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The simplest and best way to raise funds for a certain worthy cause is through the use of fundraiser flyers. Of course, your fundraiser flyer template should be both compelling and convincing to attain its goal. Your power of persuasion should encourage the people of your community, organization or school to give their share in the effort. When making a fundraiser template, make sure it is bold and direct.

What to include in your fundraiser flyer?

When it comes to fundraiser flyers, you can start from scratch, use a template or design your own. You also have the option to search for fundraiser flyer ideas then create your own based on these samples. But things could be a lot simpler and easier if you use a pre-designed, printable fundraiser flyer template to promote your event.

Like any flyer, there should be essential information to include in the school fundraiser flyer or donation flyer like the name of your organization as the host of the event. Also, include the following details:

  • The logo of your organization.
  • The date, time, and location of your event.
  • The purpose of your event.
  • Specific details about your event.
  • Admission fee (if any).
  • How to participate in the event.
  • Your contact details.

Downloadable Templates:

fundraiser flyer 03

fundraiser flyer 04

fundraiser flyer 05

fundraiser flyer 06

fundraiser flyer 07

fundraiser flyer 08

fundraiser flyer 09

fundraiser flyer 10

fundraiser flyer 11

fundraiser flyer 12

fundraiser flyer 13

fundraiser flyer 14

fundraiser flyer 15

fundraiser flyer 16

fundraiser flyer 17

fundraiser flyer 18

fundraiser flyer 19

fundraiser flyer 20

fundraiser flyer 21

fundraiser flyer 22

fundraiser flyer 23

fundraiser flyer 24

fundraiser flyer 25

fundraiser flyer 26

fundraiser flyer 27

fundraiser flyer 28

fundraiser flyer 29

fundraiser flyer 30

fundraiser flyer 31

fundraiser flyer 32

fundraiser flyer 33

fundraiser flyer 34

fundraiser flyer 35

fundraiser flyer 36

fundraiser flyer 37

fundraiser flyer 38

fundraiser flyer 39

fundraiser flyer 01

fundraiser flyer 02


Other ways to market your fundraising event

One of the most effective ways to attract attention and bring in revenue for a worthy cause while personally engaging with your supporters is through non-profit fundraising events. But this can only come into fruition if you have a plan to attract guests and secure registrations. One of the more difficult tasks in promoting an event is where to begin.

But this shouldn’t be that daunting. Aside from a fundraiser template, all you need is some creativity and a lot of dedication. There are many ways to use marketing strategies to place yourself ahead of the curve. Here are some great tips for you:

  • Sell exclusive merchandise
    You can combine your fundraising and marketing strategies by selling merchandise to the dates leading to your event. Many of today’s transactions occur online and selling your merchandise through this venue can help bring in additional donations before your fundraising event. This can also create a unique way to engage with others and unify a community focused on your cause.
    To successfully organize a merchandise fundraiser, you need the services of a trustworthy online merchandiser who will design then distribute your products. You also need an online retailer who can offer you plenty of options. This enables you to dress your supporters with options that reflect your organization and your event.
  • Optimize email marketing strategies for your event
    Many of your target audience will have at least one email address and you can take advantage of this to promote your next fundraiser. Emailing is never going out of style, at least not in the near future. Actually, email marketing is still growing in its potential to connect you with your supporters.
    Try using a catchy phrase for your subject line, a format that’s compatible with different devices or a strong branding. Any of these could help grab the attention of your audience. Remember that reading the line is one thing and getting them to act on what they have read is another. You still need to convince them to act on your request.
  • Use social media for the promotion of your event
    If you have been in the business of fundraising, you should know by now that almost all nonprofits use social media platforms to engage with your supporters, broaden the base of support, and encourage online donations. Social media should be an integral part of your event marketing strategy, especially if you know the most effective way of getting the most from your online network.
  • Partner with strategic sponsors
    Organizing a fundraising event alone is already a tough undertaking. If you need help, this can come in the form of sponsorships or support major corporations. Relationships between nonprofits and businesses are always important. Prioritizing long-term business relationships with such entities the same way you do with individual donors can be very beneficial to your cause.
  • Offer options for online participation
    Fundraising events usually take place in-person although you may still include online opportunities for engagement leading up to, during, and after your event. There is no limit on the ways to inspire online engagements for your guests who attend the event, as well as, those who could not make it. So, the next time you plan for another event, make sure to consider the digital elements to include.

