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Immigration Letters

Immigration officers in almost all countries are very meticulous about documents relevant to immigration. Therefore, those intending to visit other countries should prepare a formal immigration letter. Such a letter should bear the organization’s professional letterhead, especially for those in foreign lands. This is one way to prove your reliability and ingenuity both of which are essential for immigration approval. Read on to learn more about this type of letter and download the template too.

Common types of immigration letters

There are different types of immigration letters, and they serve varying purposes. For instance, a good character reference letter for immigration can help an immigration officer understand better the character of the applicant. If the letter contains all the pertinent data required, an approval should be in the works.

Immigration officers don’t want unnecessary details contained in the letter. This could be reason enough for them turning you down. When you intend to write an immigration letter of recommendation, do some research about it first. Online resources such as this one provides a great collection of good moral character letter for immigration samples and other types of immigration letters such as:

Character reference letter for immigration

A character reference letter usually defines the person’s character, and this becomes an essential source in gaining benefits for the said person. As much as possible, make the best reference letter by downloading a template or create one on your own. You may even include the address of the embassy or state department where your friend plans to send his own application letter.

Make it a point to briefly introduce yourself and define your relationship with the applicant in the first part of the letter. Of course, when writing an immigration letter for a friend, it goes without saying that you will positively describe your friend’s character. If you can provide a short anecdote to prove this, do so. Then write your closing statement. Throughout the letter, maintain a polite and courteous tone.

Immigration letter of recommendation

When writing such a letter, pay attention to the details. Remember that first impressions always count. Creating a good letter can be a daunting task but using good moral character letter for immigration samples can make the job easier. After all, these have proven their effectiveness.

After going through some samples, you can interject your thoughts like adding a decent introduction to the letter and clearly explaining the good traits of your friend. If you have some added information relevant to the letter’s purpose, do so without hesitation. Then conclude your letter with a genuine compliment.

Reference letter for immigration from the employer

An employer making a reference letter for his employee for immigration purposes need not fret too much about writing one as there are also sample letters that can assist him. The formats of these sample letters generally include information regarding the employee and the employer.

The employer should identify himself by providing his name, company, address, and other information. Briefly describe your position in the company and that of your employee and provide positive information about him.

Relationship support letter for immigration
This type of immigration letter will involve your relatives trying to secure successful immigration approval. You can avail of several techniques when writing this letter. Again, start with a decent introduction followed by a description of your relative’s good character. If you have any supporting documents that can prove useful to illustrate this, include them. You can conclude your letter with a sincere compliment.

Other common examples of immigration letters include

  • Company recommendation letter to the immigration office
  • Multi-society immigration letter

Downloadable Templates:

Immigration letter 070

Immigration letter 08

Immigration letter 09

Immigration letter 10

Immigration letter 11

Immigration letter 12

Immigration letter 13

Immigration letter 14

Immigration letter 15

Immigration letter 16

Immigration letter 17

Immigration letter 18

Immigration letter 19

Immigration letter 20

Immigration letter 22

Immigration letter 24

Immigration letter 25

Immigration letter 26

Immigration letter 27

Immigration letter 30

Immigration letter 31

Immigration letter 32

Immigration letter 33

Immigration letter 34

Immigration letter 35

Immigration letter 36

Immigration letter 01

Immigration letter 02

Immigration letter 03

Immigration letter 04

Immigration letter 05

Immigration letter 06


How to write an immigration letter

It’s always recommended for people involved with immigration-related proceedings to strengthen their applications using well-crafted letters, coming from members of the same community or their colleagues. Such letters are important in many proceedings not just for immigration. Should someone ask you to write an immigration letter for a friend, take some time to gather all the required information before you start. Here are some tips to guide you:

Prepare yourself first

Learn about the type of immigration proceeding

Of course, you should know beforehand what type of immigration proceeding you’re involved in. Such letters could be for immigration deportation, removal proceedings or as a part of the person’s naturalization application. Other reasons may include:

  • To prove the relationship
  • To confirm residence or employment
  • To serve as proof of physical or emotional abuse
  • To verify a believable fear of persecution

Speak to the one asking for the letter

If you’re asked to write the letter, have a conversation with the person who requested for it to find out what points you need to emphasize. For instance, the requestor might want to share one of the experiences he had while working on a certain project relevant to the letter’s purpose. Anecdotes can be very helpful to illustrate points. You might also want the requestor to furnish you a resume and other information which can guide you when writing the letter.

Read some sample letters

It is always useful to have a format on how to write an immigration letter for a friend. The best way to find these is online. Samples of immigration reference letters can help you craft a more organized and formal letter. Throughout the letter, make sure that you maintain a tone of credibility and sincerity.

Write the letter

Start with the date and a salutation

First and at the beginning of your letter is the date. A few spaces below, the salutation comes next. If the writer is the applicant’s employer, he should use stationary that has the company’s or organization’s letterhead.

Next up is an introduction

The letter’s first paragraph should be a brief introduction of the writer. State the basics, like your name, your profession, citizenship status, and your relationship with the applicant. You can also mention how long you’ve known the one who requested the letter. Then provide referencing locations, dates, and such if possible.

Describe the characteristics of the person

The next paragraph will give the writer the chance to illustrate what the applicant wants to establish to the immigration officers. For instance, a testimony of the applicant’s good character can be vital in supporting any of the following predicaments:

  • naturalization
  • avoid deportation
  • establish with immigration that the person has a genuine relationship and it isn’t a sham.
  • verify that persecution in his home country can cause trauma

Whatever the case, the letter should be as concrete and as firm as possible in conveying its purpose.

Share the person’s work ethic if relevant

When an employer writes a reference letter for immigration for his employee, he should include the latter’s job position and his corresponding skills. Also, specify inclusive dates and locations of the applicant’s employment. If you’re writing the letter, you should be honest about this employee’s trustworthiness. You can demonstrate this by giving specific examples.

Conclude the document with a heartfelt recommendation

In conclusion, provide a strong recommendation for the immigration letter of recommendation that the applicant should obtain the relief he’s requesting for.

Include your contact information

Should the immigration officer need to verify or ask further questions, it is prudent to leave a means to contact you. To do this, add your telephone number or email address at the end. If the letterhead doesn’t contain your mailing address, include this in the end too. Also, include the time of day that the immigration officer may contact you.

Affix your signature

When signing, use either black or blue ink only and avoid fancy colors. The letter is not a legal document so there is no need for notarization, but it is also prudent to do so. After all, a notarized document will eliminate any doubt as to the author’s signature. However, if the one requesting for the letter deals with legal deportation proceedings, having the letter notarized is a necessary step.

What is an immigration letter for?

Immigration letters and character reference letters for immigration are effective tools in supporting one’s application to immigration-related proceedings. As much as possible, members of the community or people of recognized authority should author such letters. An immigration letter can make the immigration officer’s task much easier, and this is the reason why you should write them meticulously.

Applying for one’s dream job in another country can become a possibility with a well-crafted immigration letter of recommendation. To make the task easier in such a letter, you can always use sample letters which can help you express your thoughts more precisely and coherently.

These immigration letters are also essential in helping people get immigration goals in a simpler way. Character references will allow the immigration officers to get a clearer picture of the applicant’s character traits without facing any difficulties.

Approval can partly depend upon a good reference letter. Therefore, when requested by a friend, make use of sample letters as they may help him in the most effective manner for your friend to secure his goals.


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