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You’ve seen them. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials, and they can make an immediate impression on a gift recipient. Gift tags add pzazz to any package given to family, friends, co-workers and others for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and any other occasion that requires an extra touch.

Actually, a gift tag is a small piece of paper that is cut from a stencil or hand made drawing, which can be copied on card stock, recycled paper, adhesive backed paper, plastic, wood or some other material that is attached to a gift.

The tag usually has a short word or phrase and has space (to and from) for the gift recipient’s name and the gift giver’s name. It can be either tied or directly adhered to a gift. The tag acts as an identifier to the receiver of the gift and is also an exchange of greetings and good will.

Downloadable Templates:

Gift Tag Template 05

Gift Tag Template 06

Gift Tag Template 07

Gift Tag Template 08

Gift Tag Template 09

Gift Tag Template 10

Gift Tag Template 11

Gift Tag Template 12

Gift Tag Template 13

Gift Tag Template 14

Gift Tag Template 15

Gift Tag Template 16

Gift Tag Template 17

Gift Tag Template 18

Gift Tag Template 19

Gift Tag Template 20

Gift Tag Template 21

Gift Tag Template 22

Gift Tag Template 23

Gift Tag Template 24

Gift Tag Template 25

Gift Tag Template 26

Gift Tag Template 27

Gift Tag Template 28

Gift Tag Template 29

Gift Tag Template 30

Gift Tag Template 31

Gift Tag Template 32

Gift Tag Template 33

Gift Tag Template 34

Gift Tag Template 35

Gift Tag Template 37

Gift Tag Template 38

Gift Tag Template 39

Gift Tag Template 40

Gift Tag Template 41

Gift Tag Template 42

Gift Tag Template 43

Gift Tag Template 44

Gift Tag Template 01

Gift Tag Template 02

Gift Tag Template 03

Gift Tag Template 04


How to Use a Custom Gift Tag Template

You can use a custom gift tag for just about anything. Obviously, an everyday to and from gift tag is used to go along with a gift package, but there are many other options for gift tags, such as

  • Decorative item tags for holidays
  • Party favor tags
  • Shower gift favor tags (wedding shower, baby shower)
  • Wedding sparkler tags and other wedding related tags
  • Graduation day tags
  • Table place/setting holder tags
  • Name plate tags
  • Thanks for coming tags
  • Thank you gift tags
  • Luggage tags
  • Business tags
  • Party invitation tags
  • Calling card tags
  • Save the date tags
  • Wine and other food/drink tags
  • Recipe tags
  • Earring and clothing tags
  • Banner tags for special occasions
  • Picture I.D. tags

How to Make a Custom Gift Tag Template

Making a custom gift tag template is a fairly easy process. You can use downloadable template programs from the internet that are PDF or Word compatible (usually at no charge), which provide full directions as to what to do and how to print off the tags. A free gift tag template off any internet site that deals in gift tags is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to find templates.

Another way to make a blank gift tag template is through a die cutting machine or an individual die cut for the gift tag size that you have chosen to use. You simply choose the size you want and find the appropriate die cut and choose card stock to go along with it.

You can also go through Microsoft Word and follow the directions for making a blank gift tag template or one with an individual design, wording and color. The basic directions are as follows:

  • Start with a blank Word document
  • Click on the Insert tab
  • Go to Select – shapes
  • Choose the shape you want for your tag (rectangular, circle, oval, etc.)
  • Draw your shape to the size you want for the tag (say 2.5 x 2.5 inches)
  • For a more defined outline of the shape for printing/cutting, go to the Format tab
  • Under the Shape Outline drop box, Weight will appear
  • Choose 3 pt. or another outline size for thinner or thicker outlines
  • To change the outline color go to the Shape Outline drop down and choose a color
  • To change the fill color for the tag, choose the Shape Fill option, which is above Shape Outline and choose the color you want
  • To put a design inside the shape, choose the Picture option from the Shape Fill drop down (You can also use any picture file from your computer for the background of the shape)
  • For more background options, play with the Gradient and Texture options
  • To add text (written words)to your tag shape, go to the Insert tab and choose Text Box
  • Select Draw Text Box at the bottom of the drop down menu
  • Draw the text box over the tag shape
  • In order to keep the text box from blocking your tag shape, make it clear
  • With the selection of Text Box, go to the Text Box tab and select No Fill
  • Also, select No Fill for the Shape Outline
  • After the text box is clear, you are ready to type the word or word phrases that you want to use on the tag
  • Change the font, size of the font, and color. This process is the same as with any Word document.
  • Before you print the tag, group it together so it can be moved around the page as one thing rather than trying to move each section. To group, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each element of the tag until all sections are chosen
  • The process is done correctly when the cursor is in the right place to click as it will become an arrow with a plus sign.
  • Finally, right click on your selection and under Grouping choose Group. This will allow the tag to be one unit that can be moved, copied, pasted, changed, etc.

After the tags have been created, you have a printable gift tag template that is ready to be printed out on card stock, or other printable type paper and cut out by hand. Holes can be punched, string or twine looped through and other decorative embellishments added.

What to Write on a Gift Tag

Personalizing a gift tag is the fun way to make your gift card stand out from all the others. There are hundreds of single words and phrases out there for free on the internet, and in books and magazines as to what to write on a gift tag, or you can make up your own wording. Writing on the tag itself can be done in hand lettering or directly printed on the tag through a printable gift tag template.

Whether the gift tag is designated for a specific person and occasion, or is simply a generic type of tag, there are suitable words or phrases for almost anything and everything.

Word or Phrase Categories

A simple way to gather words and phrases is to make up categories and keep them handy for direct word placement on a tag. The actual writing or script can be printed directly from a printer using a chosen lettering style, size and color of your choice, or the words may already be incorporated on any free gift tag template that is available through the internet.

Decide on the categories you want, such as the following, and add the appropriate words or phrases as you think of them. Again, there are many online sites that offer hundreds of ideas for words and greetings to get you started, and examples include:

Holidays and Special Days

Halloween – “Halloween Screams,” “Best Witches”

Thanksgiving – “Happy Turkey Day,” “Thankful & Grateful

Christmas – “Joy to the World,” “Making Spirits Bright”

Valentine’s Day – “Always and Forever,” “Be My Heart (shape of heart)

Easter – “Easter Blessings,” “Happy Easter”

Generic – “Just for you on (fill in the holiday)

Mother’s Day – “For ALL you Do,” “#One Mom”

Father’s Day – “Best Dad, EVER,” “Father & Friend”

Birthdays – “Happy Birthday,” “It’s Your Day”

Weddings – “Awesome Couple,” Happily Ever After”

Anniversaries – “Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Pair,” Happy Anniversary”

New Baby – “A Star is Born,” “Welcome Little One”

Graduation – “Chase Your Dreams,” “The Tassel’s Worth the Hassle”

Congratulations – “You Did It,” “Brilliant Achievement”


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