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One of the most popular tools used as part of a marketing plan to disseminate information about a product is a flyer. This is a very effective and economical way to connect directly with a local audience. When making a car show flyer, it should get the attention of your target audience and give the relevant information it’s supposed to convey.

Why do you need a car show flyer?

Car enthusiasts attend car shows to learn more about their favorite hobby like new car models, new performances, new features, and more. Therefore, car manufacturers today organize and host car shows in various locations throughout the world. These exhibitions give visitors the opportunity to have an up-close and personal experience with some cool cars.

The most popular method used to spread the word about these shows is by circulating a car show flyer. Organizing a car show can cost a lot of money. You would hold this event to introduce the most popular, user-friendly, and latest models in the market.

Usually, the show presents a range of cars. The purposes to consider when making your car show flyer template for this event are:

  • To showcase the most current brands available among cars.
  • To showcase the unique features of each car in the show.
  • To provide comparative ground for potential buyers through price comparisons, car specifications, and features to help the buyers determine the best choice.

The use of a car show flyer, car show poster, car show ad, and other materials prop up the attendance of visitors to an upcoming car show. But for this to become successful, you have to design customized materials to really attract your intended audience. If you’re able to create a truly appealing flyer, it might even steal the show.

You can readily download a professional car show flyer template then customize to suit your own needs and preferences. After the design of the flyer, you can easily share it digitally through email, by posting it on your website or by sharing it on various social media platforms.

Downloadable Templates:

car show flyer 04

car show flyer 05

car show flyer 06

car show flyer 07

car show flyer 08

car show flyer 09

car show flyer 10

car show flyer 11

car show flyer 12

car show flyer 13

car show flyer 14

car show flyer 15

car show flyer 16

car show flyer 19

car show flyer 20

car show flyer 21

car show flyer 22

car show flyer 24

car show flyer 25

car show flyer 27

car show flyer 28

car show flyer 29

car show flyer 31

car show flyer 32

car show flyer 33

car show flyer 34

car show flyer 35

car show flyer 36

car show flyer 37

car show flyer 38

car show flyer 40

car show flyer 42

car show flyer 43

car show flyer 44

car show flyer 45

car show flyer 46

car show flyer 47

car show flyer 48

car show flyer 49

car show flyer 01

car show flyer 02

car show flyer 03


How to make a car show flyer template?

A great way to generate enthusiasm for your car show is through the use of a car show flyer template. To make things quicker and easier, you can make your own flyer using editing software of your choice. Here are the steps you can use as a guide for creating your own car show flyer:

  • Think about what you want to include in your flyer
    Make a sketch of various ideas for your flyer design. At this point, you should already know the basic information to include in your flyer like the kinds of cars you plan to display, the date, the venue, and so on.
    Divide your flyer into the models of cars or the year they came out. You can also highlight the participation of an owner who will bring several cars from their collection for the show. You can come up with several drawings. Then choose the best one as your template in creating your actual flyer.
  • Customize as needed
    Open the editing software and use its tools to make your flyer’s design based on what you just downloaded or created. Start using your imagination and creativity. You can modify the background color to suit the theme of your car show. If you plan to include graphics, you have to open them from where you stored them on your computer.
  • Print it out
    Save your flyer as a high-resolution file. You can either print the flyer yourself or have it printed professionally at a print shop.

Other ideas for marketing your car show

Aside from car show flyers, car show poster, and car show ads, there are several ways to boost the attendance of your planned car show. If done properly, these methods can make a huge difference in the success of your event. You may have to spend a bit more, but the return of investments will be totally worth it. Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider:

  • Hire the services of a professional photographer to take photos at your show for a few hours.
  • Hire the services of a professional videographer for about an hour or two to create a video of your event. Afterward, you can share the video with local media in case they want to create an on-air special.
  • Hire the services of freelance journalists to write new stories that you can send local media, bloggers, and influencers.
  • Run an ad for your car show in the newspaper one week before your show. The newspaper might even waive charges in exchange for a sponsorship.
  • Pay for Facebook ads to attract car enthusiasts in the area.
  • Pay for Google display ads to place on their website and inform people of what’s about to take place.

There are countless ways to spread the word around. There are also as many free ways to advertise and market your car show. It might be a challenge the first time but after succeeding events, you’ll get the hang of it.

Tips for planning a car show

The best way to tap into your local car scene and the network of car clubs in your area to help drum up your business is through a car show. This becomes more fun if you’re a car enthusiast. It may sound daunting but organizing a car show is not as difficult as it seems. You can always expect good attendance if you take the proper steps. Here are some tips that can help you get started.

  • Place the name of your shop where it can be clearly seen
    Keep in mind you’re also advertising and people want to remember your shop’s name. Put your name in the front and center with a bold font. No gimmicks or glitz required – just a car show.
  • Keep your car show local
    The best place to hold your car show is right in your shop’s parking lot. After all, your main objective is to spread the word about your business into your local community. If your parking lot isn’t big enough to accommodate the event, scout around for a bigger venue.
  • Choose the date of your car show wisely
    Sunday is usually the best day don’t have work. Also, consider the unpredictability of the weather. This means that that if the weather becomes uncooperative in the scheduled date, set a “rain date” for another day.
    Moreover, make sure that your chosen date doesn’t come in conflict with another show in your locality as this will affect the turnout of your show.
  • Take advantage of free publicity
    Car shows usually draw a lot of free publicity. You can always write a press release then email this to your local newspaper. Often, these publishers will be more than willing to write articles about community affairs and your car show is one of such.
    If possible, you can also reach out to your local TV news station. They might give you free air time for your show and perhaps an interview too.
  • Give back to your community
    A lot of businesses make it point to give back to the community a percentage of their earnings and car shows should be no exception. Consider donating some of the proceeds from your event to a local organization or charity.
    Another way is to ask for donations to charity from visitors instead of charging them registration fees to enter your car show.
  • Give away freebies
    It may come as a surprise to many about how much free stuff companies donate to car shows. This stuff can, in turn, become freebies to your show’s participants.
    The best way to solicit these free gifts is to ask around and inform businesses that their names will get printed on the show flyers in exchange for the free stuff. With that free publicity, they won’t have a reason to say no.
  • Don’t forget to include food and refreshments in your plan
    There are two ways you can handle this. First, you can set up a table that offers food and refreshments then have a trusted friend manage the stall. Second, you can ask a local food vendor to set up a shop at your event.
    The important thing here is to offer food and beverages at your show. People who attend car shows usually hang around for a couple of hours. You don’t want them to leave because of hunger.
  • Plan to give out awards for the best in show
    Including awards for “best in show” in your event is something people will look forward to. Most people prefer receiving trophies as they look more prestigious. On your part, they really aren’t that expensive. If you can do some scouting, you may even find shops that would offer free trophies in exchange for free publicity.
    For the competition, you can create a list of categories to judge the participants. A couple of qualified individuals can serve as judges. Awarding a trophy for each category is good enough. You can use a special table to display the trophies to generate excitement. At the end of your show, a little awarding ceremony should be in place.


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