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Corporate Minutes

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The daily operations are an organization’s lifeline. Every employee plays his or her role effectively by performing their share of tasks diligently. When official meetings take place and you’re in charge of preparing the corporate minutes, you’re performing a very important task. Information is the key. Corporate or company minutes serve as a documentation for the governance of your corporation like official board meetings. That’s why it’s extremely important to record this information as it happens.


Corporate minutes refer to a document which contains the topics and issues dealt with during formal meetings. Usually, a secretary is in charge of recording the corporate minutes sample during the meeting. The document contains a summary of the most important decisions made, and it doesn’t have to contain minute details.

There are different things you need to include in your corporate minutes template as you need these to recall the most important parts of the meeting which transpired. To make the document effective, include the following information:

  • The date, time, and venue of the meeting
  • Everyone present at the meeting (take note of those who arrived late or left early)
  • Who led the meeting
  • The reason for the meeting
  • The points on the meeting’s agenda
  • The results of a vote (for this part, you have to go into detail)
  • When the meeting got adjourned

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