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A name tag is one of the most effective ways to get a group of individuals acquainted with each other. More so if this was their first encounter. Sometimes, not knowing people’s names in a gathering can be awkward.

This is especially true when starting a conversation. Name tags would certainly facilitate the introductions. From there, better communication may ensue. When you’re preparing for a gathering, design a name tag template that would look friendly.

It will make the wearer feel at home and feel like he’s part of the crowd. You can design a name tag in the simplest form but will still serve its purpose extremely well. Make sure that the letters used in each name are of the right size.

Do this so people won’t have to squint or embarrassingly look too close to read. That’s not very appropriate, especially for first-time acquaintances. When making badge templates, do them in a right way.

With all the apps available these days, you can make name tag templates easily. Those which will stand out during the whole affair. You can even download a template here! Either way, people will remember the effort in making introductions very pleasant.

But don’t confine yourself to just the name. As previously mentioned, there are numerous applications that could make the template memorable. Add images, icons, fonts, and colors. Designing the name tag is simple and fun.

You don’t even need special skills to make them. With just a little practice, you could even surprise yourself with how easy making templates are. So much so that when the next gathering comes around, you will be ready volunteering to do the job.

Downloadable Templates:

name tag template 25

name tag template 26

name tag template 27

name tag template 29

name tag template 30

name tag template 31

name tag template 33

name tag template 34

name tag template 35

name tag template 36

name tag template 37

name tag template 38

name tag template 39

name tag template 40

name tag template 41

name tag template 42

name tag template 43

name tag template 45

name tag template 46

name tag template 01

name tag template 02

name tag template 03

name tag template 04

name tag template 05

name tag template 07

name tag template 08

name tag template 09

name tag template 10

name tag template 11

name tag template 12

name tag template 13

name tag template 14

name tag template 15

name tag template 16

name tag template 17

name tag template 18

name tag template 19

name tag template 20

name tag template 21

name tag template 22

name tag template 23

name tag template 24


The benefits of using name tag templates 

The functions of printable name tags aren’t limited to social gatherings. They can apply as well in businesses, conferences, training sessions, and more. The name tag or badge is the most effective way of identification.

This is especially important for restricted areas in the office. On it, you can provide data about the individual which will be helpful in defining position and rank. You can also include a security code on it.

Do this to make sure that only the authorized personnel can gain access to certain premises. For first-timers in the office, a name tag will give you the chance to get acquainted with people in your group.

Consider the following benefits of an effective name tag:

  1. A name tag will identify people who could be held liable for unruly actions.
  2. A name tag makes the office setting more formal. It will hopefully help improve employee performance.
  3. With name tags on, employees will feel like part of the team. It may help promote interaction and assistance between its members.
  4. For those who work diligently, making the extra effort will get them noticed by co-workers. The name tag can help in identifying them for feedback.
  5. The name tag will always serve as identification and may eliminate the need to remember names.

Some employees may receive an assignment to participate in networking events. The name tag will define its purpose here. It will contain your name, and more importantly, the company you are representing.

With a well-designed name tag, attendees can identify you. This is important when you talk about your company and the services it can provide. With a name tag, people will be more at-ease during conversations.

They may gain interest in your company and the services it can offer.

Different types of name tag templates you can make and use

The simplest badge templates are those which serve as identifiers. They would usually contain the name of the individual. Some relevant data could be on the tag too, like rank, and position.

But you can design the name tag by adding more features. You can make them more presentable and memorable. Change the colors, size, number of lines and fancy fasteners on printable name tags.

This will definitely improve the name tag’s appearance.


A name tag’s main purpose is for identification. But wearing one can give an office an atmosphere of professionalism. For newcomers, the name tag generates conversational openings.

Classic name tags have a basic design and are of the simplest forms. Choose this if you think it will suit your needs. If you need more than the basics, then customize your badge template.

Custom Design

You may want to design your own template to suit your needs. Feel free to avail all the materials that could make your desired template. Colors, font styles, graphics and more are all at your finger’s touch.

Remember it will take a good amount of time to make the customized template. But you would come up with a better-looking one. A little practice in customizing the name tag will make it easier the next time around.

Plastic with a custom design

This name tag is convenient and durable. The text is usually embossed into the plastic. This allows the main color to show through the plastic’s top layer. Of course, this will be more expensive. If you don’t have the equipment to make these name tags, you need to order them.

Metal with a custom design

This type should last very long. It’s usually made-to-order and done by a professional engraver. Metal-finished name tags come in three types of finishes. These are lacquer, mirror, and smooth.

Why should you use name tags or badges? 

Other than identification purposes, name tags also are important for security reasons. Furthermore, they give the work atmosphere a sense of formality and professionalism. With name tags, comes effective customer service.

Just inquire about the person you want and the other employees can direct you to that person’s area. The name tag will easily help locate people. This is just one example. Here are other reasons why these badges are very important:

Enhances corporate identification
Improved communication
Improved security
Improved customer relations
They really work!

You can use name tags to build up corporate identity. They can help enhance communications for clients and employees, and create better accountability. For a small piece of employee paraphernalia, it sure is proving its worth.

Tips for making a name tag template 

Making and designing your own name tag templates don’t have to be a tedious task, it could also be fun. Applications now abound that could facilitate the procedure. Perhaps the best and most popular program you can use is Microsoft Word.

It isn’t just for writing documents; it can do a lot more. You can use a pre-designed template to speedily create your name tag list for a meeting or an event. You can enter the names manually or use Microsoft Word’s merge feature to input the names and create tags.

If these methods don’t appeal to you, you can simply download the template here. Office supply stores now sell paper that’s thicker than regular office paper. These are more convenient and better-suited for name tags.

Some types of paper even come in perforated sheets and that eliminates the need for scissors. Try to be innovative when designing your badge template. A well-designed template will definitely serve its purpose better.

The information should be clear and easy to read. The design should also make the readers amused and comfortable. Add color, icons, images, and great fonts. A little extra effort in its design will surely go a long way.

Use the right content and images to create attention-grabbing name tags
Use a theme for your name tag
Your name tags should reflect your company's image
Also, use fonts and colors which will reflect your company's image
Save your name tags


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