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When it comes to education, attendance is very important. It’s essential for students, teachers, and the school management. Fortunately, it’s easy to check attendance using a class roster template.

This is a simple but effective tool you can use to keep your class list organized and complete.

For teachers, a class list template is essential. You can download a template from here or make one on your own. You can use this list to organize your students’ attendance information.

Then it will all be ready for you when you need it. For a preschool teacher or a university professor, using a student roster template is key. All you need to do is print it out, fill it up, and start using it.

There are different types of formats you can use for such a template. Schools require their teachers to keep a list of all the students. With it, checking and grading will become a lot easier.

Downloadable Templates:

class roster template 05

class roster template 06

class roster template 08

class roster template 09

class roster template 10

class roster template 11

class roster template 12

class roster template 13

class roster template 14

class roster template 15

class roster template 16

class roster template 17

class roster template 19

class roster template 20

class roster template 21

class roster template 22

class roster template 23

class roster template 24

class roster template 25

class roster template 26

class roster template 27

class roster template 28

class roster template 29

class roster template 30

class roster template 31

class roster template 32

class roster template 33

class roster template 34

class roster template 35

class roster template 37

class roster template 38

class roster template 39

class roster template 02

class roster template 04


When and why do you need to make a class roster template?

Class list template is easy to make and use. It’s a convenient tool which you can utilize to make your job easier. You can make a simple template or a complex one. You can even download one from here and use it.

When you use a class list, checking your students’ attendance becomes easier. You can even make the process more fun by designing your own template. Add your own graphics and images to your template. Do this so filling up the form becomes more fun and inspiring.

There are a lot of teachers out there who aren’t able to handle all their paperwork effectively. This is because there’s usually a lot of paperwork involved. Storing everything in a systematic manner can be challenging.

But a template is easy to keep. You can use a student roster template to organize all your students’ information.

With the help of the right template, you can create a good system for your class. Although it isn’t a requirement for all schools, but such templates are convenient and effective. The best part is, they’re easy to make and to use too.

Types of class roster templates

Before you start making or downloading a template for your class list, you need to learn about them. There are no standard templates for such lists. But there are different types out there which you can use for your class.

Remember, such lists can help you organize your students’ data. You can create a template for yourself or download a template. Doing so will give you a convenient means to keep track of attendance.

Whether you create or download a template, you can pick one with a format you prefer. Here are some types of templates for you to consider:

  1. Attendance class list template
  2. Blank class list template
  3. Elementary class list template
  4. Kindergarten class list template
  5. Monthly class list template
  6. Multipurpose class list template
  7. Online class roster template
  8. Printable class list template
  9. Student class list template
  10. Teacher class list template
  11. Weekly class list template

Of course, these are just some common types of templates. You can create your own template according to how you’d like to record the information. Having a class list template is highly beneficial. Let’s go through the different benefits next.

The benefits of using a class list template

When a teacher uses a class roster appropriately, it shows that he/she is responsible. It demonstrates a healthy learning atmosphere. This is especially true if it shows a great track record of student attendances.

In the roster, the teacher would have to list down the attendance details of the students.

Of course, this isn’t the only purpose of such a roster. You can also use it for teachers, staff, parents, and guardians involved in the school. Such templates can show the status of a school or a class. This template is very beneficial for a lot of reasons.

Here are some of the benefits of using a student roster template:

