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Plaint/Pleadings/Lawsuit Drafting

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What’s a Plaint? It is one of the main legal documents and format how a litigant presents his or her case in Court (civil cases)! But, we also have other ways of presenting a case in Court depending on the type of a case. Examples: via, 1). Statement of Claim, 2). Memorandum of Claim, 3). Originating Summons (OS), 4). Originating Notice of Motion, 5). Petition(Election, Constitutional, Matrimonial Causes& Winding up Proceedings), 6). Pleadings: in reply, generally,  7). Defence, 8). Defence and Counter-Claim, 9). Defence to Counter-Claim,  10). Reply to Defence, 11). Reply to Defence and Defence to Counter-Claim, 12). Answer to Petition, 13). Answer to Petition and Cross Petition,  14). Response to Petition, 15). The Role of Affidavits and Chamber Summons

A Plaint/Defence/Statement of Claim… are pleadings that contain the particulars of the claim or the defence and help to narrow the issues and reveal the case that each party is making. Click here to read more.


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