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A doctor’s note also referred to as a doctor’s excuse is a piece of paper that will help one to prove that they got to see a doctor. This document is usually issued by a doctor to a patient. It is thus a legal document that confirms the presence of such an appointment between the two parties. The only times that this document is supposed to be issued is when the patient is confirmed to be sick after a confirmed diagnosis being made by a medical doctor. It summarizes the findings made by doctor in form of his/her orders.


If you are doctor, you might need to have a couple of these notes that will be issued to the clients seeking your services. This site offers doctors note templates that most of the doctors can make use of. This is a convenient and easy way to come up with as many as doctor’s notes as one needs. We provide doctor note templates that can be customized and printed for use. They are authentic in nature to increase the credibility of the doctor’s notes that you will be generating. We provide a kit which has sampled some of the most common doctor excuses that one can provide to those questioning their absence. We have also be kind enough to give you a guide on how to fill the blank doctor notes to make sure that you don’t go wrong at it.

Downloadable Templates:

Doctor notes 01

Doctor notes 02

Doctor notes 03

Doctor notes 04

Doctor notes 06

Doctor notes 07

Doctors notes 08

Doctors notes 09

Doctors notes 10

Doctors notes 11

Doctors notes 12

Doctors notes 13

Doctors notes 14

Doctors notes 15

Doctors notes 16

Bonus Doctor Notes Template 01

Bonus Doctor Notes Template 03

Bonus Doctor Notes Template 04

Bonus Doctor Notes Template 05


The basic elements that a Doctor’s note should have:

  • The contacts of the doctor that is his/her name, their address as well as the phone number
  • The date and time of generating the document
  • The user’s name
  • The reason as to why one chose to consult a medical doctor
  • A certificate of medical consultation

The Benefits of a Doctor’s Template:

  • A doctor’s note can protect an individual from any consequences that may result due to missing work or any other formal function that they were expected to attend. It can also be used as legit excuse in some scenarios when one if faced with issues dealing with the jury, duty or a court hearing.
  • The doctor’s excuse is quite crucial when one is resuming to work. It serves as a good and legit excuse for one’s absenteeism from work. It will additionally aid one in making use of their paid sick leave. This document, as alluded to earlier on, is a legal document that will attract great respect. In case your employer will not stick to what has been specified or recommended in the doctor’s note then he/she will be liable to any damage or complications that would have been occasioned by work.
  • Some people cunningly use fake doctor’s notes templates to generate fake doctor’s notes to explain their absence from work. The use of doctor’s notes in this manner is illegal and it is punishable by law. If one is also found with this kind of fake notes or fake doctor’s note template, they can easily be fired or expelled from work or an institution of learning.

It is normal to get tired after many days and long hours of working or attending class. If you want to get away from it all without taking a leave of absence there is a way out. Though this is a tricky option, fake doctor’s notes can work out well for you as long as you get your hands on the most authentic fake doctor’s notes that will not attract much scrutiny. There are many sites which offer fake doctor’s note templates that you could use to generate fake doctor’s notes.

This site offers you a reliable option that will guarantee you the most authentic fake doctor’s note template that is free of charge. These fake doctor’s note have been designed after thorough studies and research to make sure that we offer you with the best and most trusted fake doctor’s notes that won’t get you in a tricky situation. You can thus easily convince your boss or teacher that you had been truly feeling a bit under the weather.

Situations in which fake doctor’s notes can come in handy;

  1. In cases of paid sick leaves. When you are caught up in situations that require your compulsory attention and you don’t want to lose your earnings through a payoff, you can turn to fake doctor’s notes to sort out your issues. You can also be sick due to an ailment that is amenable to over-the-counter medications and thus didn’t choose to visit the doctor but you still need that doctor’s note, fake doctor’s notes can sort this out. This option will also save you the cost of visiting a real doctor and still give you the cheaper fake doctor’s note.
  2. To avoid being penalized at school. These days, schools have become keen on the attendance of the students and missing a class could attract a punishment if one doesn’t have authentic reason. In case you have a child who got sick and was treated using over the counter medications you could help him/her avoid being punished by using a fake doctor’s note.
  3. A dire need for bathroom breaks. There are certain jobs which have restrictions on the number of times an employee can take bathroom breaks during work hours. For employees with health concerns that may necessitate them to take many breaks from the desk, a fake doctor’s note can help them have their way out without much hustle.
  4. When one wants to prank his/her workmates, he/she can bring some fun to the work-place using a fake doctor’s note to lie to his/her colleagues about a funny medical condition that one might be having. It will be prudent to make arrangements for the fake note in advance to create some tension before you let out the truth of the matter. For instance, you can fake pregnancy.

