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Moving is one of the most stressful moments of anyone’s life. There are so many things to do at each step of the process that it can be easy to forget something along the way. If you’ve got a big move planned, it’s smart to make use of a checklist for moving. It helps you keep track of everything you need to do.

In fact, there may be far more moving checklists than you ever imagined. While the templates we provide for each phase of the move are sure to help you out, you can also modify any of them to better suit your needs. As long as you use these as a starting point, your move will go as smoothly as possible.

The Ideal Home Checklist

The first thing you’ll need is a checklist to help you find your ideal home. Whether you’re buying a home, building a brand new home or renting an apartment, it’s wise to start your search with a solid idea of what you want. Sometimes, it’s something as basic as a certain number of bedrooms or an easy commute to your job. Others, there are more specific things you really want in a home, like a pool or first-floor master suite so that you can avoid stairs. List out several of your “must-haves” along with some of your “wants.” It’s not always possible to find everything you’re looking for in a new home, but most of the time you can come quite close as long as you have a list in mind.

Downloadable Templates:

moving checklist 24

moving checklist 25

moving checklist 26

moving checklist 27

moving checklist 29

moving checklist 30

moving checklist 32

moving checklist 33

moving checklist 34

moving checklist 35

moving checklist 36

moving checklist 37

moving checklist 38

moving checklist 39

moving checklist 40

moving checklist 41

moving checklist 42

moving checklist 43

moving checklist 44

moving checklist 45

moving checklist 01

moving checklist 02

moving checklist 03

moving checklist 04

moving checklist 05

moving checklist 06

moving checklist 07

moving checklist 08

moving checklist 09

moving checklist 10

moving checklist 12

moving checklist 13

moving checklist 15

moving checklist 16

moving checklist 17

moving checklist 18

moving checklist 19

moving checklist 20

moving checklist 21

moving checklist 22

moving checklist 23


The Packing Checklist

Packing up the home is perhaps the most time-consuming part of the move, but a moving checklist can help you stay on track. One of the hardest things about packing is knowing that you need to do it, but worrying that you might need something you packed before you get to the new place. To avoid this, carefully create lists of things you know you won’t need, then pack those things first. For instance, if you’re moving in the summer, you’ll know that you won’t need your winter clothes. You also won’t need holiday decorations or seasonal dishes. The earlier you can pack up these types of things, the easier things are on you.

The “Open First” Checklist

When you first get to your new home, there will be a few things you’ll need right away. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and your favorite pots and pans are just a few examples. Most people like to label boxes with their content so that they don’t have to open every single box to find the one thing they need. To take even more pressure off, create a checklist for moving that lists the things you will likely need as soon as you get to the new place. This makes it easier to unpack the rest of your boxes at your leisure.

The Moving Out Checklist

There are a number of things you have to do when you move out, and creating a moving out checklist will certainly help you stay on track. This list might include things like giving notice to the apartment rental company and cleaning the old place to make it look good for the new person moving in. If you’re moving out of an apartment, you’ll want to take even more care when it comes to cleaning so that you’ll get your rental deposit back. Your list might be even more detailed, including things you might normally not think about, like dusting door frames, patching holes in the walls and cleaning the carpets. Consider talking with the apartment company or the new family who bought your home about their expectations. If they plan to repaint or take the carpet out anyway, you may not need to waste your time with these tasks.

The Move In Checklist

Move in checklists are more important for those who are moving into an apartment or other type of rental unit. This type of checklist usually involves checking the quality of the place with an intention of noting any errors so that you are not responsible for them when you move out. While the agency probably has its own checklist, it doesn’t hurt to make your own or download one of ours to use as a starting point. In particular, you should make sure that all of the appliances work, that cupboard and closet doors are in good working order, that all of the electrical outlets work, that there is no damage to walls, floors, or carpets. Take your time and go through the place with a critical eye because you want to note every single little fault. Those who are moving into a home they bought might still want to create a move in checklist that includes things like cleaning the place while it’s empty and purchasing new items you might need for the home.

The “Don’t Forget” Checklist

As you move, there are quite a few things you don’t want to forget to do. For instance, you need to change your address with the post office, update your address with all of your credit cards and bank accounts and transfer utilities. You may also need to cancel services like cable or lawn maintenance. If any of these things slip through the cracks, you may end up paying a lot extra or be stuck in your new place without electricity for a few days. Many of the things on your “don’t forget” list have to be done on or before a certain date, so make sure to pay attention to deadlines.


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