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A work order is an order that an organization receives from a client or customer. It can also be defined as an order that is created internally within the organization. Customers are likely to place a work order to ask for the services or products of a company. It is also used for payment requests in place of a “statement” or an “invoice”. The work order varies in every industry. In a manufacturing environment, the work order will be converted from a sales order to determine that the work will soon begin on the building and manufacturing of the product requested by the customer.

On the contrary, in a service based industry, the work order will record the date, time, and location of the service that is going to be carried out. A work order can also be placed by the employees by mentioning their dollars earned in a weekly or hourly basis and how will they work. Besides employees, a work order can also be a request made by the students, staff or faculty in an institute or university.

Normally, all order forms are fully customizable but there are a few elements that you cannot omit such as tax calculations, grand calculations, totals, sub totals, etc. These are some necessary elements that should be mentioned in the order forms.

Company’s Logo and Name

The first most important thing that is likely present in the order form is the name of the company and its logo. You can customize it and insert the image of your company’s logo in the order form template.

Shipment To

This is a section where you have to mention the name and address of the business as to where the finished products will be sent or shipped to.

Bill To

This is the section where you should highlight the name and address of the customer who is responsible to make the payment for the services or products. This information can be tied to a specific customer ID.


The description of the issue or the job; will be given to complete the task. This section basically highlights the details and facts related to the job.

Work Order Number

This is the work order number that is used for each customer in order to identify their specific task or job. You should make sure that each order form has a work order number so that you can check the progress using the number at any time.

Tax Rate

You should consult your state and local tax laws to decide how labor or sales should be taxed. This rate will help you in taxing some specific amount from the service being rendered or products sold.


This section will be included before the total amount. This may include some discounts or other types of charges.

While these were some common elements that you should put in the order form, you can customize your form accordingly and save the customized version spreadsheet as a template file. You can then set up or clone the template of the order form on your website.

If you are a business owner, then you may receive several work orders from your clients. Different business owners use different ways to take orders from their clients. They are however, likely to consider secure ways to collect orders from the clients. While there are many other ways business owners opt for, one of the efficient ways to take orders for your business is via using order form templates. These sample order forms make the process easier for both, the customers as well as the business owners.

The customers just have to fill the details in the sections while the business owners get the entire idea of what they require in the order. These work order templates have made dealings simpler between customers and business owners. Besides this, these order forms also help in getting the payment securely, gathering all the necessary information required for it, in one place. In order to understand more about work order forms, let’s explore some information in this article.

Our passion to help people and businesses succeed inspired us to come up with these high quality customizable order form documents.

Downloadable Templates:

order form template 06

order form template 07

order form template 08

order form template 09

order form template 10

order form template 11

order form template 12

order form template 13

order form template 14

order form template 15

order form template 16

order form template 18

order form template 19

order form template 20

order form template 21

order form template 22

order form template 23

order form template 24

order form template 25

order form template 26

order form template 27

order form template 28

order form template 29

order form template 30

order form template 31

order form template 32

order form template 33

order form template 34

order form template 35

order form template 36

order form template 37

order form template 39

order form template 40

order form template 41

order form template 01

order form template 02

order form template 03

order form template 04


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