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If you have left out a loved one on your gift list and you don’t have much time on your hands, why not consider a Christmas Gift Certificate? It is unique and the recipient can use it for what they really want. To do this, you need to first download or make a Christmas gift certificate template. Then you can create a truly memorable gift even without any specialized design skills.

What is a Christmas gift certificate template?

Christmas is a joyous time for all and the one thing that makes it more worthwhile is to find suitable gifts for all your loved ones. Often, you would find yourself in a quandary where you just don’t know what present to give.

Why not make this Christmas gift different from the past years by giving away a Christmas gift certificate template. Surely, many would find delight in this and maybe it might turn out to be the hottest gift idea ever because of its versatility and simplicity.

A Christmas gift certificate or Christmas voucher template can save the day. You might feel surprised that most of your loved ones would highly appreciate the idea.

Downloadable Templates:

christmas gift certificate template 03

christmas gift certificate template 04

christmas gift certificate template 05

christmas gift certificate template 06

christmas gift certificate template 07

christmas gift certificate template 08

christmas gift certificate template 09

christmas gift certificate template 10

christmas gift certificate template 11

christmas gift certificate template 12

christmas gift certificate template 13

christmas gift certificate template 14

christmas gift certificate template 15

christmas gift certificate template 16

christmas gift certificate template 17

christmas gift certificate template 18

christmas gift certificate template 19

christmas gift certificate template 20

christmas gift certificate template 21

christmas gift certificate template 22

christmas gift certificate template 23

christmas gift certificate template 24

christmas gift certificate template 25

christmas gift certificate template 26

christmas gift certificate template 27

christmas gift certificate template 28

christmas gift certificate template 29

christmas gift certificate template 30

christmas gift certificate template 31

christmas gift certificate template 32

christmas gift certificate template 33

christmas gift certificate template 34

christmas gift certificate template 35

christmas gift certificate template 36

christmas gift certificate template 37

christmas gift certificate template 38

christmas gift certificate template 39

christmas gift certificate template 01

christmas gift certificate template 02


Why do you need a Christmas gift certificate?

To start with, here are some reasons why you may want to consider creating a holiday gift certificate in lieu of the same old presents that are, at times, even wrapped in last year’s wrappers:

  • To save some money
    You won’t need to scout for presents or spend your hard-earned money on expensive Christmas gifts. This time, you will dole out a Christmas gift card template that may include promises, outings, or favors.
  • To be more personal
    The lucky recipient will feel thrilled with your customized holiday-themed gift certificate, especially when they find out that you created it yourself. You can even upload pictures to add a more personal touch.
  • To show appreciation
    There is always someone among your loved ones who have demonstrated unwavering support for you. For this, a Christmas gift certificate template is the greatest way to show your appreciation.

Giving a certificate provides a great opportunity for you to give your friends and family members something that you made especially for them. These certificates offer a wide range of options that cater to different tastes.

Should this innovative idea click during the Christmas season, maybe you can push the concept further to include other occasions and holidays like weddings, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and much more.

What to include?

Since most of the Christmas gift certificate templates can be easily downloaded, this can save you effort and time as there will be no need to make them from scratch. Most of the sample certificate templates issued in most events and parties are from templates and these Christmas certificates are no exception.

People love receiving a Christmas certificate or a Christmas voucher template because they’re lovely, personal, and have the right message. The use of templates is very convenient for many people because they eliminate the need to spend time creating something from scratch.

Moreover, you can edit templates and create them using software of your choice. This can save you a great deal of effort and time. You may have already tried purchasing gift certificates from stores for a certain amount.

During this purchase, the shop generates a code and this plays the important role of credit for the amount you bought the certificate for. Then the person to who you gave the certificate can use it in lieu of payment at the store. As you may notice, these certificates include the following:

  • A logo
  • The gift certificate title
  • A slogan that supports the title
  • Images or graphics to make the certificate look more appealing
  • Details of what the certificate includes
  • Details the recipient needs to redeem the certificate
  • Contact details

Design ideas to inspire you

We all know how important Christmas is to our families. It is the time of year when people gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is also the time when we get together to exchange gifts with members of the family, our friends, well-wishers, colleagues, and that special someone.

