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What is a letterhead?

The official corporate letterhead, used for correspondence in a variety of business, is unique for many reasons. Typically, the letter serves as a standard stationery sheet for an organization, reflecting the company’s branding, including and logos or special images. The company’s letterhead is often a formal way to make a great first impression. Therefore, not just any stationary template will do. We provide several examples of free letterhead templates on this page for you to peruse.

What is Typically Displayed on Company Letterhead?

Your company letterhead templates will include your business name, your logo, and your contact details. You can use templates to style your letterhead, but you should always use a unique company logo to reflect professionalism. Within your contact details, you should include the registered business address, the postal address (if different) and your telephone number. You should also include your website address and email address. Some companies that are listed with the SEC will also include the names of the company’s directors on the letterhead.

A clean, professionally designed letterhead is ideal for small businesses. The template you choose should be simple and not too flashy, and contain all the relevant information. Your brand recognition is very important when designing your letterhead, so the logo should be the most prominent part of the design.

Downloadable Templates:

Letterhead Template 03

Letterhead Template 04

Letterhead Template 05

Letterhead Template 06

Letterhead Template 07

Letterhead Template 08

Letterhead Template 09

Letterhead Template 10.

Letterhead Template 11

Letterhead Template 12

Letterhead Template 13

Letterhead Template 14

Letterhead Template 20

Letterhead Template 21

Letterhead Template 22.

Letterhead Template 23

Letterhead Template 24

Letterhead Template 25

Letterhead Template 26

Letterhead Template 27

Letterhead Template 28

Letterhead Template 30

Letterhead Template 31

Letterhead Template 32

Letterhead Template 33

Letterhead Template 34

Letterhead Template 35.

Letterhead Template 36

Letterhead Template 37

Letterhead Template 38

Letterhead Template 39

Letterhead Template 40.

Letterhead Template 41

Letterhead Template 42

Letterhead Template 43

Letterhead Template 44

Letterhead Template 46











Letterhead Template 01

Letterhead Template 02


Why Is Using Company Letterheads So Important?

The company letterhead template plays a significant role in corporate. This is true no matter how large or small your business is or what industry you work in. Your company letterhead will be used to send correspondence, advertisements, invoices, and official or legal notices. You may use print proposals, contracts and quotations on official letterhead. Although electronic correspondence is prevalent in business today, almost everything that you need to have “in writing” or “in print” as a business will be printed on company letterhead.

A letterhead helps reinforce the professionalism of your brand and helps lend credibility and confidence to your business or organization. It’s also a good way to prevent fraud. In the world of fraud and forgery, a letterhead gives the business legitimacy. It can also prevent scammers from carrying out fraud under your business name. It’s not easy to forge a professionally designed letterhead. Because of this, letters written and sent on company letterhead look official and credible to the recipient.

Business letterhead design and printing has to creative as well as functional. When you look at the free letterhead templates and sample business letterheads on this page, keep this in mind. Don’t expect to print your company’s name and address on a piece of paper and think that you’re done; you need to have a unique business letterhead template with a design that emphasizes your business’ professionalism. A creative, professional letterhead is designed to always make a good impression on the recipient that stands out to them long after the correspondence has been read and considered.

Business Letterhead Templates

When you decide to design your office stationary, you’ll want to look through several letterhead samples online to get a feel for which designs you find most appealing. There are plenty of free letterhead examples and templates available on this page. Try to choose a sample that fits well with your logo. The more “white space” that’s available in the design, the better. After all, your letterhead will be filled with words and paragraphs. You don’t want the letters and other documents you’re sending out to look cluttered or poorly spaced. If you haven’t yet chosen a business letterhead template, then try to think about layout as you explore the options. Remember that the letterhead will need to be professionally printed. You won’t want too many colors of ink if you’re on a budget. (It can also be a tacky to use too many brightly colored types of ink. Keep it simple!) The layout of your company letterhead template consists of several elements, all which should be given some consideration before you choose them.

Choosing Your Business Letterhead Template

A professional letterhead is a compulsory item for any business. It will be necessary when writing to vendors, lawyers, and customers and answering any official inquiries. It will play a vital roll in your branding when you correspond with executives, shareholders and even the staff of your company. You will you’re your business letterhead template to appear professionally designed on a high-grade paper stock. It should stand out, but not outshine the contents of the letters it carries.

