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Business Introduction Letters

A business introduction letter is a must when trying to reach out to prospective clients, whether you’re a newbie in the community or you want to expand your audience. Prior to writing the letter, you should already familiarize yourself with the desires and needs of your audience.

Also, you should be able to demonstrate these in your company introduction letter. It should inform the readers why becoming their clients would be a beneficial move. Here are some basic considerations to keep in mind:

  • Business introduction letter basics
    The letter should always adopt a degree of formality and, therefore, must adhere to business letter protocols.
    It should maintain a professional tone, avoiding the use of pushy language or technical jargon.
    Use off-white or white-colored high-quality paper and don’t use too many colors and graphics.
    Using the company’s letterhead or logo is a must but avoid any additional graphics that may distract the reader’s attention.
    For an additional personal touch, a handwritten signature at the end of the letter is highly recommended.
  • Think about your audience
    When writing a business introduction letter sample to a new and prospective client you intend to have a professional relationship with, make sure that you target his interests, needs, and desires. Beforehand, come up with an audience profile which will describe the types of persons who will most likely buy your products or services.
  • Grab the attention of the reader
    Remember that you’re not alone in writing such letters. Prospects receive many marketing messages each day. You will need to write a letter that will grab your prospect’s attention and tickle their interest. If you have to deviate from the norm and still retain the formality, do so.
  • Explain what you can do or provide
    Don’t underestimate your readers. Most of them would read company introduction letters to see how they might benefit the company. It’s important that you write convincing letters about your merchandise or services so that those who read your letter can become your customers.
  • Extend an invitation to your readers
    You can include an invitation to your reader at the closing of the letter so they can learn more about your business. They can do this by coming into your shop or by visiting your business website. You can invite the readers to an open house or for another type of event. You can also offer them to try your products at no charge.
    Some entrepreneurs can also offer discounts or some special deal if the reader presented the introduction letter when they come visiting at specified dates. Whatever you want your prospective clients to do, make it as easier for them by including the usual specifics like your address, office hours, and contact details.

If in doubt about the structure of a well-written business introduction letter, download this business introduction letter template as it contains the basic manner or needs on how to write such letters. Informal letters need not follow the rules, but with business letters, you need to consider many factors.

Foremost, of course, is that it should have a formal, professional tone. There’s also the need to go directly to the point. The letter should also contain the basic details of your business whether it deals with products or servicesHere are some tips for writing your company introduction letter:

  • You should mention the several special features of your business which may attract the attention of the reader.
  • Address your letter to potential clients or companies with an aim to increase your business either directly or indirectly.
  • Resort to formal business introduction letter formats if it’s the first time you will compose one. This will erase any doubts in writing a well-crafted one and hopefully, could make the task of writing the letter easier for you.
  • When composing the letter, don’t be too rigid. It would be better to remain slightly informal. Avoid keeping the tone of your letter too short or concise. It’s always recommended to make the reader feel good and comfortable regarding the business that’s about to start. To ensure this, make the letter sound like a friendly one, with a mix of both the formal and informal tones.
  • State your details as clear as possible. This will prevent the reader from calling you up at a later time just to clarify such details. Divulge everything regarding your product or services details and never keep any details hidden or restricted.
  • To start the ball rolling, the business introduction letter should also contain a gist of whatever deal you’re thinking of. For instance, if you’re planning to put up a clothing factory with the recipient and would want to like him about this, make sure to mention this in your letter. Don’t leave the reader guessing what exactly you want to do and what exactly you want from him.

Downloadable Templates:

business introduction letter 04

business introduction letter 05

business introduction letter 06

business introduction letter 07

business introduction letter 08

business introduction letter 09

business introduction letter 10

business introduction letter 11

business introduction letter 13

business introduction letter 14

business introduction letter 15

business introduction letter 16

business introduction letter 17

business introduction letter 18

business introduction letter 19

business introduction letter 20

business introduction letter 21

business introduction letter 22

business introduction letter 23

business introduction letter 24

business introduction letter 25

business introduction letter 26

business introduction letter 27

business introduction letter 28

business introduction letter 29

business introduction letter 30

business introduction letter 31

business introduction letter 32

business introduction letter 33

business introduction letter 34

business introduction letter 01

business introduction letter 03


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