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A job proposal template is an important tool for every proactive job seeker. A job seeker can use it to show to the company that how they can achieve their goals by hiring you as an employee. Before you prepare a job proposal template, you first have to understand how to write it perfectly. In the document, you put down an issue that has been identified or a key improvement area within an organization that needs an intervention. It will also contain a detailed description of how you as a job seeker can prove to be an asset and resolve the issue with your experiences and skills.


What is a job proposal?

A job proposal is a document created by a job seeker then sent to a company if he’s applying for a job which isn’t advertised as vacant. Often, job seekers would only apply for a certain position when they know that there’s a vacancy in the company. Job seekers, on the other hand, inform job seekers of any job openings through job postings or job advertisements.

However, some job seekers are very picky when hiring employees. They only choose potential employees who have the same visions or goals as their company. In such cases, the best way you can give yourself an edge over other applicants is to make an effective work proposal template then submit it to the company you wish to impress.

Make sure that the document you compose provides them with an intensive but concise picture of all of your abilities and skills then show them how all of these will make you an excellent addition to the company.


Downloadable Templates:

Job Proposal Template 25

Job Proposal Template 26

Job Proposal Template 27

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Job Proposal Template 15

Job Proposal Template 16

Job Proposal Template 17

Job Proposal Template 18

Job Proposal Template 19

Job Proposal Template 20

Job Proposal Template 21

Job Proposal Template 22

Job Proposal Template 23

Job Proposal Template 24


What is the importance of a job proposal template?

A job proposal template comes from someone trying to apply for a job. You would give this proposal to a prospective employer, and in it, you should emphasize the reasons why you’re the best choice and how you will benefit the company. This document doesn’t have to be too long.

A proposal which consists of a single page would be enough as long as you include all of the relevant information on it. A concise, well-thought-out proposal would highlight your interest in the position as well as your passion. Here are some important reasons why you need a work proposal template:

  • It can be a very effective tool you can use to get your dream job. Since the job you’re applying for isn’t technically vacant, you’re taking a proactive role and, if you play your cards right and create a spectacular proposal, this could be your first step in starting a great career.
  • Submitting a job proposal would show your self-confidence in your skills and abilities. Therefore, it attracts business owners and employers who are always looking for new talents to improve their businesses.
  • A job proposal template can also provide you with an opportunity to show the company why you would be an excellent asset to them. A lot of companies aren’t aware that they require specific individuals who have expertise in specific aspects which may help improve their chances of success. Therefore, it’s up to you as a job seeker to provide enlightenment to the company about how they need a specialist such as yourself.

Basic elements in a job proposal template

If you want to catch the attention of employers, you have to learn how to write a job proposal. You can use the template we have here or make a template of your own with a basic format then use it each time you want to apply for a new position. Then all you have to do is make some changes to the content depending on what the company needs and if you’ve learned some new skills. When making your template, include the following elements:

  • The needs of the company
    Make sure to emphasize specific issues that a company faces or some objectives they want to achieve. Do this so that you can show the company how you plan to help resolve the issues or help them achieve those goals. You may even include some statistics, financial data, and other measurable factors to show a measurable impact on the company.
  • The role you will play in the company
    Talk about your expertise, your skills, and your experiences. Then talk about the role you plan to play in the company to support or improve it. Describe everything you have to offer and how you fit into the organizational structure of the company.
  • How the company will benefit
    Through your document, you need to be able to show the employer how the company will benefit from hiring you. Talk about what they can gain, and you can even include some figures for financial profits.
  • Keep it short
    If you want to make an impact on the potential employer, then you should capture his attention right away. To do this, make sure that the most important information gets highlighted. If you create a work proposal template then fill it with too much content, then the employer might not even want to read it. Keep the document short but never omit any essential information.
  • Maintain professionalism
    Remember that a job proposal is an official document. Therefore, you should maintain professionalism when writing it. Keep a friendly tone while remaining professional. Talk about how reliable you are and how great it would be if they had a chance to work with you. The content of the document should match the standards of the company and the industry, so they’ll know how serious you are about your application.
  • Include some samples if applicable
    Finally, if you want to make your case, you can include some samples of your work if applicable. Providing samples doesn’t apply to all types of positions or industries, so you have to be able to determine for yourself if you need to add these attachments.

Tips for writing a job proposal template

Often, companies experience gaps between the tasks their employers perform and all of the tasks which need completion. To resolve this situation, some companies employ problem-solvers to take the initiative and fill those gaps.

If you happen to spot such a gap in the company and you know that you’re right for it, then take the opportunity to apply for the position. Show the company that you’re a go-getter by creating a superb job proposal. To make an effective document, here are some tips to guide you:

  • Although it’s normal to feel nervous as you try to draft a job proposal template, you don’t have to worry too much. Simply consider this document as a job application or a resume.
  • Never let the employer feel like you are power-grabbing or overstepping. You may want to highlight your skills and abilities, but you should never come off as cocky or that you’re trying to take the job of the person assessing your proposal.
  • Do a lot of research before you draft your job proposal template. Learn all that you can about the company so that you can find out about their goals or if they’re facing any issues which you may help solve.
  • Identify the issue in the company that your job proposal will solve. If the company faces several issues, write all of them down in your draft. As you’re finalizing your document, you may choose to add or remove some points as you see fit.
  • After completing your research and finding out about the issue the company faces, give a detailed explanation of why they need you to help solve the issue or fill the gap. Never assume that your employer already knows why the company needs a new position. Present the facts in an organized manner to highlight the issue and why they need to start doing something about it.
  • After finding an issue in one company, you may also want to check if similar companies or organizations need the position you’re proposing in your document. Of course, you need to gather all the data you can to build your case. The great thing about making such a document is that the more you find out about companies, you would also help yourself by building your network.
  • Make a list of all the ways your abilities and skills make you the best candidate to fill the position you’re proposing. Even if you’re applying for a higher position in the company, a job proposal can help you out too. This is because your employers may not know about all the skills you have. Therefore, you can use the proposal to highlight those skills and make them known.
  • Since you’re applying for a job, you should “sell yourself.” Keep this in mind as you make a list of your skills. You can even include some concrete examples of how you obtained your accomplishments, performed above what’s expected of you, and more.
  • Remember to maintain concision when you’re writing the proposal. As previously mentioned, a proposal with a single page would suffice as long as you’ve written everything that’s relevant.
  • Before concluding the document, thank the reader for taking the time to read your proposal. Then restate your interest in the position you’re proposing.


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