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Any ardent players and followers of baseball can use a baseball lineup template when they’re either playing or keeping track of games. In the baseball lineup card template, they can make a list of all the players involved in the current game. This is a convenient template which is easy to understand, easy to use, and keeps the information about the baseball lineup organized.

What is a baseball lineup template?

A baseball lineup template is a type of template used by coaches when they need to create the lineup of players for their team games. The coach keeps a copy of the baseball position template in the dugout so the team can follow it.

The coach also gives a copy to the opposing team, the game announcers, and the scorekeepers. You can download a baseball lineup template to use which comes with a list for coaches, pitchers, starters, and non-starters.

Downloadable Templates:

baseball lineup template 04

baseball lineup template 05

baseball lineup template 06

baseball lineup template 07

baseball lineup template 08

baseball lineup template 09

baseball lineup template 10

baseball lineup template 11

baseball lineup template 12

baseball lineup template 13

baseball lineup template 14

baseball lineup template 15

baseball lineup template 16

baseball lineup template 18

baseball lineup template 19

baseball lineup template 20

baseball lineup template 21

baseball lineup template 22

baseball lineup template 23

baseball lineup template 24

baseball lineup template 25

baseball lineup template 26

baseball lineup template 27

baseball lineup template 28

baseball lineup template 29

baseball lineup template 30

baseball lineup template 32

baseball lineup template 34

baseball lineup template 36

baseball lineup template 37

baseball lineup template 01

baseball lineup template 03


How does baseball differ from softball?

A baseball lineup template differs from one used in softball since the games differ in nature. Coaches of softball games must create runs more than the coaches of baseball games. This is especially true for modern baseball games since baseball lineups focus more on power than on speed.

By contrast, speed is the most important factor in softball. This difference in the bunting game separates the two games. Softball players utilize bunts often so that they can win but for baseball players, they don’t use bunts as much.

Another difference between softball and baseball is how many pitchers they have. Baseball teams may have up to 10 available pitchers while softball teams only have up to 3 pitchers. But the most significant difference between these two games is how long the games last.

Softball games come with a time limit and they don’t usually last very long. But baseball games run for a minimum of 2 hours. This time difference means that softball coaches must prepare themselves more because they have to deal with the time constraint.

Constructing your baseball lineup template

When you’re in charge of creating the lineup for baseball games, you will benefit a lot from using a baseball lineup card template. Whether you’re putting a team of children or professionals together during the planning stage before the games, the lineup can either make or break your team. Therefore, constructing a baseball position template is very important. Here are some tips to guide you:

Know your team

  • The first thing you must do for your baseball lineup template is to learn more about your team, especially if this is your first time to coach them. Get to know the players along with their strengths and weaknesses. This is an important step for when you plan to balance the lineup and improve the offense of your team.
  • Find out who are the power hitters. These players either have high strikeout totals or more swings and misses than the other players.
  • Find out who are the contact hitters. These players have low strikeout totals and low-power hits. They have excellent skills in terms of putting the bat to the ball. Be very careful because placing a contact hitter in the wrong position might affect the offense of your team negatively.
  • Find out who are the speedsters. It’s important to place these players on the bases as they can distract the opposing pitchers by threatening to steal the bases. Once you find these players, place them in the lineup strategically.
  • Finally, find out who is the sacrifice specialist, one who has valuable defensive skills. It’s risky to place this player up to the bat. Therefore, you must use this player properly to score more runs.

Assemble the offense

  • Now it’s time to fill in the information on your baseball lineup card template. In the lead-off spot, place the most consistent base-hit player, not the most powerful hitter. In the second slot, place the second-best base-hit player.
  • In the third slot, place your power hitter. This is the player who always hits home runs, doubles or triples. This is the best way for your team to collect runs early on.
  • Continue filling the slots by placing the names of your remaining hitters according to how skilled they are. On the eighth slot, place your team’s worst batter. On the ninth slot, place your speedster, even if he isn’t that great at batting.

Construct your defense

  • After assigning your offense players, it’s time to fill in the defensive players on your baseball position template. Start with the catcher, a player who must be a good listener, energetic, assertive, aggressive, and shows leadership. The catcher must also get along well with the pitcher and must be an excellent team player.
  • Next up, find the bases. Have a good lineup of players on all of the bases to improve your team’s defense. The first baseman must have enough skill to catch a ball from any of the players on the field. The second baseman is the infielder with a weak arm or one who can’t catch a ball that well. The third baseman should be the player with a fast reaction.
  • Fill in the right and left field players. They must be very good at catching and must have strong arms. For the right outfielder, you may choose one of the weaker players on the team.
  • Assign the center field player which is one of the most important positions. This player must be on the same level as your left outfielder or third baseman. Never assign this position to a player who doesn’t have enough confidence.

Using your baseball lineup templates and other tips

In itself, baseball is already a complicated game. Without the necessary tools and organization, coaches might have a hard time doing their job. One important tool to have in baseball is a baseball lineup template. In this template, coaches can organize all of their players and call them up when it’s their turn to play.

Along with a baseball lineup card template, coaches must have a diagram sheet on-hand during the games to help them remain organized. As much as possible, all of the players must have a chance to play at every game, especially for little league games where children are the players.

Since there several players in a baseball team, coaches might get confused about which player to assign in which position if they didn’t plan the lineup before the actual game. Then if the coach happens to assign the wrong player to the wrong position, this will affect their chance of winning negatively. Here are more tips to keep in mind:

  • Coaches must have a baseball lineup template along with a baseball position chart for each inning prepared before the game begins. Having these documents ready saves the players and the coach from confusion. This also saves them a lot of time, since players can check the chart themselves and prepare when it’s their turn.
  • For younger players, coaches may also want to post a baseball diamond template somewhere to inform the players of proper positions and positioning. This is a template which lists all of the positions, their locations, and the best places for the players to play on the field.
  • For younger players, they understand instructions better when given visual aids such as this template. Therefore, seeing the baseball position sheet helps them learn how to play more effectively. The template can also include the movements of the defensive locations depending on the right or left-handed batter.
  • A well-made and well-kept baseball lineup template and location sheet helps the coaches maintain control throughout the entire game in terms of the changes in position and lineup for each inning. This is especially important when the coach wants all of the players to take part in the game.
  • You can use a baseball lineup template for each of your games. Head coaches must print out several copies of this template in case they need to make changes or updates on their lineup. These templates are very important to avoid delays and other issues too.
  • Coaches must make their scorecards with the letter “P” so they can identify the pitchers. They should also have a notation which indicated the available pitchers on specific days. Also, coaches must make a list of all the possible positions each of the players can play to keep them ready for any unexpected occurrences.
  • Coaches must never place a player into a position which they haven’t practiced yet in the past. Doing this might result in injuries, a bad performance on the field, and even low morale.
  • Coaches must also review the lineup they’ve created before they finalize it and distribute it to the appropriate personnel. If there are no errors or changes, the coach may also give a copy of the lineup to the opposing team. This template helps coaches keep track of the game and make notes about how the game goes for future reference.
  • Finally, coaches should keep all of their baseball lineup templates on file to use them as a reference for future games. That way, the coaches can observe the moves and know the proper positions of the players and if they need to make any changes.


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