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A consulting proposal template is a document made by a consultant and given to a client. It would usually contain a description of the job you will do. It may also contain the conditions which the client prefers. When a client hires a consultant for a job, they have to reach an agreement.

They need to come to a consensus before they can start working together.

If this is your first time to hear about such a document, don’t worry. There are many consulting templates online which you can go through. You can even download a template here to learn more about the document and what it should contain.

If you’ve encountered this template, you may already be familiar with its contents. If you’ve already tried making a sample consulting proposals, then you know that it’s not very easy. You need to make sure to include relevant information.

Do this so your client will understand the document and the message you want to convey. You need to keep these things in mind:

  • Provide specific details about the job.
  • Do a lot of research on the job before making the proposal.
  • Describe your role to the client so he/she can decide to agree or not.
  • When making the report, focus on your client.
  • Clarify any money-related concerns before finalizing your agreement.

The main purpose of this document is to provide the client with information. Use it to talk about your consulting services. You need to give as much information as possible. Do this while still keeping your proposal brief and interesting.

This is why you should understand the job or the project well before making your template. In this article, we’ll provide you with helpful information about consulting proposals.

Downloadable Templates:

consulting proposal template 20

consulting proposal template 21

consulting proposal template 22

consulting proposal template 23

consulting proposal template 24

consulting proposal template 25

consulting proposal template 26

consulting proposal template 27

consulting proposal template 28

consulting proposal template 29

consulting proposal template 30

consulting proposal template 31

consulting proposal template 32

consulting proposal template 33

consulting proposal template 34

consulting proposal template 35

consulting proposal template 36

consulting proposal template 37

consulting proposal template 39

consulting proposal template 01

consulting proposal template 02

consulting proposal template 03

consulting proposal template 04

consulting proposal template 05

consulting proposal template 06

consulting proposal template 07

consulting proposal template 08

consulting proposal template 09

consulting proposal template 10

consulting proposal template 11

consulting proposal template 12

consulting proposal template 13

consulting proposal template 14

consulting proposal template 15

consulting proposal template 16

consulting proposal template 17

consulting proposal template 19


Types of Consulting Proposals

If you’ve been working in a particular industry for a long time, you would learn a lot about it. You’d have enough knowledge about the “ins and outs” of the business. In this case, you might want to consider being a professional consultant. It’s a different kind of job which will make you learn a lot more about your chosen career.

As a consultant, you’ll provide solutions to clients who need advice. In order to do this well, you need to learn how to make a consulting template for your proposals. A well-made proposal would show your clients that you’re professional.

It would also show that you know what you’re doing. It would be a reflection of your expertise in the business too. At some point, different companies would need the services of a consultant.

Such a person would help them perform their duties more efficiently. This may lead to improved productivity and even an increase in profits. There are many different types of sample consulting proposals. To give you a better idea, here are some of those types:

  1. Business consulting proposal
  2. Consulting project proposal
  3. Consulting retainer proposal
  4. Consulting services proposal
  5. Engineering consulting proposal
  6. Healthcare consulting proposal
  7. HR consulting proposal
  8. Management consulting proposal
  9. Marketing consulting proposal
  10. Restaurant consulting proposal

There are many ways to make such a template. You can download our template and use it. You can even make some modifications according to what you need in your proposal. Or you can make one from scratch on your computer.

Either way, making this document is highly beneficial.

The benefits of making a consulting proposal template 

When you’re a consultant, you may already have your own clients. Sometimes you speak to your clients about a job and come to an agreement immediately. Although it’s tempting to take the easy route and just shake hands, that won’t be an ideal situation.

In order to keep things clear between you, come up with a consulting template for your proposal. It will contain all the details of your agreement to avoid any conflicts in the  future.

When you and your client sign the document, it will serve as a binding legal agreement. It would also be an important reference point for you during the project. Here are some benefits of making and using such a template:

  • Use it to establish your scope of work

When you’re promoting your services to your client, talk about different jobs you will do. Some clients might even give you a long list of tasks you need to accomplish within the project.

If you have a proposal, you can list all these tasks in order to establish your scope of work.

This written list of all your services will prove extremely useful in the future. You’d know what you have to do exactly. If your client gives you more work, then you can refer him/her to your document.

This would significantly lower the likelihood of having misunderstandings and confusion. This is especially true in terms of expectations.

  • Use it to promote your services

A well-made consulting proposal won’t just serve as a legal document. You can also use it as a tool for marketing. Discuss the document with your client.

Then you can highlight the tasks you will do in order to promote your services. You can also inform the client if you have other skills which apply to the project.

  • Use it to establish the expectations and the responsibilities of the client

Remember that when you make a template, you need to focus on the client. You need to establish all the client’s expectations from the beginning. Write them all down in your document to avoid any future disappointments.

