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Background Check Forms

It has become an SOP to conduct a background check on a person who applies for a position in a company or organization. This process investigates the details of a person’s or organization’s social, political, and economic structure. You would use a background check form to record the acquired information about the subject which may involve public or private matters.

What is a background check?

Background checks have become a norm for people seeking entry into an establishment. The main purpose of using a background check form is to confirm that an individual is who he claims to be. It entails checking the person’s criminal record, employment history, education, and other such activities in the person’s past to verify their validity. Aside from employment, you can also perform background checks on people looking for apartments, purchasing firearms, and so on.

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Types of background checks

The background check authorization form you would use depends on what background check you plan to conduct. Following are the most common background checks along with a description of what they’re all about:

  • Credit Background Check
    Most of us have heard about this type and perhaps most of us have experienced it too. The purpose of this background check is to record a person’s credit-to-debt ratio which demonstrates how the person managed his bill payments and credit in the past.
    It’s also known as the “credit report” and it’s a standard requirement to apply for a credit card, car loan, home loan, and more. New tenants who plan to apply to rent properties must also submit a credit background check release form as a verification of their good credit history and their ability to pay on time.
    There are also some jobs that require this background check, especially positions in the finance industry where employees handle money or have access to finances every day.
  • Criminal Background Check
    Submitting a background check consent form for a criminal background check becomes a requirement in situations where an organization or person needs wants to learn about major criminal activity like violence, sex crimes, embezzlement, felony convictions or fraud. Companies should verify these first before they make a decision in terms of employment, military enlistment, firearm purchase, adoption, and other situations.
    For most employers, they perform this check to look into the criminal records of prospective employees who might pose a threat to consumers or create an unsafe environment at work. Depending on the industry, there might be rules against hiring felons if their case has relevance to their jobs.
  • Employment Background Check
    Potential employees must submit a background check consent form as a requirement in their application. After all, employers want to avoid hiring a person who might pose a threat to the work environment or become a liability in the future. A considerable majority of employers run background checks on each person before hiring.
    Although employment background forms are a must when applying for a job, this can also take place in instances when an employer deems it necessary. For instance, employers may require regular drug tests or employee background checks. This ensures that the workplace remains secure and safe.
  • International Background Check
    This refers to a background check when an employer considers hiring an applicant who has recently worked, lived or studied abroad. Aside from the standard employment background check, an international background check may be essential.
    With this type of background check, the employer may obtain the prospect’s international employment records, criminal records, and education verification. But this comes with a price to the employer and depending on what information they need, they could pay for one, two or all three.
    Every country requires different documentation to conduct the requested check, like the complete name of the applicant and a copy of an ID issued by the government. The employer then works with a service provider who can communicate and help facilitate what is quickly needed.
  • Universal Background Check
    This mainly concerns the purchase of firearms. Anytime a person buys a firearm from a licensed manufacturer, importer or dealer, the seller should ask for a universal background check authorization form through the National Background Check System. This determines whether the prospective buyer has eligibility to buy a firearm.
    There are several reasons why an individual can get denied the sale of a firearm and this may include certain criminal misdemeanors and convictions, a felony offense, people with open arrest warrants, unlawful or illegal aliens, disqualifying mental health records, and domestic violence conviction, among others.

Parts of a background check form

One of the integral parts of the hiring process for any organization or company is to conduct a background check. With this, employers can obtain reliable information to help them determine the potential employee’s character and attitude.

The information acquired through a background check release form can prove extremely valuable to hire the best employees. Some examples of information may include:

  • Criminal Offender Profile
  • Employment History Verification
  • Misdemeanor or Felony Criminal Search

Aside from these, there are other background checks that employers can use. This, of course, depends on the job they’re hiring for. Some examples of other background checks may include:

  • Address History
  • Drug Testing
  • Education History Verification
  • Federal District Court Criminal Search
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • Reference Checks
  • Social Security Number Verification

What is background check authorization?

You would use a background check form for several reasons. For instance, an employer may have an important reason that concerns hiring an applicant or maybe he just wants the background check to finalize his decision on hiring one applicant over another.

A person who plans to rent out an apartment can run a background check on applicants who want to rent a property before renting. The check can provide information on the applicant’s financial information, work, education record or even check for any criminal activity.

You have to follow Federal laws when conducting background checks. Before you can run any background checks, you need to get the person’s permission through a background check authorization form.

Do you have to authorize a background check?

Let’s answer this question with an example. For instance, an employer wants to hire an applicant. Before making the decision, he decides to run a background check first. The employer uses a background check consent form to provide proof of the applicant’s acceptance and authorization. With this, the employer knows that the applicant cannot threaten the employer with a lawsuit like an invasion of privacy.

The same form can provide information about the applicant’s criminal history if any. Such information can protect employers from making a bad decision of hiring the applicant. Moreover, the form also informs the applicant that the employer may get in touch with the applicant’s previous employers to discuss work performance.

In a way, the authorization form serves as written proof that the applicant gives his consent for a background check that may involve looking at his financial history, work history or for checking criminal history. This authorization form becomes a “safety net” for employers. Clearly, this example shows the importance of authorizing background checks first.

The importance of a background check form

Employers can acquire information about potential applicants from other sources apart from the applicants themselves through a background check form. The background check determines whether the applicant isn’t qualified for a position from the information acquired from it.

Part of using a background check involves contacting the applicant’s former supervisors, employers, co-workers or educators with the sole purpose of verifying the applicant’s previous employment. You can also use it to gather information about the applicant’s skills, abilities, character, and knowledge. Other reasons to use a background check form include:

  • Safety
    This is perhaps the most important reason why you should conduct a background – to avoid risk or different legal liabilities to the employer or other people. This can include harm to:
    Other employees through workplace violence or sexual harassment.
    The business’ customers by, for instance, sexual assault on the premises.
    The public through negligent driving.
    The business of the employer through image or reputational issues or financial loss.
    Employers would shun away from lawsuits arising from the hiring of bad employees. That is why the defense of legal claims like negligent hiring is an important reason. This is enough to perform in-depth background checks for job applicants. A multi-level check can serve as solid evidence that the employer showed due care and diligence in hiring.
  • Productivity
    We can conclude that past performance is a significant indicator of an employee’s future performance. This also has something to say about the individual’s professionalism, job skills, communication abilities, and productivity. A background check can do all these by helping distinguish between true high-flyers and the mediocre posers.
  • Data Verification
    Applicants can provide qualifications that might impress you or not. One way to find out if these are all factual is by verifying the provided information. You can confirm the applicant’s qualifications through a background check. The check can also provide insight into the motivation and reliability of the applicant.


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