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Christmas to most is a time for merriment and joy. But when you own a business, it is also a time to promote your interests. You can do this by hosting festive Christmas events. Because of the hectic schedule of almost everybody during the season, the best way to inform customers about Christmas-related events is through the use of a Christmas flyer.

What is a Christmas flyer?

Christmas time at the mall comes with high-volume Christmas songs playing continuously at every corner, left and right promos, beautiful scenery, and more. With all these attractions, who wouldn’t feel compelled to avail of offered products? Therefore, it’s time for you to start advertising your Christmas products through Christmas flyers.

Most of the flyers get distributed as hard copies to people. Nowadays, with the advancement in digital technology, you can instantly share your holiday flyers through any of the social media platforms. During the season, everyone expects different ads from competing businesses. It will be up to you to create Christmas templates that stand out in the niche you belong in.

Downloadable Templates:

christmas flyer 22

christmas flyer 23

christmas flyer 24

christmas flyer 25

christmas flyer 26

christmas flyer 27

christmas flyer 28

christmas flyer 29

christmas flyer 30

christmas flyer 31

christmas flyer 32

christmas flyer 33

christmas flyer 34

christmas flyer 35

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christmas flyer 37

christmas flyer 38

christmas flyer 39

christmas flyer 40

christmas flyer 41

christmas flyer 42

christmas flyer 43

christmas flyer 44

christmas flyer 45

christmas flyer 46

christmas flyer 47

christmas flyer 48

christmas flyer 49

christmas flyer 50

christmas flyer 01

christmas flyer 02

christmas flyer 03

christmas flyer 04

christmas flyer 05

christmas flyer 06

christmas flyer 07

christmas flyer 08

christmas flyer 09

christmas flyer 10

christmas flyer 11

christmas flyer 12

christmas flyer 13

christmas flyer 14

christmas flyer 15

christmas flyer 16

christmas flyer 17

christmas flyer 18

christmas flyer 19

christmas flyer 20

christmas flyer 21


Why do you need a Christmas flyer?

Gift-giving has become a part of our holiday traditions. For retailers, this can mean two things. First, consumers will want to spend the money they earned throughout the year and second, retailers will compete with each other to lure consumers away from that hard-earned money.

If you want to give yourself an edge over the competition, you should use every available strategy including promotions, sales, special offers, and so on. Whatever kind of business you have, you need to find ways to set yourself apart from the competition. You need to become better than them.

Two of the most important strategies that you can count on are December Discounts and Seasonal Specials. The Christmas templates you make for your promotional materials matter too. To stay ahead of your competition, you need flyers that are seasonally appropriate. A greatly designed flyer could help you:

  • Sell what you have to offer
    Your flyers should include winter discounts and specials as these are an excellent way to increase your sales. Later, this can later create more business to boost your overall sales throughout the year.
  • Promote holiday events
    Using a Christmas party flyer helps you spread the word when you have an upcoming Christmas event.

What to include in your flyer?

A well-designed Christmas flyer should clearly represent your business. It should include the following elements to make it effective:

