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Going to the grocery store to shop can be a tedious task. This is especially true if you don’t prepare beforehand. You might also end up spending too much on unnecessary items. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this by making and using a grocery list template. Such a template would allow you to purchase only what you need while you’re out shopping.

You can also use a printable grocery list to help facilitate your grocery shopping.

With it, you won’t forget any important items you need for your home. Such a list may seem very simple but it could actually save you a lot of time and money. Using a shopping list template may also help you become more organized.

Before you go out to shop for groceries, you can plan what to buy. Take an inventory of the items you already have. Do this so you know which items you need to buy. Write these items down on your shopping list and bring the list with you when you go to the supermarket.

It’s quite easy to make your own printable shopping list. You can create one in Microsoft Word or a similar program. Either that or you can download our template here. Then all you need to do is print out the template and start using it.

Downloadable Templates:

Grocery List Template 2 

Grocery List Template 3 

Grocery List Template 3

grocery list template 04

Grocery List Template 4 

Grocery List Template 4 

grocery list template 05

Grocery List Template 5 

Grocery List Template 6 

Grocery List Template 6

Grocery List Template 7 

Grocery List Template 7 

Grocery List Template 8

Grocery List Template 8 

grocery list template 09

Grocery List Template 9 

Grocery List Template 10 

Grocery List Template 11 

Grocery List Template 12 

grocery list template 12

Grocery List Template 13 

Grocery List Template 13 

Grocery List Template 14 

Grocery List Template 14 

grocery list template 14

Grocery List Template 15 

Grocery List Template 15

grocery list template 15

grocery list template 16

grocery list template 17

grocery list template 18

grocery list template 20

grocery list template 21

grocery list template 22

grocery list template 23

grocery list template 25

grocery list template 26

grocery list template 27

grocery list template 28

grocery list template 29

grocery list template 30

grocery list template 32

grocery list template 33

grocery list template 34

grocery list template 35

grocery list template 36

grocery list template 37

grocery list template 38

grocery list template 39

grocery list template 42

grocery list template 43

grocery list template 44

Grocery List Template 1

Grocery List Template 2 


The benefits of using a grocery list while shopping 

By now you might start thinking about making your own grocery list template. You can use it each time you go to the supermarket to do some shopping. Nowadays we are so busy with different things in our lives.

So, small tasks like grocery shopping can become tedious, confusing, and expensive. This is why you should start using a grocery list. When you bring this list with you, you can be more organized while shopping.

Here are some of the benefits of using a list while shopping for groceries:

  • Using it can save you a lot of money

Bringing a list to the grocery store will help you focus on what you need to buy. The likelihood of purchasing unnecessary items will reduce significantly. In order to avoid temptation, you can just go to the aisles which contain the items you need.

When you check your stocks before going to the supermarket, this will also save you a lot of money. You’ll only buy what you don’t have. So, aside from money, you’ll also prevent food waste.

  • Using it can save you a lot of time

When you bring a list while shopping, you don’t have waste time wandering around the store. You’ll know what to look for so you don’t have to make decisions while you’re shopping.

Using a list is also a great way to keep organized while shopping. This is especially beneficial if you have other chores to do for the day.

  • Using it can help you plan meals more effectively

Meal planning is an important part of staying healthy. Using a list for shopping is part of meal planning. While you’re planning your meals, you can check your stocks and make your list too.

When you want to cook new recipes, you can list down all the new ingredients in your template.

  • Using it can help you make healthier food choices

When you list down food items on your shopping list, you can choose healthier options. Stick to your list so you won’t end up buying unhealthy foods because of last-minute decisions.

Using such a list can also help you keep track of what you’re eating. On your shopping list template, list down healthy food options. The next time you plan the items to buy, refer to your previous list.

Do this so you can vary your food choices from week to week so you don’t get bored with what you’re eating. 

  • Using it can help make grocery shopping more relaxing

With a grocery list, you won’t feel stressed. You don’t have to figure out what you need. You can just relax while confidently shopping for all the items you’ve listed down.

Making traditional grocery lists is very beneficial. It will allow you to do your grocery shopping in a very organized manner. You’ll also save a lot of time and money, resources which are extremely important.

Some types of grocery list templates 

If you choose to use a printable grocery list, you won’t forget relevant items you’re supposed to get. It can help you acquire everything you need so you don’t have to go back for a single item.

There are different types of shopping list template you can use for grocery shopping. You can download the template here or make one using your computer. Here are some common types of templates you can use:

Blank grocery list template

Unless you want to type all the items on your list, you can use a blank template. You can use one with columns where you can write down your items according to your meal plan.

Such a template is very useful if you purchase a lot of items regularly.