  • The primary purpose of using such templates is to maintain records of students. If you keep these records organized and safe, you can use them as a reference for the future.
    There are many types of rosters available. You can select one which will fit into your school/class’ system.
  • You can record other information on the roster. Just add some columns to the template to input more data. You can include attendance status, courses, notes on behavior, and more.
    When you do this, you can use the roster as a reference when analyzing different trends.
    This applies to your own class or even when you perform a school-wide analysis. A well-maintained roster can give you a lot of useful information. You might even learn about the overall status and well being of the school’s atmosphere.
  • Using a roster will help the teacher be more prepared. It will give the teacher better knowledge about the classes she’s handling. A mere look at the roster will give the teacher immediate knowledge about the students in her class.
    Some rosters may even contain information about the students attending the class. This is an important benefit. It can help the teacher approach the students more effectively.
  • Such templates are very versatile. You can print them out or even keep them on servers online. The latter is a more modern option. If you keep a copy of the roster online, other teachers and staff may also view it.
    They can also monitor the progress and development of the students online. This is very beneficial as monitoring the students is one of the most important jobs of teachers.
  • Some templates contain information about teachers and classes. When a teacher receives a class roster, he/she will learn a lot from it. She’ll know who the students in her class are.
    She may also know what her class is and in which room she’ll teach in. All this information is extremely useful. Teachers need it especially at the beginning of the school year.
  • When a school keeps an online roster template system, it’s also beneficial. It can help keep all the data of students in a single, secure location. Then anyone in the school can access the rosters and provide inputs.
    For the universities, professors may even use the data there to email their students. They can send timely updates on their progress.
  • Also, rosters contain the information of the students enrolled in the school, class-wise. This is beneficial for the school. If they need to find a particular student, they just have to refer to the roster.
    Then they’ll be able to locate the student in his/her class.
  • Maintaining class rosters is beneficial to students and teachers. Since it contains information about the students, it will help the teachers out. They would have information about the number of students and other useful information. With it, the teachers can prepare and interact with their students well.
    That’s when it becomes beneficial for the students. Their teacher will be able to deal with them according to their individual needs.
  • An attendance student roster template gives quick and easy information. It’s mainly about the student’s attendance in the different classes. It usually contains the students’ names, ID numbers, and other information.
    It would also contain the attendance status of students in a specific class. This comes in handy when teachers need to evaluate grades. This is especially true if attendance plays a role in the students’ grades.
  • Whenever a class needs monitoring, this template is essential. In fact, in some schools, it’s a requirement. With this template, you can monitor the students’ behavior qualitatively and quantitatively.
    For the former, you can note down details about their health on the roster. You can also make note of any inclinations towards negative behaviors. For the latter, you can get a good look at the general attendance of all the students.
    This may also reflect how interested the students are in attending their classes. So when you think about it, the simple document can also serve as an assessment.
    You can use it to evaluate qualities like participation, social trends, and even trust. A teacher can experience this benefit as long as he/she keeps the template updated and handy.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits of maintaining a class roster template. When you maintain this document well, it will help prevent confusion. Since it’s easy to make and use, you won’t have to worry about acquiring such a template.

If your own school has a specific format for the template, you can go ahead and use it. Otherwise, you can create one or download one from here.

Such templates are versatile in such a way that you can keep a hard copy and a soft copy of them too. You can also use the document to connect with your students’ parents better. This is especially true if your roster is always up-to-date.

Also, when it’s time to evaluate your students at the end of the school year, you can use the template too. It will serve as a tabulated record of information about your students.
As we’ve said, there are a lot of formats you can use for your template.

You can choose a format from the downloadable ones. Either that or you can create your own template. Do this if you have the time, effort, and patience for the task. Usually, it’s easy to make a template in Excel. However, you can always use the software of your choice to make your roster.

Creating a class list template in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a very useful program for making templates. It’s a popular program among business owners and schools. This is because of the different functions. You can create your own template for your roster in this program.

It’s simple enough to do. But you can also use a pre-made template which you can find within the program. Here are some tips for you to follow:

Create your own class roster template

  1. Start by launching the program. Click on the first cell in the upper-left corner and type your roster title. You don’t have to make it too formal; you can type any name you prefer.
  2. In the next cells, type the category names you’d like for your roster. For instance, you can type “Last Name,” “First Name,” “Birthday,” and more. You can add as many category names as you want. Just add all the information you want to place on your roster.
  3. Once you’ve typed all the category names, you’re basically done! Then you can start entering the information of your students.
  4. Of course, if you want a more stylish roster, you can continue by formatting your file. Select the cells by clicking on the first one and drag the first one to cover the entire range.
  5. From there, you can do a lot of things. Once you’ve highlighted the selection, you can start formatting the cells. You can change the colors of the columns to differentiate them.
  6. You can also change font’s sizes, colors, and such. Do this to emphasize the category names from the rest of the information.

Use a template for your class roster

  1. Again, launch the program to open a new spreadsheet. Click on the “File” tab and choose “New” from the options list.
  2. Find the “ Templates” on the right side then click on the tiny search box. Type “roster” and press the “Enter” key. This will generate a list of templates for you.
  3. Click on a template you want to enlarge it. When you find one which you want, click on the “Download” button. Then wait for the template to open a new file.
  4. Once it opens, you can start editing it to your liking.


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