When you’re looking at business letterhead examples and free letterhead templates, you’ll want to take special note of the design elements and visualize how the pages will look with your own logo printed on them. Take a look around at some of the free templates we offer, and then, take the time to think about each of these elements:

  • The appropriate use of color in your design is what will catch your recipient’s eye. Are there corporate colors available to use in your template? So the colors fit well with the logo? Some businesses may not be able to afford a large range of colors on their letterhead. The more colors you use, the more money it will cost you. For this reason, you may want to keep your colors minimal. You will also need to choose a color for your business letterhead to be printed on. Talk to your printer, let them know your budget, and find out what options will fit your needs.
  • Font selection. You will need to choose a font style that is easily readable when printed on your letterhead. Readability is the most important aspect of choosing a font. Don’t use cursive letters or other fancy fonts that will cause your readers to squint. If a letterhead is unreadable, that will often outweigh the message you’re sending on it. Simply put, you’ll look unprofessional.
  • Paper stock. It was mentioned earlier that the color of your paper makes a big difference in how your letterhead is perceived. When you take your business letterhead template to the printer, you’ll want to choose an appropriate paper stock for the job. You’ll want to choose a bond paper that’s heavy and the color should help the logo and your contact information stand out. You may want to choose a special texture for your business letterhead. It’s up to you. Just make sure your final product is easily readable.
  • Printing considerations. An experienced printer should print your business letterhead template. A printer can often help you make design choices if you’re having trouble. They should have a sample book of various paper styles, ink styles and other design elements. The way that you have your letterhead printed can affect the final product. It’s important that you spend the money to have a quality final product.

Creating Brand Identity

No matter what kind of business you own, brand value is an important factor of your corporate image. A powerful brand is memorable, professional, and unique. A large part of branding your business is taking time to create professional materials such as envelopes, letterhead, and business cards that match your brand. These are all powerful, simple marketing tools that can help get your name out there. Logos and letterhead printing are some of the top marketing tools that can be used to create the brand identity for your business.

When you choose to design a new company letterhead, you’ll want to make sure that your other materials such as envelopes, business cards and even the website are consistent in the way they portray the brand. This means using the same colors, same logo, and even the same writing style as the rest of your marketing materials.

Letterhead Examples

A logo is not only a part of letterhead. It should accompany all of your written text that is sent to other businesses or consumers. It should be easy to shrink down onto a business card, a newspaper ad, brochures and websites. A basic logo should be easily resized and adapted to a variety of marketing materials. Think of it as the “face” or “mascot” for your business. This is what makes the logo such a powerful tool.

If you do not yet have a professionally designed company logo, don’t go to print without one. You cannot build a brand identity without a logo, and your stationary will appear ordinary and unprofessional without a decent one. Get a graphic designer to work on your logo and make sure it can fit in the business letterhead template designs you’re interested in using.

Printing Your Free Letterhead Template Design Professionally

As we discussed before, there are many factors that contribute to making your letterhead effective. Professional printing is imperative once you’ve decided on a final design. What other elements can add to the letterhead’s effectiveness?

Your corporate letterhead is often the first opportunity for your audience to hold your company identity in their hands. When it comes time to print, the selection of paper you choose will be important to brand integrity.  All of the design elements should have a consistent use of color, logo or type.

When it’s time to choose a paper for your letterhead system, the printer will show you samples of paper to choose from. This will become a part of your brand identity to the sender, so make sure you choose a paper with color, weight and finishes that enhance the final product. You will want to consider other parts of your brand identity as well and match them to this paper. Elements you’ll want to consider using similar paper on will be business cards, envelopes, proposals, folders and promotional materials.

Your brand identity is important, but it’s a well-known industry secret that most businesses change their brand identity about every 7 years to keep up with the times and modernize. Because of this, it’s important that you choose a paper type that is fairly common and readily available. Because of this, you may want to take several samples back to the office with you before you choose which paper you want to use. Test printing on the paper and print in color to get a feel for how your marketing materials will look with it. You can do this with one of the free letterhead templates on this page or with a customized business letterhead template that you’ve created with your own design elements. You may want to test certain designs against each other; if so, make sure you take home enough samples to test and tweak your letterhead designs.

What Shades of Color Work Best for a Business Letterhead?

Your business will likely want to use the paper you choose for several different print pieces, Because of this, you’ll probably want to choose a shade in the white, off-white or cream family of colors to make sure that your paper selection is always available to you.

If you want to present your business as slick and modern, try a bright white stock paper for your letterhead and envelopes. If you want to be perceived as “classic” or “traditional”, it’s suggested that you stick with cream or off-white color tones.

Other Considerations Before You Print

When you’ve selected your free business letterhead template and chosen design elements, there are still a few bells and whistles you may want to consider. Do you want to use any specialty finish, such as engraving or foil stamps?