A well-written proposal will contain your job specifications as a consultant. It will also contain the responsibilities of your client. Through the document, your client should be able to understand what he/she needs to do for the project.

Include this information as well so you can refer to the document when any issues arise. Then you’ll be able to solve the issues quickly to avoid any unnecessary delays.

  • Use it to establish your relationship with your client

This is especially beneficial if you’re working as a freelance consultant. Producing a sample consulting proposal for your clients is essential. It can help you establish a better relationship with your clients.

Your client can also use the document for other purposes. He/she may need it to prove that you’re not a regular employee of the company.

Having a consulting proposal is very important. This is especially true if you want to come off as professional to your clients. Now that you know how beneficial this document is, let’s go through some steps in making the template.

How to write a consulting proposal template 

Take a look at our sample consulting proposal and if you like the format, you can download it. Otherwise, you can just use it as a basis for making your own template. If you’re planning to make a custom template, then it’s best to start from scratch.

You can use Microsoft Word or other similar programs to make your document. Here are some steps to guide you:

  • Start your document by addressing your potential client. It’s the same way as you would start a formal letter. Write a short paragraph which sums up the work you want to accomplish for your client. Since it’s a proposal, you should show that you’re the best person for the job. Mention your client’s name in the proposal to exhibit a more personal tone.
  • After the introduction, write a paragraph that describes the job in full detail. If you’ve already spoken with your client, take the information from there. Explain in detail what your jobs are. This will show your client that you understand what he/she needs. It will also show that you understand his/her expectations based on what you talked about. In this paragraph, also include the whole scope of your work so everything’s clear.
  • In the next paragraph, you should start talking about your qualifications. In this part, you’ll try to market yourself without making any unrealistic promises. Talk about the training you’ve done, your experiences, and similar jobs you’ve accomplished. You can also make a reference to your values and work attitude. However don’t focus too much on these last points. Your qualifications are more important.
  • After this, compose a paragraph about the work you’re proposing to do. List down all the tasks you’ll perform. You can use technical terminologies wherever they apply. Show that you have a plan for solving your client’s problem. Identify the results your client will expect from consulting with you. In this part, it’s important to specify your time frame and your work methods.
  • On the same paragraph, you can also include what you expect from your client. Do this to avoid any problems in the future. Talk about your expectations regarding equipment use, site access, and even personnel.
  • Then talk about the things you won’t be doing while working as the client’s consultant. Outline all the jobs you’re planning to perform to avoid the risk of “mission creep.” This happens when the client gradually gives you more responsibilities. Unfortunately, they come without the extra compensation. Clearly indicate the work you won’t deal with during the course of the project. This information is important and sensitive, so you can present this as a bulleted list.
  • When that’s done, it’s time to give your price proposal for your services. This would depend on the job you’ll do as well as your client. Remember that you might be in competition with other consultants. Because of this, it’s important to propose a competitive price. Do this to increase your chances of getting picked.
  • If you foresee and extra costs while doing the job, list them down as well. It’s important to keep all this information transparent from the beginning. Do this so that when you need the money for those extra costs, your client will have it ready. When you propose a price and you keep on asking for money while doing the job, your client might not oblige. Think of it this way – you don’t want your client to give you extra work, right? Your client also won’t appreciate it if you keep asking for extra money.
  • Finally, you can wrap up your proposal by providing a summary. The goal is to give your client a brief but comprehensive summary of the whole document. Reiterate the job, your qualifications, and your confidence in accomplishing the tasks. Use a warmer tone for this paragraph but remain professional.
  • Finally, affix your signature and the date to your proposal. Make sure there’s also space for your client to sign.

Although the steps are fairly simple, composing the document takes a lot of time and effort. You need to do a lot of research and think of how to present the information carefully.

Tips for writing a consulting proposal template 

Composing a well-written consulting template is easy. That is if you focus on it and think about what message you want to convey. To help you out, we’ve come up with some simple tips to enhance your proposal:

  • Keep your proposal short and compelling. You need to be able to accurately describe yourself and the job you’re planning to undertake. Aim for quality rather than quantity. The shorter your proposal is, the higher is the likelihood that your client will read it all the way to the end. Usually, 1-2 pages are enough for such a document. Just make sure the information is clear, complete, and easy to understand.
  • Avoid using too many buzzwords. These refer to meaningless phrases people use to sound important. Spare your client from these tedious words. Write a proposal using succinct and professional language.
  • Proofread your work before presenting it to your client. Check that there aren’t any spelling or grammar errors. Remember, you want to sound professional.

Nothing’s worse than presenting a document littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. These may seem small but they can make your client decide to choose someone else!


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