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What is a certificate of completion? If that’s what you’re thinking right now then here is some useful info for you. First of all, you need to understand the difference between a certification of completion and a high school diploma. Though the laws vary based on state, there are generally two ways of completing high school: a high school diploma and a certificate of completion. Unlike a high school diploma, a certification of completion (CoC) doesn’t acknowledge or certify an academic credential. Also, unlike a high school diploma, a completion certificate isn’t given to award the fulfillment of graduation requirements. So what is a certificate of completion? Let’s take a look.

Generally, a completion certificate is given to a student with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) who hasn’t met the graduation requirements of the state but still wants to take part in the graduation ceremony with his or her class. Following are some basic qualities of a certificate of completion:

  • It is used to certify high school attendance and is in no way an academic credential
  • You cannot use it as a means for admission into college or any other institution that requires a high school degree
  • The recipients of certificate of completion cannot be prevented from returning to receive a high school or full diploma equivalency degree
  • You can find search the website of the National Center on Educational Outcomes to get information about certificate policies and state graduation requirements
  • You should address any questions about your state’s policies to the state department of education

Often, students who meet the requirements of their school but do not pass the sate exam are generally the ones given certificates of completion. Though, on many occasions, students whose expected academic standards are changed by IEPs receive the aforementioned certificates. A completion certificate may make it difficult for a student to get into college. While not impossible, getting into college without a high school diploma is extremely difficult. Even if a child gets into college with a completion certificate, he or she won’t be able to obtain a federal student loan. Additionally, enlisting in the military will get difficult for the person without a high school diploma. In spite of all this, many schools today are opting to give students certificates of completion.

Today, the standards for obtaining high school diplomas have been raised. This is the reason a good number of students today are unable to get a high school diploma. Many schools in the U.S are opting to give some students certificates of completion because they want to prevent overcrowding cause by multiple years of repetition. Though it isn’t comparable to a high school diploma, a certificate of completion is widely accepted as a proof of graduation.

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Difference between a high school diploma and a certificate of completion

In order to receive a high school diploma, meeting the high school graduation standards set by the state you live in is mandatory. Generally, the standards set by the state include a specific curriculum of courses, a certain number of credits taken and at times, a high school exit exam. On the other hand, a certificate of complete is simply a way of showcasing that you’ve completed the years of high school without meeting the graduation standards set by the state.

The similarities between the two

Almost always, the completion certificate acts as a valid substitute for a high school diploma when someone is seeking admission in a technical or community college. The possibility of remedial coursework is what programs at these colleges include. The remedial coursework would help a person with a completion certificate to overcome any weak areas that prevented him or her from obtaining a high school diploma. If a person with a certificate of completion excels at the aforementioned colleges, he or she will able to enter a professional college without a high school diploma.

The issues with certificates of completion

Enrollment or employment in a four-year college degree program is likely to aggravate the differences between the completion certificate and the high school diploma. In order to ensure that students are well equipped to handle college academics, the majority of colleges offering four-year programs don’t entertain applications from individuals who haven’t met the high school graduation criteria.

Today, many employers require a high school diploma as the minimum education for applying to a job they advertised. Though, there are some employers that accept a certificated of completion as the only thing they want to see is a general commitment to work and attendance. Provided a person has the required skills for the job, a certificate of completion is likely to be accepted as proof of the required education. The majority of the employers consider honesty about the particulars of your education background rather than what you’ve achieved academically as the most important thing.

False notions about certificates of completion

Thanks to the internet, rumors spread like wild fire today. Unfortunately, certificates of completion have also fallen prey to such rumors. Over the years, consideration misinformation about certificates of completion has been shared. An email distributed not so long ago stated that recipients of completion certificates cannot take admission into a four-year college or any other post-high school educational institution. Additionally, it stated that a person with a completion certificate cannot return to complete the course work required to obtain a GED or a high school diploma in the future.

Fortunately, whatever the email stated is not true. The truth is that a person with a certificate of completion can always go back to complete the additional requirements or coursework if the completion certificate doesn’t allow him or her to do something that requires a high school diploma.