  • Your goal
    You should have a purpose for making your Christmas program template or flyer. It may be an invitation to a yearly Christmas party or a mall-wide Christmas Season sale that needs promotion. The reason should be both direct and straightforward so that people will easily know why you’re advertising. The flyer should have a specific and clear purpose that readers can determine with just one glance.
  • A title or headline
    The holiday flyer should have a headline that attracts attention. This is the first thing that people read when they lay their eyes on it. Aside from what usually makes it stand out like large, bold text, the wordings of the headline should pique the reader’s interest. This could be anything from a witty tagline to a special offer your readers can’t resist.
  • A message to motivate
    This is where you should include your intended call of action. The message teaches the readers how you would like them to react to the flyer. Always remember that a good message can greatly affect how people will respond to your flyer.
    Whatever the reason is, whether you’re promoting a limited offer, a seasonal special, a discount, and more, your flyer’s text can make all the difference between a few extra sales and the potential to get hundreds of new and previous customers. This means that a flyer should be both enticing and informative. Make sure to include:
    A description
    Under the bold headline, you can include more information relevant to the promotion, greeting or event. For promoting an event in a Christmas party flyer, include the location, date, and time.
    Depending on your flyer’s purpose, you should use phrases like “Place your order now” or “Send in your RSVP before the 13th of December.” A good call-to-action statement informs the reader what they should do next. It also encourages them to act right away.
  • Graphics
    The visual aspect of a flyer holds high value that you should not take for granted. As we all know, everything related to the Christmas season is extremely vibrant, colorful, and exciting. Your Christmas flyers should be no exception.
    You should make them vibrant, colorful, and you should also include illustrations and characters associated with the season. Include high-resolution photos of your offered services or products, if necessary.
    Your Christmas templates should be visually appealing so they can easily catch a reader’s attention. For this, you should choose graphics that draw the eye to your content while encouraging the reader to want to learn more about what you’re promoting.
    When designing your flyer, you should also consider your target audience. Customize the imagery to suit them. For instance, if you’re in the business of selling Christmas trees, you should use Christmas tree images to promote your product. If you prefer not to be too specific, you may choose generic images like Santa Claus, Christmas presents, reindeer, snowmen, and the like.
  • Your contact details
    If clients get interested in your services and products, you should provide them with information on how to get in touch with you. As an essential aspect of any business, your flyer must contain your contact details including your name, business address, website URL, contact number, and even your social media profiles. This information should be clearly visible even from a distance so readers won’t have a hard time finding them.

Preparing to make a flyer

People can know about your holiday events and offers by circulating Christmas party flyers either personally or digitally. With these, they can know how to buy the things they want or experience a jolly celebration with their loved ones. If orders start pouring in, this means that you have created effective Christmas flyers. You have converted your target audience to consumers and hopefully, into loyal purchasers.

You can make beautiful and effective Christmas flyers for your business’ holiday promotions by using downloaded Christmas flyer templates free of charge. You can then customize these to suit your needs. Here are some pointers on how to maintain the effectiveness of your Christmas templates:

  • Choose your editing software
    Those who are technologically inclined will have a bigger advantage when it comes to editing graphics in different types of software. But if you’re new to editing and you don’t have a lot of experience, it’s recommended to select a simple editing tool to make things easier. Just remember that the best outputs always come from a well-planned outline.
  • Do your research
    Research always expands your present knowledge of things. If you have already used plenty of ideas for your previous flyers, keep searching. You may still find ideas that are surprisingly saleable. List any elements in your flyer that you need to improve or remove.
  • Learn more about the competition
    Competition is everywhere as many groups may be after the same audience. One great way to address this is by learning your competition’s moves, determining what they lack, then creating your flyer ideas from everything that you have observed. You can also review your past flyer designs on previous offers. Knowing your previous endeavors helps you determine what to improve for your future promotional materials.
  • Plan the distribution
    After you have created your flyer, you have to plan where to put them and the areas to distribute your flyers to your target audience. This becomes important especially when you’re offering promotions of certain products that have a specific target audience. For instance, if you have a specific goal in your business for a specific group, start giving your flyers to them.

Promoting your Christmas flyer

The next step after creating your Christmas flyers is to start distributing them. Your strategy for promoting your Christmas flyers should consider your target audience and where you will most likely find them. Following are some options you can consider:

  • Dress one of your employees up in a festive costume and let them hand out flyers in your area. A Santa Claus or reindeer costume will surely catch people’s attention.
  • Send a festive email to the subscribers of your newsletter. You can make the email extra special by attaching a personalized Christmas greeting e-card.
  • Set up a stall at a Christmas bazaar offering a flyer to every customer who purchases something or asks questions about your business.

Another aspect to consider is your timing. For instance, is there any point in handing out flyers during the summer if you’re promoting something for winter? Make sure that you carefully consider all of the options for distribution in advance to ensure you get your flyers to the right audience, in the right place, and at the right time.


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