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Buying and selling a house is not an easy task, it is a serious business. Whether a house is newly built or an old one, home inspection is of paramount importance to both. Nowadays, homebuyers vigorously inspect houses. In fact, there are home buyers who not just examine the house, but they conduct various types of home inspections every month to keep a check on the maintenance. Keeping a check like this can help you save thousands of dollars.

Often, some buyers try keeping a check on their own with the help of a printable home inspection checklist, while some of them hire professional home inspectors. They always guarantee a thorough home evaluation and ensure to cover everything from the home inspection checklist. If you think that home inspection can be ignored then you are quite mistaken. Read this article to know why preservation and maintenance is precious to your house.

What Exactly is Home Inspection?

House inspection is an all-inclusive and comprehensive form of examination of a home using a house inspection checklist. Visualizing the physical systems and structures from roof to floor, home inspection can literally save you from expensive headaches.

This process of examination is often performed at the time of sale of a house. Purchasing a house can really be expensive, but examining it can be an inexpensive way to see the actual condition of a house. Despite the fact that you think to have bought a dream home for your family, there are surely going to be some elements that require your attention.

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Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers 

Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers 

Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers 

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers 

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers 

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

Mobile Home Inspection Checklist

Mobile Home Inspection Checklist 

Mobile Home Inspection Checklist 

New Home Inspection Checklist

New Home Inspection Checklist

New Home Inspection Checklist 

Rental Home Inspection Checklist 

Rental Home Inspection Checklist 

Rental Home Inspection Checklist

Rental Home Inspection Checklist 

Rental Home Inspection Checklist

Buyer Home Inspection Checklist 

Buyer Home Inspection Checklist 

Home Inspection Checklist 01

Home Inspection Checklist 02


Why You Need a Home Inspection?

Little things make up a home, but imagine if those little things are not in proper condition? No doubt that you won’t want to live in such a house after sometime. You should always inspect your house with the help of home inspection checklist, which will help you judge the condition of the home before you make the purchase. Here are some more reasons as to why you should go for house inspection.

Maintenance Appreciates the Value of the Property

Neglected maintenance can really trouble you with expensive headaches. And if you are willing to sell it then no one likes purchasing a house with improper maintenance. Even if they do, they will demand lower prices for it. Mack Strickland, an expert, believes that if a house is in worn out condition, the value of the property could be decreased by 10%. First impression of the house is strongly related with the price and this would mean a lot to an interested buyer.

Furthermore, a study conducted by the researchers at University of Syracuse University and University of Connecticut reported that a buyer can really increase the value of a house by 1% every year. You can see the results for sure by putting in some efforts. In general, it slows down the rate of depreciation of the property.

Economic Age Matters

Economic age really matters to the buyers. In fact, it is one of the chief factors that help determine devaluation and valuation of the property.  The improvements and upgrades in the house really increase the home’s worth. But if you do excellent maintenance, it is surely going to give you good money and the buyer can expect your house to survive for many years to come. All in all, a well maintained home with a healthy and long economic age will depreciate slowly than a poorly maintained home.

How Much Does House Inspection Cost?

If we consider about the cost of the house inspection, then you need to know that the amount and expenditure of the maintenance varies. The fee is dependent upon a number of factors such as the age of the house, its size, septic areas etc. Experts suggest that cost should not be a factor to decide a home inspector or doing home inspection. Additionally, depending upon the type of maintenance, the amount of the house inspection is expected from $2000 to $10,000.

Is It Effective To Do House Inspection by yourself?

Home inspectors are the professional examiners who are well versed and experienced, guaranteeing proper house inspection. Also, a home inspector will be familiar about the proper installation, home construction, and its safety. They would know how the systems and structures work and whether or not they are appropriate for the house.

On the contrary, a commoner may not be knowledgeable about the house and can be fooled into thinking that the house is perfect for them! For this reason, it is always better to get your house inspected by a pro. Besides, we often see that there are some very emotional buyers who do not wish to rely on experts. So, in this case, they can take the advice from impartial third parties for conducting the home inspection.

Also, there are certain things that you need to know about the home inspectors. They are covered in the next section.

Items Covered Under the Home Inspection Checklist

The following are the major house inspection items that are normally found in the home inspection checklist.


The first most important item is the roof. If the ceiling is solid, you will be protected from heavy storms and hurricanes. You need to examine if the roof is straight and leveled. Also, you need to carefully see the signs of deterioration such as broken edges, curling, warping, etc and get them fixed to prevent the chances of the roof falling in.


Next in the checklist comes the chimneys. The chimney pipe or cap should not be broken. Also, there should not be any brakes or missing mortars. If you find so, then you should get it fixed instantly.

Soffits and Fascia

The soffits and fascia are made up of several materials including plastic, wood, aluminum etc. You need to see which material they are made up of and if they are properly fixed. Additionally, you should see whether or not they require painting due to rot.

Gutters and Downspouts

Coming towards the gutters, you need to keep a check over the rust and peeling paints. Ensuring that the gutters slope towards the downspouts can put you at relief. In addition to that, it is important that the downspouts should be extended to the foundations.

Windows and Doors

The new windows and doors will possibly not have any cracks or require painting. If you see that the windows have rotted wooden components, then try changing the material or get them painted. Also examine their age and material that they are made from.


Flooring is also made up of different materials such as marble, wood, and many others. You should examine the slope, deteriorated or cracked areas, slopping and sagging issues.


To check the walls, you can look for cracked, loose plaster, stains, physical damage etc. In addition to that, you should also look over the horizontal and vertical elements of the wall.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

The two main rooms in a house are the kitchen and the bathrooms. You need to check all the fixtures in both of them. Also, you should examine if everything is secure in there. Carefully see the condition of the amenities installed in the kitchen and bathroom. From the working condition of the faucet to leakage problems, you need to check everything.

Electro Mechanical Consideration

This item covers the heating and cooling system in the house. Examine the visible rust and corrosion problems. Also, you need to see if there are any upgrades or when the electrical systems were last serviced.

The above mentioned items are those that are commonly found in the checklist. Additionally, they can be rated as good, average, suspect, and poor in the checklist. If you also want to conduct a home inspection, then we have printable home inspection checklist on our website. You can download it and examine your house properly.


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