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Organizing activities is not applicable to business companies or social meetings only. It goes down to the most basic level, the family. To maintain a required degree of harmony, you should delegate chores to each member of the family.

If possible, parents should make a chore chart template. It describes, in detail, about household assignments. This template would be a great reminder of duties which everyone should do daily or for the week.

Types of chore chart templates

The necessity of a chore list template presents itself when family members are too busy. Because of this, chores are either neglected or forgotten. Making one can certainly put some organization out of chaos.

You can create your own template or you can download our printable chore charts. There are several types of templates out there. Before downloading, you should know what template will suit your needs. Here is a list of some templates:

  1. Age-appropriate chore chart template
  2. Child’s chore chart template
  3. Chore chart template for weekly schedule
  4. Chore chart template in MS Word
  5. Customizable chore chart template
  6. Daily chore chart template
  7. Family chore chart template

Having a chore list template will help you keep track of chores. That is the beauty of the template as you can schedule and divide work on a daily or weekly basis. You can customize it as per your family needs and requirements. With it, you will always know your duties each time.

Downloadable Templates:

chore chart template 08

chore chart template 09

chore chart template 10

chore chart template 11

chore chart template 12

chore chart template 13

chore chart template 15

chore chart template 16

chore chart template 17

chore chart template 19

chore chart template 20

chore chart template 21

chore chart template 23

chore chart template 24

chore chart template 25

chore chart template 26

chore chart template 27

chore chart template 28

chore chart template 30

chore chart template 31

chore chart template 32

chore chart template 33

chore chart template 34

chore chart template 35

chore chart template 36

chore chart template 37

chore chart template 38

chore chart template 39

chore chart template 40

chore chart template 41

chore chart template 42

chore chart template 43

chore chart template 44

chore chart template 04

chore chart template 05

chore chart template 06


Getting organized is one good reason why you should use a template. It’s important to minimize the chances of forgetting or overlooking any important chores. Doing this frequently might cause a backlog.

Usually, the template would have check boxes on the table beside each specific chore. You can check the boxes upon completion.

Looking at the template will give information on how chores are progressing. This can help reduce work stress. The template can also be a gauge of your business or personal goals on a timed basis. Too many, it might be a simple tool but it certainly is an effective time management technique tool.

The benefits of using a chore chart template

There are many reasons for designing and using a chore chart. Some argue that you shouldn’t use this chart for money matters. For kids, the chore chart for kids is a reminder that doing chores is also being part of the family.

Whatever the reason, the template is simply that, a chores chart. It’s a to-do list on a timed basis and a scheduled reminder of what chores you need to do. Consider the following benefits of using such charts, especially for kids:

  • To hone life skills
    When your child does chores, it gives him an opportunity to return the favor to you. Children do chores to make up for all the things their parents have done for them. Having their own chores would make children feel as an integral part of the family.
    Chores are responsibilities and they also help teach life skills in a real way. Such will make the children realize the importance of responsibilities. Finishing them will give them a sense of accomplishment.
    When parents teach their children to do their chores, it’s a huge help. They are actually equipping children with skills to function independently. Then they can use these skills even outside the home.
    Parents also need a chore list for kids to monitor their children’s activities. It can help the kids determine what tasks are the most important.
  • To help enhance the child’s self-esteem
    Parents should also balance the responsibilities of their children. They can manage school and home tasks using a chore chart for kids.
    Too much school homework shouldn’t inhibit the kids from their home chores. If they do, that is tantamount to saying that school work is more important than their chores at home.
    If children do their responsibilities well at home, they will have a sense of self-esteem. They’ll feel like they can competently play a role in the family. Chores at home will train them to care for themselves.
    They learn skills which they would need when they become adults.
  • Doing chores makes children more competent
    Competency is important in school as well at home. Failing in school, either in academics or athletics can happen.
    When it does, the child may not have other sources of competency to rely upon.

Parents shouldn’t nag kids too much about their chores. To make it easy for the kids, get them acquainted with the chore list for kids. Show children that they need to check those accomplishment boxes.

Parents can also set guidelines and instructions in the chart. Do this to make sure the kids are doing their chores right.

Provide each kid with a chart. They will definitely enjoy this and can get motivated. This is especially true when they start putting checks on chores accomplished.

Often times, they may also be doing chores that are not on their list. Now that would be responsibility going an extra mile.


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