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An insurance card template is a card issued by an insurance company, the main purpose of which is to serve as proof that you carry insurance. For example, in the case of an auto insurance card, you should carry this with you at all times when driving. Otherwise, you have to deal with the penalties for not having proof of insurance when law enforcement demands it.

Types of proof of insurance

Apart from a car insurance template, there are other documents that serve as proof of insurance:

  • Insurance ID Card or Insurance Card Template
    The information in this document varies by state. Generally, it includes your insurance policy number, effective dates, your name as the policyholder, and details about your vehicle. You need this when registering your vehicle or as proof of insurance for law enforcement.
  • Proof of Coverage
    This form contains information about your vehicle, the insurance policy, the effective dates, and the limits of your vehicle’s insurance coverage. You can use this document to show a leasing company or lienholder your vehicle’s insurance coverage.
  • Verification of Coverage
    This serves as proof of insurance by the state. You can use it when you get a letter from the Motor Vehicle Administration or a citation that requires you to give an FR-19.
  • Certificate of Financial Responsibility
    This is a certificate mandated by your state that confirms if you possess auto insurance liability coverage. In most cases, it only becomes a requirement for certain violations related to driving. If you need an FR-44 or SR-22, either the Motor Vehicle Department of your state or the courts will notify you.

Downloadable Templates:

insurance card template 03

insurance card template 04

insurance card template 05

insurance card template 06

insurance card template 07

insurance card template 08

insurance card template 09

insurance card template 10

insurance card template 01

insurance card template 02


What does an auto insurance card template look like?

Most auto insurance card templates carry the same information although these may vary in some aspects. The insurance identification card template usually has this information:

  • The name of the insurance company that issued the insurance across the top.
  • The logo of the insurance company and its mailing address.
  • Your name as the person carrying the insurance.
  • Your vehicle’s insurance policy number.
  • The model year of your vehicle and the name of the manufacturer.
  • The insurance policy’s effective period.
  • Your vehicle’s model number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • The name, number, and ID Number of the agent who sold you the insurance policy (this doesn’t always appear).

The next part of the insurance card template describes the features of the insurance policy that you have chosen. This part would include the following:

  • It states whether the policy includes Property Damages and Bodily Injury.
  • It mentions the deductibles for Collision and Comprehensive coverage.
  • It may also spell out other details, usually on the other side of the card.

Also, many insurance companies have the practice of not mailing to their policyholders their new insurance cards that represent any changes made by you or the insurance company to the existing policy. Moreover, they also fail to send new cards for policies that are automatically renewed.

As such, it becomes very important that you remain alert because you might carry an expired card. This isn’t as serious as not carrying a card or carrying a fake one, but nevertheless, it can still lead to unpleasant circumstances, inconveniences, or delays.

How to obtain your insurance card template?

That little auto insurance card template you carry in your wallet is your proof of documentation that you carry insurance on your vehicle. It’s also referred to as a binder or an insurance identification card. When you fail to file an insurance claim, this card is all you get for the premium money you have paid your insurance company.

But is not the end of it. For instance, many people go through life without ever filing a claim, probably because they have never gotten involved in accidents. The insurance card template will contain the following:

  • Your name and address. If you aren’t the one insured, the card won’t include your name. If you’re not the one in charge of the policy, make sure you’re a covered driver instead of an excluded driver.
  • The year and make of your vehicle.
  • The renewal dates of the insurance policy.
  • The name of the insurance company.
  • The insurance policy number.

As a rule, you will get a car insurance template for every insured and drivable vehicle with liability insurance coverage. If you have any vehicles towed or in storage, these won’t have proof of insurance.

This document is usually mailed to you along with your insurance declaration page and other information about your policy. You can also get it by going to your insurance agency or by visiting the website of your insurance carrier. You can also reach out to the insurance company by phone.

If you get caught without any proof of insurance, the best you can do in such a case is to try to show some other form of proof. This may be a payment receipt or a declarations page. However, nothing can replace your insurance card as proof of insurance.

Furthermore, it is a requirement of law that you carry with you at all times proof of insurance for the vehicle you’re driving. It’s more than likely that law enforcers won’t consider substitutes when they require proof of insurance.

Should you use a fake insurance card template?

Recent data has shown that there has been a significant increase in the number of individuals using fake insurance cards that surprisingly look like the real thing. These printable cards are the latest thing in scamming people into thinking that they’re covered by insurance.

Some even go as far as creating their own website and posing as legitimate insurance companies then issuing fake insurance identification card templates. The sad thing about, many fall for such scams.

There are also cases where people use fake insurance card templates that they know aren’t genuine. This isn’t a good idea as it will probably lead to bad consequences. Remember that if you’re thinking about trying to prove that you have insurance using a faux card to save some extra dollars, you don’t have to.

There are many legitimate insurance companies that offer affordable car insurance. You just need to find them online. Doing this allows you to compare quotes in a matter of minutes. In many cases, you can print out your card right after sending your payment. You want to avoid fake cards for the following reasons:

  • You’ll get charged with fraud
    It is truly shocking to know about the many ways people try to come up with fraudulent documents and worse, how easy it is to do this. All they need to do is to search online for a template or some other type of free customizable forms.
    This allows people with bad intentions to produce a multitude of fake documentation that leads to a very high rate of insurance fraud. When people think of insurance fraud, the idea is often associated with the staging of fake accidents. This is often the case when it comes to health insurance fraud where it involves an SSN, birth certificate, and the like.
    This goes the same for auto insurance where people can commit fraud by using a fake card. This can be very disastrous if you didn’t know that your card is a fake one. This will get you into a lot of trouble unless you can prove that you did not know about the scam.
    Like an official driver’s license, proof of insurance is a legal requirement before you can drive a vehicle. If you got pulled over then you hand the police officer a fake card, you will probably end up facing a considerable amount of penalty depending on where you reside.
    While it’s true that you can easily obtain free templates for insurance online, at the end of the day, it’s not worth it. This is a fraudulent action and might lead to unpleasant situations. Of course, if you only plan to use these templates for fun or for unofficial purposes – like introducing the document – then you can find a suitable template online.
  • You can’t hide this from the DMV
    Also, keep in mind that the DMV requires insurance companies to communicate with them every time a person’s policy lapses. Although the use of a free fake card might work when you get pulled over, eventually, the DMV will discover that you have no insurance. Their database collects information from each of the states in the US and as such, you will get flagged as non-insured no matter where you are in the country.
  • It’s not worth the trouble and expense
    Even with minor damages to your vehicle, you would have to coordinate with the other party involved in an accident. In such a case, you have to provide your vehicle’s insurance information. If you’re using a fake card, you cannot submit a claim with your carrier.
    This means that you will be the one responsible for paying the damages on your own. In addition, when it comes to accidents involving injuries, the expenses could be incredibly large when you factor in medical bills into the mix. This only demonstrates that driving without insurance coverage might cost you thousands of dollars!


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