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Lined paper, also known as ruled paper is a type of paper for writing which has horizontal lines printed on it. These lines separate the hand-written text and make it easier for you to write compared to a blank piece of paper. You can make a lined paper template with or without margins. Such a template would be ideal for calligraphy, drawing, noting music, and writing.

Why create a lined paper template for yourself?

No matter what kind of writing you plan to do, printable lined paper is one of the best choices to use. You can download a template from here and print a notebook paper template, a writing paper template, and more. Whether you need the template for a college project, a poem or more, this simple template will prove extremely useful. A lined paper template word is easy to make and is extremely versatile too.

Another reason why a lined paper template is very useful is that, for some reason, a lot of people aren’t able to write in a straight line without a guide. When you use the template, you would already have guide lines which are evenly spaced. This makes both writing and reading a lot easier. The type of ruling to use for your lined paper template will depend on the handwriting style you will use and the purpose of the template.

All types of lined paper have the same layout. They have horizontal lines with even spacing, and some of them have vertical lines which indicate sections or margins. Take, for instance, notebook paper templates. Although these come in different formats and sizes, they have a similar structure. You can purchase lined paper, make your own template or download printable lined paper from here.

Downloadable Templates:

lined paper template 07

lined paper template 09

lined paper template 10

lined paper template 11

lined paper template 12

lined paper template 13

lined paper template 14

lined paper template 15

lined paper template 16

lined paper template 17

lined paper template 18

lined paper template 19

lined paper template 20

lined paper template 21

lined paper template 22

lined paper template 23

lined paper template 24

lined paper template 25

lined paper template 26

lined paper template 27

lined paper template 28

lined paper template 29

lined paper template 30

lined paper template 31

lined paper template 32

lined paper template 01

lined paper template 02

lined paper template 04

lined paper template 05

lined paper template 06


Types of lined paper templates

You can make your own lined paper template for different purposes. Use it for essay writing, record keeping, and even for the use of your kids so that they can complete their assignments. There are plenty of lined paper templates word available which will ensure that students of different ages can accomplish their school assignments and homework. Using a readymade template such as this one can save you a lot of time and effort. This means that you would have the time to help your child out in completing his tasks.

Before we learn about how to make a lined or writing paper template, let’s take a look at the different types. As aforementioned, the type of template you make or use would depend on the purpose and the writing style you plan to use. Here are the most common types of templates to choose from:

  • For kids
    This type of template would come in different colors or would have attractive graphics to make it more interesting for kids. There’s a wide range of templates for kids which are fun, colorful, and which may encourage creativity and learnings in your little one.
  • For kindergarten students
    For teachers, this type of template would be very helpful. Designs vary from simple papers with four lines to attractive papers with a lot of colorful lines and images. Some templates even come with dotted letters and numbers to help guide children as they learn how to write. This type of template makes learning fun!
  • For elementary students
    Just like the templates for kindergarten students, kids in elementary may use this type for writing practice. Of course, the paper would have a simpler design depending on its purpose. Some would also have writing guides, especially if the students are in the process of learning cursive handwriting.
  • For college students
    For this type of template, college students can use them for writing long essays and notes. You can make different types of lined paper to use, and it would depend on the work at hand.
  • For notebooks
    Printing out notebook paper templates and binding them together allows you to make your own notebooks at home. For instance, you can make a customized notebook for your child as a tool for teaching at home. Just make sure to add a vertical line on the left side to serve as a margin for your notebooks.
  • For music writing
    When writing notes and other music-related text, you need a template with special lines. This is particularly useful for aspiring or professional musicians. The template can come in different varieties and sizes depending on your music learning level.
  • For different purposes
    Blank templates with lines can serve different purposes. Mainly, you can use them for informal writing work or for creating drafts. There are plenty of choices for printable lined paper which you can use for various projects and activities.
  • With background
    For a more creative version, you may create a writing paper template with a background. All you need to do for this is add a background image then place the lines on top of the page. Just like the blank templates with lines, you can use these presentable and attractive templates for different purposes.
  • Stationary
    There are different templates which you may use as stationary. These would have lovely, picturesque graphics which soothe the eyes and make your work more attractive and presentable. Such templates are perfect for presentations and projects.
  • With dotted lines
    This is another type of lined paper template that provides an artistic touch to the page. Such templates are suitable for people of different ages, and you can use them for varying purposes.

When can students use lined paper templates?

A lined paper template word is very useful, especially for students. Parents and teachers can make them, print them out, and give them to the students for different tasks. Preschool students learn how to write using a template with lines that are specially made for preschoolers. There are plenty of templates available and free for download. But you can also make your own if you want to customize the design according to the likes and interests of your child.

Unlike the other templates, the ones made for preschoolers are the most attractive because of all the colors and graphics. Teachers find these templates extremely helpful too because some activities they plan may involve writing tasks. Therefore, they can download the templates or create them depending on the theme or concept they’re teaching to their students. There are two main types of templates for students namely:

  • Academic
    These are the ones with a format that’s more plain and formal. Creating lined paper templates for academic purposes is easy. You can even download such templates here.
  • Design
    These are more colorful, attractive, and fun to use. Anyone can make a template for design purposes. All you need is a computer and use some of your creativity.

Making your own lined paper templates

Creative and formal papers won’t be the same without lines. Lines on the paper make it easier to write and easier to read too. There are different types of templates which you can use and for a wide range of purposes.

For instance, you’re a student who needs to write a report following the APA format. You may also have sketching or drawing tasks to accomplish. No matter what kind of written work you need to do, a paper with lines will make your task much easier.

Use lined paper with different heights and colors of the lines for different tasks. You can also customize the lined paper template by making one on your own. Creating such a template isn’t difficult, especially if you have the appropriate software for it.

To make a printable template, the best and easiest software to use is Microsoft Word. But you can also do so manually. Let’s go through these two methods of making a template with lines:

Using Microsoft Word

  • Launch the program and start with a new file.
  • On the toolbar at the top, click on the drop-down menu.
  • Then click on View and select Formatting and Standard from the choices.
  • Go back to the toolbar, find the Justify button, and click on it. This ensures that the lines you will make will follow this alignment for a neater presentation.
  • Go back to the toolbar and this time, select the font and the size. These will determine the interval between the lines of your template.
  • Press the underscore key repeatedly to make a line on your paper from one end to the other.
  • Highlight the line you’ve drawn then copy it. Paste this line repeatedly until it appears on the entire page.


  • Start by collecting all of the materials you need which are a blank paper, a pencil, a marker, and a ruler.
  • Place the blank sheet of paper on a table and prepare the pencil and ruler.
  • Determine the line length you want to draw on your paper. You can also use the ruler to measure the spaces between the lines.
  • Write dots as a guide then start drawing the lines using the ruler and the pencil until you’ve filled the entire sheet.
  • If you want to have bold lines, go over them again using the marker.


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