Once you have the final design, much of the printing you do will be on a copier. Memos and letters to internal staff will save money by photocopying. For this reason, you’ll want to see how your design will print as a photocopy.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the fonts still readable and clear?
  • Does the stock paper easily fit into the copier, fax machine, and color laser printers that you use regularly?

Personal Letterhead Examples

Businesses use letterheads to establish a brand identity and to solidify their reputation. Today, many people are also choosing letterhead templates for personal use. A letterhead that identifies your family, or you as a person, lets the person who is receiving your letter know that you’ve thoughtfully prepared ahead of time to send out your correspondence.

Personal letterheads are memorable. When someone receives a letter printed on your own unique letterhead, it makes an impact on them and they’ll remember this expression of your personality and flair. You might even want to include a favorite saying, a quote or something that rings true to your beliefs to show an extra element of style.

Things to Always Include on Your Individual Letterhead

Some of the most important things to always have on letterhead you’ve created for personal use include:

  • Your Name and Address – This is critical especially so it will be easier for the person who receives your correspondence to reply using a current address
  • Your Phone Number – Office and cell numbers are both good choices to put on personal letterhead
  • A Current Email Address – This gives your recipient another easy way to contact you if a letter or phone call are not suitable for their needs

Whether you choose to use personal letterhead for your own use or for a home business, it provides an excellent way to stay in touch with those who are important to you. All of your correspondence will exhibit extra credibility with this type of letterhead.

Things to Know When Choosing Letterhead Format Elements

Some of the most important things to remember when deciding on the formatting to be used for a letterhead are to choose elements that will make your letterhead unique, and to use designs that will express your company or yourself in a concise way. A letterhead that has been well designed stands out from all the others in positive ways. Here are some of the best letterhead format features you can choose to use to help meet this goal:

  • Eye-Catching Colors – This means using colors that will attract your reader, give a great first impression and come across in the best way
  • Bold Styling – This can include the use of bold fonts, creative design and larger fonts placed where they will have the most impact
  • Use of Underscore – This is a technique that catches the eye without being overwhelming. Underscored lettering provides a touch of style and creates extra emphasis exactly where you want it

It’s always best to choose fonts that are easy to read and don’t make the reader feel like they have to decipher the logo or message. People reading information printed on letterhead are often pressed for time and they want something that conveys the clearest message in the easiest way. Choices made in letterhead format can go a long way towards fostering positive feelings towards the person using the letterhead and the company.

Christmas Letterhead Templates

Holidays are times for celebration, and Christmas letterhead adds that extra feeling of joy to all your Christmas correspondence. Here you’ll find free Christmas letter templates to spark your creativity and to inspire you. Whether you choose winter themes, Christmas tree, Santa Claus letterhead or another favorite, your recipients will enjoy the extra thought you’ve put into brightening their holiday. Here are some important things to consider when choosing letterhead:

  •  Design is the right size – You want enough room on your letterhead to type your thoughts. A Christmas design that is too large can be distracting, so make sure there’s plenty of room for your message
  •  Choose a fitting design – Whether you decide you want something traditional, contemporary, humorous or retro, make sure your design truly expresses your personality and your unique way of celebrating the holidays
  •  Paper color – Choose a color that keeps your message readable. Dark red or dark green paper, for example, may be too distracting and makes it difficult to read your message. It pays to go with lighter paper shades so your message will be clear

You can use professional printing, or use your own printer to print your message. Just be sure to use print preview before printing so your message doesn’t clash with the design! Christmas letterhead works great for family letters to go with Christmas cards, and for correspondence you need to send throughout the entire season. Family, friends and associates will appreciate the extra thought and effort to brighten up their holidays.

If you have trouble or get paper jams, you will need to choose another paper instead. Make sure that the paper and printing technique you choose is compatible with the copier that’s regularly used by employees. For this reason, you may want to limit yourself to subtle textures that are easy to copy. It is always a good idea to get samples of the different paper options you are considering and try them in your office printer. If you don’t think your design will work for this, make sure you browse the free letterhead templates and corporate letterhead templates available on this page. Take your time to make sure the paper you choose is right for you.

For all of your business communications, a well-designed logo and letterhead can be of extreme importance in establishing a reputation and brand identity. Don’t rush through the process of selecting a logo or a free letterhead template. Take your time and get input from people you respect, and choose a reputable printer who is willing to help you with design considerations. Once your brand identity is established, any sheet of paper with a logo and your company details will become your company’s mark of identity, and therefore, your first impression for many letter recipients.


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