How people with certificates of completion can obtain a high school diploma

There are a couple of ways people with certificates of completion can obtain a high school diploma. Many people use these ways to receive a GED or high school diploma. Basically, there are three ways for people with a high school diploma to obtain a completion certificate. The first way someone with a high school diploma can obtain a certificate of completion is by re-enrolling in high school and fulfilling the requirements of graduation. The second way people with CoC can obtain a high school diploma is taking classes of general education diploma (GED). GED is basically the same thing as a high school diploma. The final way people with certificates of completion can obtain a high school diploma is taking a coursework at a community college. By completing coursework at a community college, you’d be able to meet the requirements of high school graduation and receive a high school diploma.

Some FAQs regarding certificates of completion

Even though they are given out to many people today, certificates of completion are something people know little about. Time and again, people inquire about the different aspects of certificates of completion as they are not sure what they can achieve with a CoC. As it marks the completion of their high school career, student makes great efforts to obtain a high school diploma. This includes attending all required classes, completing the required coursework, meeting the required academic standards and fulfilling all other graduation requirements.

Once they’ve received their high school students, students can either continue their education and training or start their work career. In short, a high school diploma is something all students desire. However, for some students, obtaining a high school diploma is an unrealistic goal so the only thing they look forward to is receiving a completion certificate. What is a completion certificate? A certificate that doesn’t have any course or grade requirements, a certificate of completion shows that a student has completed four years of high school. It is important to keep in mind that a completion certificate is not an academic credential and generally given to a student who’s trying to meet his or her IEP goals.

Generally, the year before student enters high school, it is decided whether a student will work towards a certificate of completion or a high school diploma. The majority of the students are encouraged to make efforts for a high school diploma. However, if that turns to be an unreasonable goal then the school specifies that the students will works towards the achievement if a certificate of completion. Let’s now take a look at some the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about certificates of completion.

What does a certificate of completion do for a student?

A certificate of completion makes a student eligible for participation in any graduation ceremony that the school arranges. This is the foremost purpose of a certificate of completion. For many students and their families, being eligible to take part in the school graduation ceremony is extremely important. In addition to making him or her eligible for participation in the school graduation ceremony, a certification of completion allows a student to exit the school with honor and dignity. In short, a certificate of completion is respectful way for a student to enter the adult world.

What does a certificate of completion look like?

The best way to find this out is taking a lot at a certificate of completion template. Nonetheless to answer the question, the majority of the schools provide certificates of completion that look exactly like their high school diplomas.

Are certificate of completion recipients separated from high school diploma recipients at the graduation ceremony?

The biggest fear students receiving a certificate of completion have is being embarrassed at the graduation ceremony. Fortunately for such students, there is nothing to fear as graduation ceremonies are celebrations and students aren’t separated based on what they achieved in school. The graduation ceremonies of the most schools are structured in a way to ensure that all students that take part in it wear the same cap and gown. Additionally, they are seated and receive their certificates/diplomas alphabetically. Also, all students in the ceremony march together. Finally, a good number of schools don’t award the certificates and diplomas to the students at the ceremony instead they hand a blank binder to the students at the graduation and then mail them their diplomas and certificates.

Can I ever return to high school if I receive a certificate of completion?

The final and most important question that people frequently ask is whether they can return to school after receiving a certificate of completion. Here is the answer to the question. After leaving school, students with a completion certificate can return to high school till the age of 21. There are only two things that make a student ineligible for a return to high school. The first thing that makes a person ineligible for a return to high school is earning a diploma through other means. The other means to earn a high school diploma is something we’ve already touched upon.

The second thing or event that makes a person ineligible for a return to high school is turning twenty-two years old. Until his or her 22nd birthday, a student who exited high school with a completion certificate can choose to return to the school to complete the remaining coursework and earn the high school diploma.

There you have—the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about certificates of completion. Hopefully by now, you know everything that you wanted to know about it. In case you’re still confused about what a completion certificate is and what it entails, you can take a look at a certificate of completion template to clear your confusion. A certificate of completion template shows everything that a completion certificate awarded by a school encompasses.


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