Tips for making a fundraising flyer

To successfully create an effective fundraiser flyer, you should have a strong marketing instinct and a great sense of design. So, the next time you want to promote one of your organization’s fundraisers, make sure you hire the services of a professional-level flyer designer. Here are some fundraising ideas you may want to consider for your next event:

  • Images
    This is perhaps the best way to catch someone’s attention. Select a graphic or picture that suits your fundraiser’s theme. Your audience should also recognize these images easily.
  • Text
    Avoid using barely readable fonts or those which are too fancy. Use simple fonts that are still bold enough to catch anyone’s eye. Bright colors are not always necessary. Often, big, black and bold letters could be the best way to make a person notice your headline.
  • Relevant details
    Any details you include in your fundraiser flyer template should be very succinct. For instance, you can use a simple bullet point to answer any question a person may see in the flyer. Keep in mind that a fundraiser is a type of marketing campaign. This means you’re afforded a short time and only so many words to catch your audience’s attention.

Of course, a school fundraiser flyer or a donation flyer is not the only way to get readers interested. They also need something to take home to remind them of your proposal. A simple way to do this is including a tear-away tab at the bottom of your flyer that contains contact details on how to get in touch with you.

After using all of your brilliant fundraiser flyer ideas to create an effective template, you can start handing this out to people. You can also post it in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. You can even share your flyer on various social media platforms.

Promoting your event through a fundraising flyer

When the nation’s economy is going through a rough stage, this can affect the fundraising efforts of many charities, schools, community service organizations, foundations, and more. However, for those who have had experience in running fundraising campaigns during hard times, they know exactly what to do to succeed.

To such people, the use of fundraising flyers is an important part of their marketing strategies. Your fundraising event could be of any function. Whatever it is, the use of a fundraiser template becomes essential in drawing the attention and getting your message across quickly, clearly, and boldly. Here are some to ensure the successful outcome of fundraising flyers:

  • Keep things simple
    On the average, a person will look at your fundraiser flyer template for about three seconds before they move on. This is why it’s important to outline the details clearly.
  • Avoid overusing a single font
    Select maybe one or two fonts. They should have a bold format making them easy to read. Avoid using fonts that are too ornamental or fancy as these could become difficult to read, especially at a distance.
  • Utilize a hierarchy of elements
    Try dividing your information into three categories – semi-important, supplemental, and critical You can catch the attention of your readers by making the critical points the biggest and boldest. Semi-important stuff would be next in size and the supplemental will be in the smallest print.
  • Include the website of your organization
    Include your organization’s website. This allows busy individuals to follow your flyer when they have time. Also, provide in your website’s home page a button or link that directs visitors to more detailed information.

Distributing your fundraising flyers

At the start of your fundraising campaign, provide your participants with a whole stack of flyers to distribute in efforts to raise funds for your organization. Further, encourage them to share the flyers with people by personally handing them out or by posting them in high-traffic areas.

Obviously, you should post or hang your flyers in places where a lot of people can see them. Keep in mind though, that you may require permission from the local authorities to do so in certain locations. Here are some places where you can distribute fundraising flyers:

  • Bulletin boards and mailboxes of apartment buildings.
  • Bulletin boards around your community.
  • Co-worker message boxes in the offices of those participating in your event.
  • On the front doors of homes in your neighborhood and other neighboring communities.
  • Inside newsletters given to teachers and parents (for school fundraising events)
  • The windshields of parked cars.

Many of the successful fundraising flyers make use of graphics to demonstrate what the event is all about, as well as, concise texts that feature the most important information like the date, purchasing options, location, and more. Consider your flyer as a marketing tool to increase your fundraising efforts.


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