the following website link,
    2. once on the website’s homepage, an ONLINE brown chat box will appear at the right bottom end of screen;
    3. click on the chat tab, insert NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER; and
    4. proceed when ready, letting us know the issue(s) and eliciting HELP from our lawyers and business specialists.

Click the following links below to search for the desired template, download it and embark on your great legal adventure – and don’t forget to bring the bug spray.  For each template, we have numerous different customizable documents.

Our aim is to facilitate resolution of legal and business problems in twenty minutes without ever contacting even our lawyers.  The old-fashioned way works, too, but it is ever so much more fun doing it remotely without incurring legal fees.


















Our passion to help people and business owners succeed inspired us to come up with these high-quality, customizable documents. The core idea has always been to provide a service that offers a big bang for the buck.  (Translation: HUGE value for a small price.) Note: We charge a small fee, specific to the type of document, to customize the template.

Go to the "Order Now" page and make a request.

We look forward to addressing your concerns and earning your trust and confidence in us!

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