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It is paramount that every firm or company markets itself as promotions are an essential tool in any marketing strategy. A company or firm can market itself by making use of coupons since they are an excellent way of luring customers to get to purchase products. As a business owner, you can market your business by posting coupons to your customers and this could act as courtesy measure that can attract them. Check out our 50 Coupon Templates below

What is a coupon?

A coupon is simply a promotional tool that is in the form of a document that is usually used to redeem a discount when one is shopping. You can come up with your marketing promotional campaign coupon by making use of coupon templates. These are quite easy to use, and they will be a convenient and cost-effective way of going about the whole process.  This site appreciates the fundamental role that coupon can play in marketing and we have thus provided you with various coupon templates that will sort out most of your needs and help you save on time and money.

Downloadable Templates:

Coupon 25

Coupon 26

Coupon 27

Coupon 28

Coupon 29

Coupon 30

Coupon 31

Coupon 32

Coupon 33

Coupon 34

Coupon 35

Coupon 36

Coupon 37

Coupon 38

Coupon 39

Coupon 40

Coupon 41

Coupon 42

Coupon 43

Coupon 44

Coupon 45

Coupon 46

Coupon 47

Coupon 48

Coupon 49

Coupon 50

Coupon 51

Gift Voucher_1

Gift Voucher_2

Gift Voucher_3 

Gift Voucher_4

Reward Voucher 2 


Babysitting Coupon 1 

Babysitting Coupon 2

Coupon 03

Coupon 04.

Coupon 05

Coupon 06

Coupon 07

Coupon 08

Coupon 09

Coupon 10

Coupon 11

Coupon 12

Coupon 13

Coupon 14

Coupon 15

Coupon 16

Coupon 17

Coupon 18

Coupon 19

Coupon 20

Coupon 21

Coupon 22

Coupon 23

Coupon 24


Our coupon templates will help you to communicate effectively about the offer details to your esteemed customers. You will also be able to provide valid information as well as the web address of your respective company and this will make it easy for potential customers to trace the location of your firm or business. You will also benefit from these coupon templates since they come with the punch card system. This will enable you to make offers and you can undertake any word replacement for different products during the offer for you to market these other products as well.

Our coupon templates are designed very attractively and thus you will attract customers and uplift your business. With our templates, you will be in a position to conduct elaborate promotional strategies in the best manner making you save time and the cost of designing them.

Moreover, you will stand a chance to boost your sales with our coupon templates. The reason for this is that the coupons are designed using dazzling colors that will attract people to check them out. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Adobe acrobat or MS Word as our templates will enable you to introduce money-saving chances to your various clients. This because they will be able to stimulate attraction and instill insuperable interest in your products.

Reward Coupon Templates

Free coupon templates from the internet are by far the best way to market your products as they can be used by anyone to generate as many coupons as possible efficiently. The most interesting bit about these free coupon templates is that you can easily modify them to suit your marketing needs as an organization or company. This can be attributed to the fact that many of them are designed using MS Word and this makes modification easier. You can also be able to make your own coupons using blank coupon templates and this will enable you to easily and more conveniently come up with your own coupons.

How to create Discount Coupons

Any business owner who is looking to attract more customers can succeed in this if they offer discounts to their clients. Offering discounts through the use of coupons can be quite crucial in increasing a business sales volumes. Many will fall for this as everyone is looking out for ways of saving their money, and a cheaper option will not skip their eyes. To do this, you need to create a coupon and this is an easier task to accomplish with the right guidance. The steps outlined and slightly elaborated below will help you create the best coupons.