Giving away a Christmas gift card template is a great way to demonstrate your care, love, and love to those you love the most. Here are some design ideas for you:

  • Simple
    The best thing about a simple template is that you have the freedom to edit it in whichever way you want. It is very versatile and you can use it in different ways including for businesses like retail stores, hotels, restaurants, spas, and so on. You can change the colors, add more content, or adjust the layouts to fit your preferences using the editing software it’s compatible with.
  • Creative
    If you give something creative like a Santa gift certificate template, you can add cool promos like freebies or discounts. Then the recipient can show this at the shop. In the template, include holiday graphics and designs along with text that indicates valuable information.
  • Elegant
    The design of this template captures the essence of Christmas and you can add an entitlement to a discount at the recipient’s favorite shop. The design should be very beautiful and appealing. Download a template and edit it to increase its potential in getting appreciated by the recipient.
  • Christmas Gift
    What better way to spend Christmas with your loved ones than giving them a certificate that comes with a gift. Create a template with a minimalistic design and an adorable image of Santa at the center to draw a smile from the recipient’s face. This very “Christmassy” template will go a long way in enhancing the spirit of the season.
  • Christmas Trip
    Many of us consider Christmas as a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and gifting a loved one with a trip to their favorite place is an amazing way to make their season memorable. At the top of the template, adorn it with Christmas decorations and place “Santa’s signature” and a stamp too!
  • Kids
    This is the perfect option if you’re planning to give a young child a gift certificate. The design of the template itself should be very appealing with graphics, colored images, and a picture of Santa. The template will surely brighten the child’s Christmas. You can also use this template as a certificate of achievement then sign it with Santa’s name.

Ways to make your own templates

If you plan to give your loved ones a unique gift this Christmas, a holiday gift certificate will do the trick. You can find many Christmas gift certificate templates in Microsoft Word or other editing programs. You can also find some that are completely customizable, which you can print them directly from your browser.

You may need to customize these templates with your own text and in some cases, even add images and colors. After the customizing, you can print the templates and hand them over to your loved ones. If it’s for a special occasion, you can slip the certificate into an envelope of the same size.

Gift certificate templates come in a wide selection of styles. Now, you have to think about choosing one that best fits your the recipient’s style. Moreover, there is also a good mix of blank gift certificates along with those that are ready for a specific occasion.

Here are the most common software and programs that you can use for customizing templates before printing:

  • Canva
    You can find a wide selection of certificate templates at Canva. Whichever the occasion is, whether it be for birthdays, holidays, special treats, colleagues, hotel stays, photoshoots, massages, and more, they’ve got it. In addition, you can fully customize the colors, text, and images in Canva before printing or sending the certificate digitally.
  • Creative Certificates
    There are about 20 different certificate Word templates to choose from at Creative Certificates. Each of these templates has its own unique designs and colors to make them suitable for various occasions. The unique thing about this tool is that there is no need to download the template if you want to customize the gift certificate. It has an online editor that you can use for customization. You can then print the certificate or download it when you’re done.
  • Microsoft Word
    There are around 2 dozen certificate templates in Microsoft Word and you can use these for a variety of occasions that includes holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Most of these templates are just basic and you can open them in Microsoft Office Online.
  • WordTemplate
    There are 11 certificate templates available at WordTemplate. Aside from those that you can use for any occasion, there are also those designed specifically for employees, restaurants, and other business gift certificates. Each of these has its own unique colors and design.
  • Hloom
    The gift certificate templates found at Hloom are relatively different from those earlier discussed because these are full-page gift certificates and made specifically for the Christmas season. This tool offers high-end templates that show the Christmas spirit in their design that includes snowflakes, trees, and more.

Of course, the easiest way for you to get a lovely certificate is to download one. There are many options available… all you have to do is choose your favorite!


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