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A gift certificate is the perfect gift and is unique to each and every individual which is why gift certificates are an ideal choice. The professionally designed gift certificate templates in our website will help you create a unique gift card for a friend, family member or client.

With our free Gift Certificates and wide selection of professional backgrounds, you can create a beautiful and professional gift certificate, without the design experience! Choose the perfect gift certificate template for your business and watch the sales roll in!

Birthdays and anniversaries, Hanukah and Easter, Secretary’s Day and Grandparents’ Day, and many more—there is never a bad time to celebrate someone by giving them a gift certificate.

Downloadable Templates:

Gift Certificate Template 21

Gift Certificate Template 23

Gift Certificate Template 24

Gift Certificate Template 25

Gift Certificate Template 26

Gift Certificate Template 27

Gift Certificate Template 28

Gift Certificate Template 29

Gift Certificate Template 30

Gift Certificate Template 31

Gift Certificate Template 32

Gift Certificate Template 33

Gift Certificate Template 34

Gift Certificate Template 35

Gift Certificate Template 36

Gift Certificate Template 37

Gift Certificate Template 38

Gift Certificate Template 39

Gift Certificate Template 40

Gift Certificate Template 41

Gift Certificate Template 01

Gift Certificate Template 02

Gift Certificate Template 03

Gift Certificate Template 04

Gift Certificate Template 09


There are many different uses for gift certificates both in business and with friends and relatives.

  • Saying “Thanks” to Customers – One of the best ways to draw customers in is to offer a special sale. However, getting customers back into your store or establishment after they respond to a sale can be challenging. Help convince customers to create a new habit of shopping by giving them a gift card or certificate for future use. Ensure customers check out future sales by offering a gift certificate that ties in future incentives.
  • Apologizing for Errors – The saying goes, “The customer is always right.” But as anyone who’s worked with the public knows, a more accurate saying would be, “The customer thinks he’s always right.” And, as anyone who’s worked with the public also knows, when an accident or mistake causes a dispute with a customer, who’s right or wrong doesn’t matter. The customer’s reality is that they feel themselves to have been wronged. Errors and accidents happen in business; how your business reacts to those accidents is what will be remembered. Offering a gift card or certificate is one way to apologize and show you value a customer’s business, without needing to admit fault or take blame when it isn’t due.
  • Showing Appreciation for Work – Need a good way to show employees or contractors your gratitude? A night on the town that includes a printable gift certificate to a local restaurant, movie theater, or community play is a great way to recognize others for their efforts.
  • Last Minute Gifts – Because they are so quick and easy to create and present to others, and because they allow the recipient to get the gift they really wanted, gift certificates are a staple of gift-giving. Not sure what your niece’s favorite color is, but know she wants shoes? Not sure which Lego model your nephew doesn’t have? Gift certificates are a great way to show your thoughtfulness, even when you haven’t managed to get all those details.
  • Charity Events – Is your charity or school auctioning off dinner with a celebrity? Work from local contractors? Dinners at local restaurants? Our free, downloadable gift certificate templates are customizable to fit your needs. Just download a certificate to your computer, fill in the fields according to your needs, and have it ready to present within minutes.

Free gift certificate templates are above. Since all of our templates are free and can be easily downloaded and edited, you should have no trouble creating the ideal gift certificate for your needs. You’ll find everything from colorful Happy Birthday certificates, to golf, massage and fast food freebies. Download these stunning, full-color templates today and never be without a way to recognize friends, customers, family members, or co-workers.


Here’s what else you can expect from our legal and business services,

We can help you to:

    • Organize and structure all departments of your business;
    • Be more efficient by smoothing business processes;
    • Guide your team tasks with standard operating procedures;
    • Save a lot of time and boost your productivity;
    • Save thousands of money in lawyer fees;
    • Grow your business and close great deals; and
    • On matters: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Court Litigation.

It’s time to bring your life and business to another level. Start to optimize and streamline your life and business today. Get all the professional-grade personal and business templates you need to plan, start, organize, manage, finance, and grow your life and business; one click away in the below links!



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P.S. Sometimes all that’s needed is a form, document or tip that can solve problems or issues that repeat in your life or business. To save you from unnecessary legal costs by hiring lawyer(s), here are customizable smart templates/forms that you can use as often as you need; flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed. Click the following link, FREE CUSTOMISABLE LEGAL TEMPLATES to search for the desired template, download it and embark on your great legal adventure – and don’t forget to bring the bug spray. For each template, we have numerous different customizable documents.

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