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An invoice refers to an itemized bill for the goods sold to customers or services provided to them detailing their prices, the total charges as well as the terms of a given transaction. It can also be referred to as the sales invoice. For the case of a person who has purchased the goods and or received some services, he or she may look at the invoice from the donor as a purchase invoice. Whether you work for a company or you have an independent business it is good to know how to draft an invoice and the kind of information that should be reflected on it. This will aid in making the payment not to be much of an issue as there is evidence of goods that have been sold or services that have been rendered.

If you encounter difficulties while trying to come up with an invoice, this site has got your back as there are many invoice templates that you could make use of. The nature of information that is to be included in an invoice will depend on the type of services that you provide or the type of goods being sold. However it is always good to know how to go about this, the section below has steps that will aid you in writing a good invoice.

How to come up with a good invoice

Writing your contact information

  • Your company/ business name should be displayed at the top center of the page. If you are an independent contractor you could choose to use your legal name.
  • Proceed on to type your business address just below the name. This is quite crucial if payment is to be made through the use of postal services. However it is always good to include your address regardless of the means of payment.
  • Add your telephone number for the case of an independent contractor. For a business or company the business or company contact number should be included for purposes of communications with your clients.
  • It is also good to leave an email address when writing the contact information. This is quite handy for those who will be paid via PayPal as a valid email address is a requirement for successful payment. You can also choose to use any email address that is linked to your business payment account. For the case of business whose payment is not reliant upon email, you can include your company email address or alternatively the email address of your company’s accounting department.

The additional header Information

  • The invoice number should be included in the upper right hand corner, just below the contact information. The method of numbering will be depend on what you prefer as an individual, but this numbering system is to ease the filing process.
  • The invoice should be prefaced with a letter which indicates the client. It will be wise to use either three of four letter abbreviations to make it simple.
  • The number of the invoice should then come after the client’s abbreviation. For proper sorting by the computer make sure that you extend the number out three place holders.
  • You could alternatively choose to write the numerical date after the client’s abbreviation. This will be quite appropriate for those who get paid for consistent services that they have rendered on a set time schedule. The year should come first, followed with the month and then the day of the month.
  • The current date should be included at the upper right hand corner, below the invoice number. It is recommended that you keep the date numerical and the format of the year-month-day to ease the sorting process.
  • The billing period should be written below the date of raising the invoice. For the case where a given invoice covers services rendered in the month of April in 2013, it will be written as 2013/4/1-2013/4/30. Remember to specify in your invoice that this is the billing period.
  • The due date should also be listed. The due date tends to vary depending on the terms of agreement that have been agreed on with both business and the client, most of them are of about 30 days after the invoice date. A specification of the due date on the invoice is mandatory.
  • The client’s details should be included in the upper left hand corner, below the company’s contact information and this should also be across from the invoice number and the dates.
  • The name of the agency or individual your provided the services or goods to should be listed
  • Just below the name, remember to include your client’s company address, phone number as well as the email address.

The services rendered section

  • Each service provided to the client during the billing period should be listed.
  • If your company has been hired to perform many services, each ought to be described by name separately.
  • In case the services rendered have specific project names, identify them using these project names.
  • Include the date of completion of each service rendered. This should be in a separate column but adjacent to the name of the respective service.
  • Include the payment information for each of the services rendered. This information should be in a separate column directly next to the name of the respective service.
  • In case a lump sum amount for a specific service has been paid, you need to list this lump sum.
  • In case hourly rates of payment are being used, you should list the number of hours you have worked, the hourly rate as well as the total amount of money earned after completing the delivery of a service.
  • The invoice total should be included at the bottom of the invoice, just below the list of the services that have been provided. This represents the sum of the amount of money that has been earned and as such what you are supposed to be paid. This number should be brought out clearly, either by bolding it, using color or using an enlarged print to make it to stick out.

Downloadable Templates:

Invoice Template 04

Invoice Template 07

Invoice Template 06

Invoice Template 06

Invoice Template 05

Invoice Template 04

Invoice Template 13

Invoice Template 12

Invoice Template 11

Invoice Template 10

Invoice Template 09

Invoice Template 08

Invoice Template 21

Invoice Template 20

Invoice Template 18

Invoice Template 17

Invoice Template 16

Invoice Template 14

Invoice Template 28

Invoice Template 27

Invoice Template 26

Invoice Template 25

Invoice Template 24

Invoice Template 22

invoice-template 5

Invoice Template 33

Invoice Template 32

Invoice Template 31

Invoice Template 30

Invoice Template 29

Invoice Template 03

Invoice Template 03

Invoice Template 02

Invoice Template 02

Invoice Template 01

Invoice Template 01


Some tips while coming up with an invoice:

  • It is wise to discuss with your client the fees and the most preferred method of payment before you send the invoice to them. It is recommended that both you and your clients should be fully aware of such details to avoid possible disagreements in the future.
  • You should keep a thorough record of all your invoices. It is good to have a printed copy as well as a digital copy that will be filed away. In case you have any emails, memos or any other document related to the invoice, you ought to keep this along with a printed copy of the invoice.
  • You should choose the right software that will help you to prepare the invoices. Any basic spreadsheet or word processing software will be sufficient. If you are interested in streamlining the process there are specialized invoicing softwares that you could make use of. Most invoicing softwares will have a template to give you a structure of what an invoice should look like. Most of these softwares have features that will aid you in designing the invoice and keeping it organized as well.
  • In case the payment due date is approaching and your client has not yet cleared the payment, it will be good to make a phone call to assess how far they have gone with the payment arrangements. This is appropriate as some clients will comply with just a phone call or it could a delay in the receipt of an already paid amount on your part.
  • It is always good to find out if the client has any policies concerning the format of the invoice. This is crucial as you might encounter a client who wants more information than is included in your invoice. It is also possible that they may want to have specific format of the listing of the services rendered. Failure to tailor your invoice to suit your client’s preference might result in delay in payment.

Blank Invoice

This is mostly used by small scale businesses to bill their clients. It is quite popular for repair services especially for those contractors who come to a home or business with the collection of the payment being made after completion of work. The customer has to receive a receipt and the invoice will act as a receipt in this case. You should not be stressed about finding a blank invoice as this site offers you with blank invoice templates that you could customize to suit your needs.

A blank invoice should be customized to fit the needs of a given business. You first need to edit the header by inserting the name of the business as well as the logo. You can edit the email address and the line found at the bottom that states who to make a check out to. This blank invoice templates are printable invoices and you could make as many copies as you desire.

While using the field of a blank invoice, you could use a clipboard or a carbon paper for you to be able to keep a copy for record purposes in your business.

Commercial Invoice

The other alternative that one may have if they are not interested in using a blank invoice is making use of a commercial invoice. This can be obtained  by paying a commercial printing company an amount that will be used to print your custom invoices for your company/business on a piece of carbon paper or it could be on a receipt book. You could find samples of these commercial invoices at this site.

As business man or in case of you have been tasked with coming up with an invoice, the above information suffice to help you come up with the best. Invoice templates could aid you in making the generation of invoices for use to be an easy exercise that is quite convenient for you. You could customize a blank invoice and come up with what is tailored to fit your needs. Writing an invoice should not be hard with the help offered by this site, feel free to use the information provided and the invoice templates found in this site.


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