  1. First of all you need to open a new word processing or paint document. You are good to go with either of the two options and you are most likely to find these programs on many of personal computers.
  2. Proceed on to create a rectangle on the page in the most desired size that is appropriate for the coupons that are to be printed. You can reduce the printing costs that you will incur by making the coupons that you are designing to be smaller so that many can fit on one page. Though having smaller coupons will save on the costs, you should not overlook the benefits that come with larger coupons. Big coupons are eye catching and most people will be able to easily spot them when you are distributing or displaying them.
  3. You can then insert the logo of your company into the rectangle. It will be prudent to place the logo at the top of the coupon so that those viewing it will be able to tell easily the company it is from. You can also add your company or business name to the right of the logo or just below it.
  4. Indicate the amount of the discount and the item it applies to. For instance, 15% off a pair of shorts or 10% off for all the purchased items. You need to state this clearly, and they should be in big letters so as to attract people’s attention.
  5. Include any conditions that need to be observed for the coupon and this should most preferably be below the discount information. Such conditions might include when the offer is expiring, for instance ‘offer valid till end of the month.’ It could be a limitation on the number of coupons each customer is legible for.
  6. You need to include a coupon code at the bottom of your coupon. This will enable you to keep records of the sales from the coupon discounts. The codes will need to be fed into your company sales system every time a client makes a purchase of the coupon items. You will thus be able to ascertain how many customers you attracted as a business for the purchases with the coupon and see if the promotional idea paid off well.
  7. Try playing around with the look of your coupon till you are contented with it. You can attempt experimenting with the text font as well as the color of the text for your respective coupon.
  8. After undertaking the above steps you can position coupon at the top, left-hand side of your document. The next step will be copy and paste it on the page so that you get as many coupons as possible out of the single page.
  9. The final step is to print the coupon on quality paper and proceed to cut the coupons by the use of a heavy duty paper cutter. In case you don’t have it, you can find them at your local office supply stores in the appropriate departments.

Coupon Books

A coupon book is a booklet that was formerly given to investors who had coupons that were usually clipped out and mailed for them to receive the period’s income. Currently, it refers to a booklet that is given to mortgage borrowers, containing coupons with account as well as payment information that are supposed to be mailed in together with the monthly mortgage payments.

How to create and print a payment Coupon Book

For a small business that depends on monthly payments from its customers, the need to send payment coupons to your customers may arise. By using payment coupon book, your business will easily attain a professional look and your customers will also be reminded in good time to clear the amount they owe your business. It is easy to create and print payment coupon book and you can undertake this using the appropriate word-processing or graphic-design software. This site provides you with coupon book templates that you can make use of to simplify your work. The steps discussed below will help you create and print coupon books.

  1. First of all you need to create a template for the appropriate software that you have chosen to use, either word-processing or graphic design-software. In case you prefer to make your own template, you can proceed by making a table made up of two columns and four rows. You can then adjust the size of the boxes in to create coupon of the needed size.
  2. Click on the first coupon. Then type the borrower’s name and their account number and hit ‘Enter.’ Proceed on to type the amount owed and the due date. In case you charge late fees, you need to skip another line and insert this amount as well as the due date below the regular payment amount.
  3. You need to highlight your text by hitting ‘Crtl’ and ‘A’ simultaneously. If you are using a Mac, highlight the text by clicking on ‘cmd’ and ‘A’ simultaneously. You can highlight the text by holding the mouse button down while you drag the cursor over it. You can copy the text to the clipboard by going to ‘Edit’ and choosing ‘copy.’
  4. Proceed on to click on the next coupon and go to ‘edit’ and then ‘paste’ it to the next coupon. This step should be repeated for each coupon. You need to change the dates as well as the payment amount on each successive one as is required.
  5. Save the file that you have created by clicking on the floppy disk icon on your software or you can alternatively go to ‘file’ and then ‘save.’ It is prudent for one to choose a file name that will be easy to locate on your computer to avoid misplacing it.
  6. Proceed on to print the file on the card stock. You then need to cut out the coupons using a paper cutter to get straight edges that are more professional in nature compared to using a pair of scissors.
  7. The last step is to stack the coupon together. Check to make sure they have all been arranged in the correct order. After seeing to this, you can proceed to staple them on the left-hand side. Then put them in an envelope and mail it to the respective customers.

You can increase the sales of your business by making use of coupons that offer discounts for a specific period. You can create your own coupon or you can simply make use of coupon templates that will make your work easier and more convenient for you. This site offers you with various coupon templates that you should make use of to simplify your work.


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