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Having the perfect engagement ring is a dream of every girl; a sparkling and shining ring that can make your friends go-gaga over it. Those who do not get to see it often ask how big it was from others. Well, it is definitely the foremost question in the minds of people, no matter if they are shopping or trying to know about the rings other people have. However, if you might have noticed, the store salespeople themselves have a hard time answering this question. Yet, they answer it by saying, “It depends on your budget.”

On top of that, they would further tell you to look for the technical things more than its size. A diamond ring is a symbol of love and it the expression of your commitment and of course, how big your love is. A nice diamond ring has nothing to do with its size; it is just a misconception. Therefore, when buying a ring, you need to consider the buying criteria and the diamond size chart which has details about the carats and the other necessary details. If you are planning to buy a ring for her, then you need to read this article.

What is a Diamond Carat?

A carat actually refers to the unique unit of weight measurement that is used to weigh diamonds and gems. It is referred with an abbreviation ‘ct’. Carat weight is often confused with the visual size of the diamond even though, in reality, it is a measurement of the weight. The size of the diamond is different, based on the shape and weight of the stone. For instance, a round diamond of 1.00 ct. measures around 6.5 mm while a round sapphire of 1.00 ct. measures around 16.0 mm.

As you see, this difference is due to the different gemstones. Moreover, the total carat weight (t.c.w) determines the total weight of all the gemstones and diamonds in a piece of jewelry. For example, the diamond solitaire ear rings are quoted in total carat weight of the diamonds in both the earrings.

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Misconception about Size and Weight

While the size of the diamond is somehow related to the weight of the carat, it is important to consider that carat weight is not the size of the diamond. Many people think this way, which is not correct. In reality, there are some other aspects of a diamond that affect the size and appearance of the stone. We will be explaining those aspects in the section below.

Which Size should you Opt for?

If you are confused as to which size you should go for, then here you go. The first thing you should keep in mind is your budget. This should be your primary consideration along with what you and your partner wants. To decide upon the size of the diamond, you need to find a stone having the perfect balance of weight and quality.

However, if you want to give a bigger ring to her, you can buy a reasonable ring in excellent quality by keeping in view the color and clarity combination. The price of the diamond does not depend upon the size; it depends upon the important C’s, including carat weight, color, clarity and cut. If you want to leave a good impression on her and want to make her happy, choose smaller and less expensive diamonds or well cut center stones.

Are you still Hung Up on Size? Express your Love by Keeping the 4 C’s in mind

Now that you know the nitty-gritties about diamond carats and sizes, you may still have the nagging question in mind, “How big will be the diamond ring?”  If you want to get the scoop on how to buy diamonds that can express how big your love is, then check out the four C’s below.

1.  Color

The thing which you should keep in mind before buying a diamond is that they are graded according to their color, ranging from shades of yellow, brown and gray to colorless. The colors of the diamonds are graded with the help of alphabets, from D-Z. According to experts, the diamonds classified in the D, F, G, H, I and J class are the best. Also, experts believe that nearly colorless diamonds are the best options and worthy of buying. They are beautiful, sparkly white diamonds that will appreciate in value for as long as you have it with you.

2.  Clarity

Among the four C’s of diamonds, clarity is one of the factors that have the biggest influence on the diamond’s value. This is because diamonds are graded on the basis of their clarity. If you want to get a better diamond, opt for a clearer one. Clear diamonds are pure and without impurities, making them worthy of your money. One of the most popular and best types is on which is categorized as I.

3. Carat Weight

A diamond is measured on the basis of its carat weight. Starting from 0.25 carats to 2.00 carats, the carat weight tells you the size of the stone. Somehow, size does matter and is related to the weight of the carat. It is quite simple; if you are looking for a bigger ring, then opt for 2.00 ct. diamond and if you want to buy a smaller one, then anything below 1.00 ct. will suit you the best.

4. Cut

Cuts are the ultimate elements that make the diamond sparkle and give it shape. A cut is basically the finish, proportions, symmetry and polish that is given to a diamond. Cuts make your diamond ring beautiful. A diamond with great cuts and shape will shine and sparkle and will catch light perfectly. Since the beauty of the diamonds depends on the cut, you should opt for brilliant cuts which have a maximum number of facets.

Now that you know the basics to select a good diamond ring, it is not necessary to go for size in specific. Yet, it is important to see the diamond chart size before going to purchase a diamond ring for her. If you weigh all the C’s, then how about buying a one carat weight (average size diamond ring) with a shiny white color, great cuts and visible inclusions? It can be better than a two carat ring. However, at the end of day, the choice is yours!

If you are confused about purchasing a diamond ring, you can download the diamond size chart from our main website. It shows how diamonds of various carat weights look like when they are viewed from the top. Keep in mind that the carat is a unit of weight and not all the diamonds will be of same size because of their different measurements. Have full knowledge of sizes and weight by downloading the diamond size chart now!


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