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A hoodie template is a convenient tool you can use to create a design for a customized hoodie either for professional or personal purposes. You can make your own hoodie mockup using a black hoodie template or a template of any other color. If sweaters are more your style, you can create a sweater mockup using a sweater template and your own original design. Let’s find out about designing hoodies in detail.

Why do you need a hoodie template?

There are so many different types of hoodie templates available. You can download one of these templates or create one on your own. Of course, the latter requires more time and effort. A hoodie template is very useful for designers and owners of clothing brands.

For instance, using a black hoodie template allows you to create a hoodie mockup where you layout the design you came up with. That way, you can get a better idea of what your final hoodie looks like. This helps you determine if you need to make any adjustments or refinements to your design.

Even when you use print-on-demand services, hoodie and sweater mockups are important for the purpose of marketing. The reason for this is that unless you don’t order the item, you might not get to have it on-hand. Without the said item, you can’t take photos of your product.

With a hoodie or sweatshirt template, simply add your design and start printing! It’s simple but extremely effective. With such template, you can have a photo-realistic image to show-off your products more effectively. This gives your customers a better idea of how your products look like so that you can make a better impression.

Downloadable Templates:

hoodie template 25

hoodie template 26

hoodie template 28

hoodie template 29

hoodie template 30

hoodie template 31

hoodie template 32

hoodie template 33

hoodie template 34

hoodie template 35

hoodie template 36

hoodie template 37

hoodie template 38

hoodie template 39

hoodie template 01

hoodie template 02

hoodie template 03

hoodie template 04

hoodie template 05

hoodie template 06

hoodie template 07

hoodie template 08

hoodie template 09

hoodie template 10

hoodie template 12

hoodie template 13

hoodie template 14

hoodie template 15

hoodie template 16

hoodie template 17

hoodie template 18

hoodie template 19

hoodie template 20

hoodie template 21

hoodie template 22

hoodie template 23

hoodie template 24


Important factors to consider for your hoodie template

A hoodie template is very useful for apparel and clothing designers for showcasing their products on their online stores or company websites. After placing their designs, the templates give their customers a realistic look at the hoodies they want to order.

Whether you use a black hoodie template or a template of any other color, make sure they have detailed designed to give your customers high-quality views. These requirements are pretty versatile so you can use them for a wide range of products. There are templates for different styles, different seasons, and for different kind of people.

When creating or working with your hoodie template, consider these factors:

  • Visibility
    Most of the time, products look different on screens compared to what the customers receive. This leaves buyers feeling disappointed and when this happens, they stop buying products from that particular store. Either that or they would write a bad review on the website.
    These results are extremely bad for business. Therefore, you must make sure that the hoodie template you use is of a high-resolution so it looks as sharp and as realistic as possible. This way, your customers get a better idea of the cloth, the design, the colors, and more.
  • Designs
    On any hoodie mockup, the design, logo, and print are the main focus of customers. Therefore, you must make the most of these elements to ensure that they’re as realistic as possible. If you have the time and the patience, you can even include the smallest details on your template like the shapes, folds, stitching, and so on.
    There are different templates to work with so make sure you choose the best one. If you create your own, make sure that you can use it for different colors, different hoodie styles, and more. It’s even better if you create templates with different colors so you don’t have to keep n making changes.
  • Types
    There are different types of hoodies to choose from and different colors to use as well. Why not try creating a half-and-half template so your customers can see different colors of the same hoodie style or different designs on the same template? This would be extremely useful as it saves you a lot of space.
    It’s also important for you to show the different angles of your hoodie using the template by generating several images. This gives your customers an idea of how the hoodie and the design look from different perspectives. This is especially useful if your hoodie comes with quotes or other text.
  • Innovation and improvisation
    Customizable templates allow more innovation and improvisation for the customers. Hoodie and sweatshirt templates make it possible for customers to make modifications in the color schemes, image adjustment, design layout, and more. This makes it easier for them to make a final choice on which product to purchase.
    If you want to innovate further, you can add a logo or watermark somewhere in your template to prevent others from copying your designs. That way, you’re sure that your designs remain original at all times.

Hoodie templates are wonderfully versatile, easy to use, and offer a lot of options for brand owners and customers alike. You can edit these templates, print them out, and see how your hoodie is most likely to turn out. This is the main benefit of such templates.

Again, you must make sure that when you download or create a template for hoodies, make sure that it’s high-resolution. This is a lot better than downloading the one which gets pixelated when you try to zoom in to see the details of the design.

With a high-res template, you can inspect the designs you plot as close as you possibly can. Then you can check if there are any errors in your design or if you need to clean up the design to make it better.

How to come up with a design for your hoodie template?

Have you ever wondered how to create a design for your hoodie template? After you’ve downloaded or created your own template, it’s time to start thinking of designs for it. Think about the style of hoodie you want to make a design for. This helps you decide on how you will create the design itself. To guide you, here are some pointers:

  • After choosing the hoodie style, open your template in the editing software of your choice. You may have some ideas of designs already or you may even have artworks which you’ve already created in the past. In such a case, simply upload the file and place the design on your template.
  • You also have the choice to create a new design from the start. You can use royalty free clipart or you can manually draw the designs on your editing software. Either way, make sure that the design you create is either original or you have the license to use the elements which you’ve used in your design.
  • If you’re not that artistically inclined or if you don’t have editing skills, you may just have to purchase original designs from other artists. The good news is that there are a lot of sites where you can choose and download designs according to your own preference.
  • Generally, you will find designs grouped into categories such as nature, sports, animals, transportation, and others. Find the category you want and you can start looking at the available designs which you can plot on your template.

Finally, have fun with the whole process! Designing a hoodie is all about creating an item of clothing that’s truly original and one-of-a-kind. Whether you need the hoodie for yourself, your friends, your family or your customers, designing it is a lot of fun!

How to use a hoodie template?

Hoodie mockups are a smart way for business owners, graphic designers, and artists to showcase, promote or preview their logos and artworks on hoodies without having to get them printed first. This way, they can save some money on time, effort, and materials with a design which isn’t even final yet.

If you plan to print out a lot of hoodies for your company, your team, your family or to give them as gifts, you will benefit a lot from using a hoodie template first. With this template, you can choose which design to use based on how good it looks as plotted on the template. Here are some pointers for using a hoodie mockup or template:

  • Think about the style of hoodie you want to work with. You should download templates of different styles to give you versatility.
  • Load the hoodie template on your editing software.
  • Upload the design of your choice. Remember, this can be one of your old designs, a new design which you’ve made from scratch, or a design which you’ve downloaded from the internet.
  • Plot the design on your hoodie to see how it looks on the garment. If needed, make modifications to the design like in the size, color, orientation, and so on. Keep on editing the design until you’re happy with how it looks.
  • Save the edited template under a different file name. You can also print the template out to see how the colors look on paper. If you’re happy with the design, you can send it to the garment printer.


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