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Teachers would want to think that the lessons they have given their kids would be completely understood. But how can they ensure that they have achieved such an objective? A good way to find the answer to the question is using an exit ticket template. This is a formative assessment tool that can give teachers a venue to determine how well the students understood the lessons taught in class.

What is an exit ticket?

Many teachers are often confronted with the issue of whether their students were able to understand the lessons taken each day. They can figure this out by thoughtful planning as well as by spending a couple of minutes for an assessment. This is what’s known as an exit ticket template.

You create the goal of an exit slip template even before you plan each step of your lesson. This means you do it before making a final decision about what you will do, say, and assign. It is best to ask yourself, “What can I do with a lesson plan to make sure that all my students will successfully complete the ticket out the door template?”

The best printable exit tickets should only ask a couple of questions. If it becomes longer, recheck it for redundancies. A short exit ticket will be easier and quicker to check. Having too many different questions on your ticket means that your lesson objective isn’t adequately focused.

Downloadable Templates:

exit ticket template 05

exit ticket template 06

exit ticket template 07

exit ticket template 08

exit ticket template 09

exit ticket template 10

exit ticket template 11

exit ticket template 12

exit ticket template 13

exit ticket template 14

exit ticket template 15

exit ticket template 16

exit ticket template 17

exit ticket template 18

exit ticket template 19

exit ticket template 20

exit ticket template 21

exit ticket template 22

exit ticket template 23

exit ticket template 24

exit ticket template 01

exit ticket template 02

exit ticket template 03


How to use an exit ticket template?

You would use an exit ticket template to assess what students have comprehended from the day’s lesson. You should not misconstrue this as a test but rather as a way to understand the student’s comprehension of a specific subject. You can use the information from an exit slip template to make adjustments in instructions and lessons so you can meet the needs of your students.

There is a need to modify and differentiate instructions. With printable exit tickets, teachers can determine where the gaps in knowledge are, what’s needed to fix them, what the students have understood, and what to do to enrich the classroom.

Steps for creating an effective exit ticket

Exit tickets are one of the best-known formative assessment tools that educators can use to gain a useful insight into student’s understanding. Although the teacher would sacrifice a couple of minutes of classroom time, the results can give students a chance to reflect upon and demonstrate their learning.

Using a ticket out the door template also gives teachers an effective measure of student’s mastery. You need purposeful planning to come up with worthwhile results. If you’re thinking of creating your own exit ticket ideas, here are some steps for you to follow:

  • Establish a routine
    Before starting to create your exit ticket template, you need to determine what structure is the best for both your students and yourself. Even if exit tickets are fairly quick to accomplish, you have to make sure their implementation does not become invasive.
    Do some trial and error with the following methods to see which works best for everyone.
    Post-its or note cards
    Hand out to your students a blank note card or post-it and write the question on your board.
    Loose leaf paper
    The students write on their own pieces of paper to answer the question. This is the best method if students bring their own workbooks or binders.
    This requires creating a special worksheet that you would quickly distribute before the end of the class.
  • Scaffold questions
    The most effective exit ticket ideas are those that have a few questions which become increasingly difficult to answer. You need these to get useful data from the students. From the first question, think of questions which require a more profound understanding of your lesson. Then you can further request the students to provide explanations for their answers.
    Through this method, teachers can recognize where misconceptions and a breakdown in learning happen. Creating a scaffolding exit ticket requires resources to identify keywords used in each of the questions.
  • Give your students an opportunity to reflect
    For teachers, exit tickets can become a one-of-a-kind experience where they get inside their students’ heads, allowing them to share how they feel about a subject matter they’ve recently learned. After accomplishing the exit ticket, teachers can create a simple reflection prompt which gives the students an opportunity to express their thoughts confidentially.

These are but a few practices for exit slip templates. But it’s still best to make this your own. Spend some time exploring different routines and systems. This gives you the chance to discover the most useful process that yields data which you can use.

Coming up with a design for your exit ticket

Teachers generally come up with their own design for exit tickets and a good one is always linked to the lesson’s objective, where it concentrates on a specific concept or skill that the students should have already understood for that day. In form, an exit ticket can pose different kinds of questions.

The best exit tickets can only have between 3-5 questions, so the students can complete these in a couple of minutes before the end of the class period. An exit ticket template can only be as good as its design. But experience teaches teachers to eventually come up with good designs for their exit tickets.

It takes some practice for you to get the questions precise enough to solicit from students the information that you require. General questions won’t yield any information that can help you more effectively work with each of your students. The best exit tickets are those which have questions that can assess understanding and demonstrate or apply the concept.

The old but dependable pencil and paper method for creating your ticket out the door template is an excellent option but it does require more effort on your part to compile all of the responses. Still, it gives the benefit of knowing where your students are in terms of the subject matter.

Spend some effort and time when designing your exit ticket at least a day beore going into your class. You can download printable exit tickets and customize these according to your own needs and preferences. You can also create your own template to use each time you want to have this exercise with your class.

When and how often should you use an exit ticket?

Depending on the unit, teachers can make use of exit tickets either daily, weekly or monthly. You would give exit tickets at the end of the class and it usually takes students a couple of minutes to complete. When setting up the ticket, make sure to remind the class that this is not graded.

Instead, tell them of its function, that it’s a reflection of what and how much they’ve understood from the lesson. Here are some tips for you when using such templates:

  • Compiling your data
    After the students have filled and submitted their tickets, the teacher then compiles and reads the results. If you have chosen to use Google Sheets, you can upload the information to your Google Drive for you to read all of the responses.
    For the paper and pencil method, you would need a couple of minutes to compile and organize the data in a manner which gives you an overall picture of the classroom.
  • Using the data for differentiation
    The results of exit tickets can help you in terms of differentiating instruction. You will find the answers to such questions as:
    How did the students in the class do overall?
    How many of the students understood the purpose of the concept you’ve taught and how many of them can move on to the next lesson?
    For the students who cannot understand, how do you plan to modify your lessons to meet the student’s needs?

One of the main purposes of the exit ticket is to identify the students’ weaknesses and strengths. This will be your basis for planning the instructions for the next day. It could be that a group of students will need more direct instructions about the basic concepts, whereas another group can work independently.

It could also happen that only a few students require additional help. Make your plans as needed. The key to differentiation is to have high expectations for all of your students, along with a specific objective. Differentiation helps you apply different strategies so you can help all of your students.

Other applications of an exit ticket template

Another function of an exit ticket is that you can use it to have a preview of what students already know about subject matters that you haven’t yet had the chance to discuss. Knowing this, you can have an idea of where to begin your lesson.

At times, it will be necessary for you to use entrance tickets, which this time, you would give at the beginning of the class period. The entrance ticket usually starts with questions that assess what the students know the lessons of the previous day. From their answers, you will know how to start the lesson for today.


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