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If you’re planning to host an event, you should think about creating tickets for that event. Tickets will provide your guests with proof that you’ve given them permission to attend your event. Also, they can help set the tone for your event’s proceedings as it adds value to the whole setup. From the moment your guests get their tickets, they would find out about the most important information regarding your event as well as what they should expect.

In this article, we’ll talk about event ticket templates from making one, when to use them, and more.

When to use event ticket templates?

If you’ve ever seen a ticket before, you would see the words “admit one.” But what does admit one mean? Basically, this means that the ticket only allows one person to enter the venue. Therefore, if a group of guests comes to the door, they should all have their own tickets in order to get in.

Event ticket templates, when designed properly and incorporated with all of the relevant information, would provide your guests with a simple way to gain access to your event or even give you their RSVP. You can make your own tickets and customize them according to the theme of your event.

Some examples of templates include a sports ticket template for a sporting event, a party ticket template for a birthday party or even a dinner ticket template if you love hosting dinner parties. Basically, you can use an event ticket template to make your affair more formal and keep track of all your guests more effectively.

Downloadable Templates:

event ticket template 15

event ticket template 16

event ticket template 17

event ticket template 18

event ticket template 21

event ticket template 22

event ticket template 23

event ticket template 24

event ticket template 25

event ticket template 26

event ticket template 27

event ticket template 28

event ticket template 29

event ticket template 30

event ticket template 32

event ticket template 33

event ticket template 12

event ticket template 13

event ticket template 14


Sample events where you may use an event ticket template

Individuals, organizations, institutions, and more can host their own events. All they need to do is think about what type of event they want to host and start planning from there. If you want to make your event more official, you can make your own tickets and give them to your guests or sell them if you’re trying to raise some funds.

Making an admission ticket template isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s one of the easier tasks when planning an event. Here are some events where you may use such a template:

  • Carnival events
  • Dance events
  • Elegant events
  • Event shows
  • Multipurpose events
  • Music concerts
  • Night events
  • Retro parties
  • Special parties
  • Summer parties

How do I make an event ticket template?

Before asking yourself “how do you print tickets?” you should learn how to make an event ticket template first. Generate excitement for your event by creating a professional-looking admission ticket template. Here are some steps and tips to guide you:

Analyze the tickets of your competitors

This is an important step if you’re planning to host an event during the holidays or during other times when a lot of events take place. It’s also a good idea to look at your competitors’ tickets to get ideas on what to include and what to avoid when making your template. When analyzing these tickets, focus on the information on them, their design, and their size.

Add all of the relevant information

Since event ticket templates are typically small in size, remember that content is key. You should add all of the relevant information while remaining creative and brief. Some of the essential content should include:

  • The title of your event
  • The venue, date, and time of your event
  • The price of the ticket

The layout of your ticket

This is a very important element of your ticket. You need to make sure that the template you create looks attractive and exquisite. Search for sample templates online, or you can download our template and start customizing.

The images and logos

If you’re making a ticket for an institution or a company, it’s important to include your logo as a visual reminder to everyone who will attend your event. You can also add different graphics or images as needed. Just make sure that the design won’t look too crowded, and the images won’t make the text unclear.

The color scheme

Finding the best color scheme for your ticket doesn’t have to be a challenge. This is especially true if your company has its own colors. Draft the design of the ticket and try to work with different color combinations. The colors of the ticket can either make it look attractive or can make the readers feel disinterested.

The size

Have you ever wondered what the size of a ticket is? Normally, the size would depend on the layout and the information written on the ticket. You can work with an event ticket template or create one using your own size.

Create a variety of designs

As you’re designing your ticket, you may want to come up with a couple of designs. That way, you can show your designs to the other event planners and determine which one is the best.

How do you print tickets and sell them?

After finalizing the design of your party ticket template, you can have the tickets printed. Go to your local printing press and ask them about the printing options. You may have to choose the type of printing, the type of paper, and more depending on the requirements or choices of the printing press. When it comes to selling your admission ticket templates, that’s another issue. There are two main ways to sell tickets:

Selling tickets as a reseller

This situation happens if you’ve already bought tickets to an event but you find out that you’re unable to attend the event. In such a case, you have a variety of options for reselling the tickets:

  • Sell the tickets on resale sites
    There are special sites online where you can resell tickets. These are marketplaces for people to sell event tickets which they’re purchased from the main seller. It’s easy to resell in such sites because they’re meant to bring together sellers and buyers. Also, these sites would handle the payments so you won’t have to ask the buyer to pay for the tickets you’re selling. Finally, this is also a great option because such sites have built-in security features guaranteeing their buyers and their sellers that they get what they want.
  • Sell the tickets on online marketplaces
    Aside from the sites meant for reselling and purchasing event tickets, there are other types of online marketplaces where you can sell the tickets that you don’t need. The advantage of selling your tickets on these sites is that you can host bidding. Therefore, you may be able to sell your tickets at a significantly higher price.
  • Resell the tickets yourself

    Finally, the simplest way you can sell your event tickets is to sell them yourself. You can ask your friends, family members or the other people that you know. That way, you can probably fetch a reasonable price for the tickets you’re selling, especially if the buyers really want to go to the event. Of course, it would take more effort from you, and if you’re not able to sell your tickets before the event, you won’t be able to make a profit.

Selling tickets as the organizer of the event

The situation is relatively different if you’re the organizer of the event. This means that you’re the primary person who’s selling the event tickets. Therefore, you would have to find the best way to sell the tickets whether online, in stores or in other types of venues which sell tickets
Before you start selling the tickets, you need to decide how much you’ll sell them. You can think about discounts if you’ll offer VIP tickets and more. Also, you have to think about payment processing methods, how you would monitor the sales of your tickets, and how you would connect with your buyers. Here are some ways you can sell tickets as the organizer of an event:

  • Through forums and other social media platforms
    This is the most basic way for you to sell your event tickets. Create an event on Facebook or on other social media sites to market your event. Also, include the instructions for purchasing the tickets and making the payments. Then copy the link of your event’s page and paste it on forums and other social media sites.
  • Through your online presence
    If you want to handle the sales of your tickets yourself, then you can use your profile to sell the event tickets. This works best if you have your personal blog or website. Use online tools to convert your personal space into a ticket shop for your event.
  • Through conventional ticketing agents
    This method works best if you’re hosting a large-scale event. In such a case, you can work with ticketing agents who will do most of the work for you. They will market your event, sell your tickets, and even handle the ticket distribution.
  • Through ticketing sites
    Finally, there are also specialized ticketing sites which you can use to sell your tickets. These self-serving sites allow you to create an event then sell your tickets online. These sites are very easy to use. Simply register, create the event with all the details and start selling your tickets.


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