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An event planning template is an important document used by non-professional and professional event managers alike. An event manager or anyone who is planning an event has a lot of responsibilities to deal with during the planning process. Whether dealing with the entire planning process alone or delegating planning duties to others, the event manager needs to keep careful track of every stage of the planning process. If one step in the planning process goes unattended, it can result in the failure of the event.

An event planning template is something a planner not only uses to plan various stages of an event. In fact, those companies planning events for school, businesses, and organizations might use an event planning template to propose exactly how an event is planned and implemented from beginning to end.  The event planning worksheet is then something the client can gloss over to examine the steps that will be taken in the event planning process.  They can also get a good idea of what their money is paying for once they put the event manager in control.

Downloadable Templates:

Event Planning Template 31

Event Planning Template 32

Event Planning Template 33

Event Planning Template 34

Event Planning Template 35

Event Planning Template 36

Event Planning Template 37

Event Planning Template 38

Event Planning Template 39

Event Planning Template 40

Event Planning Template 41

Event Planning Template 42

Event Planning Template 43

Event Planning Template 44

Event Planning Template 45

Event Planning Template 46

Event Planning Template 47

Event Planning Template 48

Event Planning Template 49

Event Planning Template 50

Event Planning Template 01

Event Planning Template 02

Event Planning Template 03

Event Planning Template 04

Event Planning Template 05

Event Planning Template 06

Event Planning Template 07

Event Planning Template 08

Event Planning Template 09

Event Planning Template 10

Event Planning Template 11

Event Planning Template 12

Event Planning Template 13

Event Planning Template 14

Event Planning Template 15

Event Planning Template 16

Event Planning Template 17

Event Planning Template 18

Event Planning Template 19

Event Planning Template 20

Event Planning Template 21

Event Planning Template 22

Event Planning Template 23

Event Planning Template 24

Event Planning Template 25

Event Planning Template 26

Event Planning Template 27

Event Planning Template 28

Event Planning Template 29

Event Planning Template 30


Who should use an event planning template?

The event planning worksheet is something that will serve a variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations by helping them organize a project or process.  From the school planning a school event to the hotel planning a big event on site, the event planning worksheet makes planning steps more sufficient. Let’s look at some of the people, businesses, and organizations that might draw a benefit from using an event planning template.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own event planning business, the event planning template is something you need to examine.  Getting familiar with the different components of an event planning template will give you a cursory understanding of what planning an event involves.  Even if you are not planning the event yourself, it will allow you to know the ins and outs of event planning. You can then work with a professional event planner with a sound understanding of what it is you should expect the planner to cover.

The event planning template and the event planning checklist are two vital items you’ll need for your business’ success. Whether you choose to design your own or you choose to use a preexisting event planning worksheet, you’ll find the template something that makes event organization a lot easier.  With the template on hand you can ensure you cover all your bases. It lets you list any specific preferences your client might have at the time they contact you for event planning. It gives you the chance to create a significant impression on the people and/or businesses you encounter.

Can anyone else benefit from using an event planning checklist?

The event planning worksheet is something that will serve a variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations.  From the school planning a school event to the hotel planning a big event on site, the event planning worksheet makes planning steps more sufficient. Let’s look at some of the people, businesses, and organizations that might draw a benefit from using an event planning template.  A summary of who can benefit from the use of an event program template includes:

  • Caterers
  • Ceremony Management
  • Certified Event Planners
  • Certified Managers of Exhibits
  • Certified Trade Show Marketers
  • Charities
  • Colleges
  • Concert Organizer
  • Conference Planner
  • Convention Organizer
  • Corporate Event Planners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Event Planning Companies
  • Festival Planner
  • Fundraisers
  • Greening Event Managers
  • Hotels
  • Meeting Managers
  • Party Planner
  • Press Conference Planners
  • Special Event Professionals
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Wedding Planners

Parts of the event planning template

The event planning template will change in terms of its content. It includes an event program template covering the basics of event planning.  It will also include a comprehensive event planning checklist the planner can use and check off as they work through the planning steps.  There are some common factors one will find in every event planning worksheet.  As an example of what an event planning template might contain, below are the sections and information you will find in a basic event program template.

Basic Information and Data

The event planning template will likely have information about any the date of the event, location or venue, and the time the event will take place.  If it is a special occasion, the occasion will also appear on the first page of the event planning worksheet.  The number of anticipated attendees is also included, which will factor into the needs of the event in question.

Event Budget Details (Basic)

Below the basic information for the event, a small section for the event budget appears.  This area breaks down the cost of the event per person.  The event planning document will include information about the cost per ticket. It will also include an estimate of the revenue one expects to make from hosting the event. The total event budget is useful for determining the event expense on a large scale.  The budget area is preceding the expense break down.  The expense breakdown makes clear the cost for specific foods and beverages. The costs for music, entertainment, invitations, posters, decorations, security, staff, and other expenses are broken down and made clear.  A total for all expenses is provided.

