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Cash flow is basically the net amount of cash equivalents and cash that are moving in and out of your business. If there is a positive cash flow, that signifies that the company is a liquid asset, re-investing in the business, enabling to settle debts, paying expenses, returning money to shareholders, and providing a buffer against future financial challenges.

On the contrary, a negative cash flow highlights that the assets of the company are decreasing. Additionally, the net cash flow is determined from net income including accounts receivable and other items due to which payment has not yet been received. Required for assessing the quality of the company’s income and determining its liquidity, a statement of cash flow determines if the company is solvent or not.

A cash flow statement, abbreviated as CFS, is one of the main financial statements out of three (the other two being the income statement and balance sheet) to gauge a business’s financial strength. When the cash flow is strong, it signifies that a company is in a good position to expand the business. Also, the business has an open door for all opportunities and can also invest in new projects. These financial statements are helpful to show the constant inflow and outflow of cash.

Business entities must maintain a sufficient balance of cash at all times as this practice enables them to meet different types of needs and requirements of the business. However, the cash outflow and inflow must be maintained properly. The ultimate reason to prepare the statement of cash flow is to ascertain the changes in the cash position of the business entity. By enabling the financial policies and evaluating the cash position, a statement of cash flow helps in managing the business.

Our passion to help people succeed inspired us to come up with these high quality customizable cash flow statements documents.

Downloadable Templates:

cash flow statement 26

cash flow statement 27

cash flow statement 28

cash flow statement 29

cash flow statement 30

cash flow statement 31

cash flow statement 32

cash flow statement 34

cash flow statement 35

cash flow statement 36

cash flow statement 37

cash flow statement 38

cash flow statement 39

cash flow statement 40

cash flow statement 41

cash flow statement 42

cash flow statement 43

cash flow statement 44

cash flow statement 45

cash flow statement 01

cash flow statement 02

cash flow statement 03

cash flow statement 04

cash flow statement 05

cash flow statement 06

cash flow statement 07

cash flow statement 09

cash flow statement 10

cash flow statement 11

cash flow statement 12

cash flow statement 13

cash flow statement 14

cash flow statement 15

cash flow statement 16

cash flow statement 17

cash flow statement 18

cash flow statement 19

cash flow statement 20

cash flow statement 21

cash flow statement 22

cash flow statement 23

cash flow statement 24

cash flow statement 25


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