If you usually shop for yourself only or for fewer people, then you can use a simpler blank template. A neat and basic template which you can use to write down all the items you need clearly.

With a blank template, you can also write down the prices of the items you bought. This can be very useful if you also want to keep track of how much you spend each time you shop.

Colorful grocery list template

You can also use a colorful template if you want to make your grocery shopping more fun. You can choose one which contains all your favorite colors. This can help inspire you while you’re shopping.

You can also use a colorful template if you want to categorize the items in your list. If you’re familiar with your grocery store, you can color code the items according to the aisles.

Downloadable grocery list template

If you don’t want to create your own template, you can choose a downloadable one. You can download the template here, print it out, and start using it. This is very convenient for you as you just need to write down the items each time you’re going to go to the supermarket.

These are some of the most common types of templates you can use. Create your templates according to your needs. Make a list each time you need to go shopping. If you want to save paper, use the back part of the paper too.

Print the template on both sides of the paper and use both templates. Shopping for groceries doesn’t have to be a boring or tedious task. If you keep yourself organized, you can reap all the benefits of using shopping lists.

Making an effective grocery list template 

Going grocery shopping and using a grocery list is very useful. You can use a printable shopping list to write down all the items you need for your home. In doing this, you’ll be able to focus on what to buy.

Also, you won’t forget to buy all the items you need. If you want to save time, you can create your own shopping list template. You can also download one here and use it. If you plan to go to the grocery store on a weekly basis, you can write down items throughout the week.

You can keep the list in your kitchen so it’s easily accessible. Then, you can keep on writing items as you remember them. You can also ask the other members of the household to write down any items they need on the list.

There are no standard rules for developing your grocery list. In fact, some people simply write items down on a blank piece of paper. Of course, it’s more fun and beneficial to make a template which you’ll use each time you go to the supermarket.

Here are some tips for making your grocery list:

  • You can try to consider categorizing your list into different food groups. When you do this, you’ll ensure that you have a mix of foods from all the groups.
  • You can also categorize your list according to how the arrangement of items in the grocery store. You can do this if you’re familiar with the layout and the arrangement of the supermarket.
  • If you want to shop this way, familiarize yourself with the arrangement of the store. When you’re shopping, go through all the aisles and try to remember them. Then when you’re making your list, you can do so in a more organized manner.
  • When making your list, also think about any non-food items you need. Grocery stores carry different products, not just foods and beverages. You can make a category which would contain all the non-food items. Before adding these items to your list, take an inventory of what you already have at home.
  • If you purchase some food items regularly, you can include them in your template. Type them into the template before printing it out so you don’t have to write them down each time you make your list.
  • Mix up your food items when you’re creating your list. Do this so you don’t get bored with eating the same thing week after week. This is especially beneficial if you have children at home. If you feed your children the same food over and over again, they might get bored.
  • When writing on your list, use a pencil rather than a pen. This way, you can easily erase some items when you change your mind. In doing this, you can keep your list clean and easy to read.

Think about the different categories you can use to organize your list. There are different ways to categorize items, some more efficient than others. Here’s a suggested list of categories you can use to keep your shopping list organized:

  1. Grains, bread, and pasta
  2. Vegetables
  3. Fruits
  4. Dairy products
  5. Fish, meat, and poultry
  6. Eggs, nuts, and beans
  7. Fats and oils
  8. Sweets and beverages
  9. Condiments and miscellaneous foods items
  10. Beauty and health products
  11. Household items

You can use these categories when you’re making your shopping list. Or you can come up with your own list which you think would serve you better.

Some tips for using your shopping list template 

After you’ve made your template, it’s time to start using it. Remember, you’ll create this list in order to be more organized when you do your grocery shopping. Here are some tips for using your list:

  • Only write down the items which you need. When you go to the store, make sure to stick to your list to avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • If you plan meals, use your plan as a reference for making your list. Write down the foods, beverages, and ingredients needed for your weekly meal plan.
  • Keep your list organized. Do this by categorizing the items. Either that or you can write the items down according to the arrangement of the items in the store.
  • Take note of the brand names of the regular items you purchase. Also, experiment with different brands so you know which ones are the best. So that the next time you make your list, you can specify the brands to buy.
  • If you’re not sure of brands, just write down the generic names of the items you need. Then you can make a decision when you’re at the supermarket. This is also convenient because there may be times when your preferred items aren’t in stock. So you have to make impromptu decisions in the store anyway.

Some people don’t really like making grocery lists. Some see that writing on the list is nothing but a waste of time. But in reality, it will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to think about what you need while you’re in the store.

Also, you won’t forget any important items when you have a list to guide you. It’s a simple thing, but it’s extremely useful.


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