Some advantages of fake doctor’s note;

  • They are instantly available.
  • Cost effective and time saving.
  • They are convenient in nature.

One should  consider getting  fake doctor’s notes using a fake doctor’s note template due to a number of reasons

  • We don’t include junk in our fake doctor’s note templates. We will offer you with detailed, concise and error-free notes which are also designed using the best graphics to attain the look of genuine doctor’s notes. The needed research and study has been employed in the design and wording to capture what is found in a genuine doctor’s notes.
  • The fake doctor’s notes template are available and free of charge. Compared to other free fake doctor’s notes what we offer is authentic and just as good as the templates which have to be purchased.
  • Our services are quite timely and you will instantly download your free fake doctor’s note. You don’t have to wait for an email message or a mail to be able to access our free fake doctor’s notes as they are available at the click of the button.
  • We have authentic water marks and logos, to ensure that we offer you what will pass for a genuine doctor’s note. The water marks and logos are quite identical to the real ones and you can’t tell them apart from the real ones to exclude the risk of suspicions being raised.
  • We also update our fake doctor’s notes template from time to time so as to capture all the necessary details that have evolved over time. You should thus not worry about being blasted for using an outdated fake doctor’s note as we offer with the current notes that can be easily accepted without much ado.

When searching for good fake doctor’s notes there are some features that you need to lookout for, in both the site and the template as well. These include;

  • The site that you are visiting should be the one that provides you with different types of customizable doctor’s excuses, to enable you to have a wide pool of probable reasons from which you can choose that suits you best. This site offers you a variety of excuses that you can be able to make use of no matter the situation.
  • The authenticity of the fake doctor’s note should be certifiable. This implies that in case your employer or your teacher wants to confirm the authenticity of the details provided by the note, there is an easy way of verifying the doctor’s note.
  • Check for templates that have authentic logos, watermarks, designs and graphics. You should also check the signature of the template and it should look like an authentic one.

The above information will help you choose among the best sites just like this one. Make sure that the site you settle on has most of it not all of these features. Many clients are lucky since the internet abounds in such sites and one doesn’t encounter any major difficulty in looking for what is favorable for him/her. You should however be on the lookout for unreliable sites that could make you lose your job, get you punished or even expelled from school. It will be best to stick to the recommended sites when searching for fake doctor’s notes.

We offer the following doctor’s note templates;

  • Mental health or psychological notes
  • Jury Duty Doctor Notice
  • Dentist Note
  • Gynecologist Note
  • Cardiologist Note
  • Doctors Excuse Note
  • Urologist Note
  • Emergence Room Notes’
  • ENT Note
  • Podiatrist Note
  • Classic Medical doctor note
  • Oral surgery note
  • Return-to-work Doctor note
  • Eye specialist Note
  • Pediatrician note
  • Dermatologist note
  • Pregnancy Letter
  • General clinic note

These are just among the many notes that you can access using this site. They are customizable and you can thus alter the doctor’s note template to suit your individual needs. But with the caution  taken when preparing our notes, you may not need to customize yours  since all the details have been captured and you will be spoilt for choice due to the abundance of these notes.

Whether you are doctor or person feigning illnesses this site can sort you out and help you deal with your problem. A doctor can customize the provided doctor’s note templates to reflect their clinic’s or hospital’s data, hence many notes can be thus generated easily and conveniently. A person feigning illness is also not left behind, since there exists a wide range of notes that one could make use of to reflect the nature of their excuse.


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