Event Planning Checklist

The event planning checklist is an important document. It allows for fast and easy tracking of all responsibilities. At a glance, it allows the evet planner to see what’s been completed, what tasks remain, and to delegate necessary tasks for completion.  This area of the template contains information on the objective of the event and the reason for hosting it in the first place. The event objective is imperative as it helps explore the theme and necessary steps the planner must take to meet the chosen objective.


If a program is offered during the event, the entertainment or speakers are listed. Also listed is information related to any necessary audio or visual equipment, electronics, and paperwork or handouts. Equipment might include things like sound equipment, speakers, microphones, projectors, white boards, laptops, and podiums.  Some events require the use of a lectern, computers, and internet access.

Venue Selection and Information

A section on the event program template will include details about the facilities necessary.  The planner needs to know the number of people they will be catering to during the event. This will allow the event planner to ensure there is enough room for all the guests.  Information about the venue, its design, and the seating arrangements help in determining event prep and set up.  Table materials and decorations and the tables layout allows to pre-plan seating as well.  Along with what the interior of the venue offers, the exterior of the venue will need adequate parking and might call for someone to offer directions to the appropriate parking spots.  Valet services might be part of the event budget too.

Event Budget Worksheet

Sticking to the event budget is important. To that end, the event planner who uses an event planning worksheet will track anticipated event costs and anticipated event income.  The expenses on the list might include any of the following costs:

  • Equipment rentals
  • Facilities rental
  • Food
  • Honorariums
  • Insurances and permits
  • Lodging
  • Publicity
  • Registration
  • Security
  • Speaker fees
  • Staff
  • Supplies
  • Technical Support
  • Travel
  • Security
  • Films License
  • Permits
  • Registration Fees

The anticipated income might appear on a second page. It is more convenient to have the template present the expected income in a side-by-side presentation. This allows a view of what is being spent and what one expects to bring in from the event with a quick overview of the template’s content. The income section might list things like:

  • The cost of admissions into the event less what it costs to pay for tickets.
  • Monies from advertisers and sponsors.
  • Any monies made through fundraising events.
  • Any other sources of income in relation to the event. 

Fundraising Plan

When the event has a fundraiser involved, a fundraising action plan might appear within the event planning document.  The action plan lists out every action the fundraising team must take. The due date of necessary actions is included and an easy checklist makes it simple to track the necessary steps to complete the fundraiser in question.  Some things that might appear on the fundraiser action list include:

  • The definition of the event and its theme.
  • The identification of how the fundraiser is performed.
  • The identity of the target audience.
  • The need to secure buy-ins from volunteer leaders.
  • The need to establish the fundraiser goals.
  • The need for determining fundraising expenses.
  • The date all fundraiser research and prep work is to be completed by.
  • The need to choose team members, the chair, and co-chairs for the fundraising event.
  • The definition and description of each position and the responsibilities belonging to the people filling necessary roles.
  • A deadline for establishing an activity table. 

The event planning worksheet defines the event in great detail.  It will feature the name of the event, date, time, and chosen venue. The name of the contact person or event coordinator appears on the document so the person in charge is easy to get in touch with as well.  The goal of the template is to help explore questions and to provide answers in relation to the event.  For instance, when questioning who the target audience is, the event planner will also need to determine what it is the target audience is being presented with and what will maintain their interest.

The main message of the event must be identified. The question then is what is it the event is trying to promote or sell.  The objectives and what the event hosts want to come out of having the event also needs to be identified.  With a clear objective in mind, it becomes easier to narrow down the event costs and planning choices.

Venue Expectations

The chosen venue might have rules or regulations that the event planner must adhere to when staging an event.  That being the case, a list of expectations is helpful.  Whether paperwork and permits must be submitted or requests for the venue must be made by a specific deadline should be included in this area of the template.  Deadlines for putting down payments or making final payments of foods and other necessities should also be tracked in the event planning document.

Event Budget (Detailed)

While a basic budget appears at the beginning of the event planning template, a more complex and complete budget with comparison charts is also included in some templates. The costs for the venue, publicity, decorations, utilities, and fees involved in the program’s creation are presented in a clear fashion for budget tracking.  Some templates come with pie charts while others come with bar charts for visual comparisons.  The costs are broken down into percentages so it becomes easy to see where many available funds are being spent.

Event Schedule

If the event is complex and offers several entertainment sources throughout the day, an event schedule is helpful to offer attendees.  The hour by hour break down of the events in association with the event makes clear to attendees what is happening during the event and when. The hour by hour schedule can list the name of an occurrence, who is responsible for handling the mini event within an event, and where the event might occur. This schedule is ideal if you are presenting an event with a variety of workshops, product launches or presentations.

The event template planner is available in Excel files or in other easy to use word processing applications. You can sometimes fill it out as an electronic document or you can enter in your information into the Excel program.  The goal is to simplify the planning of a large event where you are expecting a lot of attendees. Keeping an eye on event planning obligations lets you keep your mind on the task of preparing the event. Meanwhile, you have an easy to understand tracking system you can count on when making sure all your responsibilities are filled.


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