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Plaint Templates

It is not always necessary to hire a lawyer in order to assert or defend one’s legal rights when “the facts speak for themselves”. All that may be needed is to have access to the correct format to present the case, accurately insert the facts, etc. onto the form, compile the evidence and provide a copy to the other side before filing at the proper place the document(s) and proof of having provided the material to the other party.

Presenting the case in the proper manner may solve problems or issues that occur in one’s life or business. For those who are confident that they may do so if pointed in the right direction, we have compiled customizable smart plaint templates to be used whenever needed. The plaint templates, are flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed, may be downloaded without charge on the website.

Our passion to help people write professional plaint documents  for court and tribunal presentation inspired us to come up with these high quality customizable documents. The core idea has always been to provide a service that offers HUGE value for a small price (a big bang for the buck). Customize the plaint/your case with relevant facts! Don't forget to include a Verifying Affidavit, Plaintiff's Statements, Plaintiff List of Documents and Plaintiff List of Witnesses. Refer to Template 132 - Tenant Landlord Lawsuit. Raymond Nduga, and make sure to organize your documents in that manner. Date and sign them!

Now, you have a complete set of case document as per what the law requires. This is the court's copy! Proceed and make similar copies of the same set of documents depending on the number of parties you want to serve. Neatly bind them. Done? Good.

Rush to the nearest Court, bump into the registry, give the registry folks the document(s) for court fee assessments, rush to bank, pay, go back and give them the bank payment slips (as proof of payments) and the documents for stamping and filing, leave them with their copy (copies) and walk away with the remaining copies and go serve the Defendants, make sure they (defendants) sign your copy, too (as having received the pleadings. A MUST!).

Until here, you don't know the law. You have just presented your case based on what happened, facts.  And with that, your case has begun! And the good thing, if you did it right, you might win the case without necessarily knowing the law! But what if the other party hires a lawyer to represent them against you? Don't worry, just contact Raymond Nduga and Yuvenalis Kubwa. We will strike them so hard without mercy like bomber jets by launching legal torpedoes, deploying air-launched cruise legal missiles crushing their lawyers to the ground, to give you a MASSIVE LEGAL WIN IN COURT!


What's a Plaint? It is one of the main legal documents and format how a litigant presents his or her case in Court (civil cases)! But, we also have other ways of presenting a case in Court depending on the type of a case. Examples: via, 1). Statement of Claim, 2). Memorandum of Claim, 3). Originating Summons (OS), 4). Originating Notice of Motion, 5). Petition(Election, Constitutional, Matrimonial Causes& Winding up Proceedings), 6). Pleadings: in reply, generally,  7). Defence, 8). Defence and Counter-Claim, 9). Defence to Counter-Claim,  10). Reply to Defence, 11). Reply to Defence and Defence to Counter-Claim, 12). Answer to Petition, 13). Answer to Petition and Cross Petition,  14). Response to Petition, 15). The Role of Affidavits and Chamber Summons

A Plaint/Defence/Statement of Claim... are pleadings that contain the particulars of the claim or the defence and help to narrow the issues and reveal the case that each party is making.

Pleadings are supposed to:

i. Disclose whether there is a reasonable cause of action or defence

ii. Define the scope of discovery or interrogatories

iii. Determine the range of admissible evidence

iv. Identify the relief sought from the court

v. Give parties notice of the case to be met and a reasonable opportunity to respond and prepare their case on the basis on the issues disclosed and thus satisfy some of the requirements of procedural fairness

vi. If there are subsequent proceedings, pleadings in the earlier case identify the scope of the defence, known as res judicata, that the previous case or certain issues in it had already been decided.

vii. Define the issues which are in dispute

Principles of Pleadings:

1. Each party should only plead material facts;
2. Any material facts that are not clearly denied will be deemed to have been admitted;
3. Any issue not pleaded cannot be canvassed in court.

Every plaint must contain:
1. Description of Court
2. Case number
3. Names of the parties
4. Description and place of residence of the Plaintiff or his business address;
5. A similar description of the Defendant including address of service
6. If it is a minor the plaint should contain a statement to that effect.
7. It should contain facts constituting cause of action
8. Facts showing that the court has jurisdiction;
9. The prayers of relief sought;
10. The amount if any
11. Value of the subject matter
12. Date of the plaint
13. Signature of the Plaintiff or his agent;
14. Whenever it is for the recovery of money precise amount must be stated;
15. Whenever your plaint refers to a document, it must have an accurate
description of that item.

P.S: Before you file the case, confirm with us to guide you on matters jurisdiction. Jurisdiction means the relevant Court!

P.S.S: It's always advisable to hire a lawyer to do you complete thorough legal drafting and filing from the beginning to avoid factual and legal errors. But if you are broke, we will catch up with you on the way... risk, the mess might be irreparable! Still, we believe that our templates here are enough to give you a fair win, if not massive! GOODLUCK!

Downloadable Templates:

Template 167 - share sale in land. Breach

Template 168 - shares idemnity contract

Template 169 - shares sale agree.

Template 170 - special damages claim

Template 171 - Statement of Claim

Template 172 - supply of goods (reply to defence)

Template 173 - supply of goods

Template 174 - supply of goodst -terms

Template 175 - Supply delivery contract

Template 176 - supply of goods. terms

Template 177 - suraja. defamation

Template 178- negligence 112

Template 179 - terms and conditions

Template 180 - third party

Template 181 - training scheme breach

Template 182 - trespass to land

Template 183 - trespass (squatters)

Template 184 - trespass

Template 185 - tresspass (squatters)

Template 186 - tresspass

Template 187 - unpaid sum of petroleum products purchased and delivered

Template 188 - vicarious liability

Template 189 - Medical negligence plaint

Template 190 - Defamation Plaint

Template 1 - agency contract breach

Template 2 -amended plaint(balance due)

Template 3 - amended plaint(contract of sale)

Template 4 -amended reply to amended defence

Template 5- banker customer rship

Template 6 - amended plaint 2

Template 7 - amended plaint 2

Template 8 -balance due in respect to loan facilities

Template 9 -banker customer relationship

Template 10 -banker customer rship

Template 11 -banker customer relationship

Template 12 -breach of agency contract

Template 13 -breach of agreement and subsequent variation

Template 14 -breach of agreement

Template 15 -breach of contract to deliver

Template 16 -breach of terms & fraud

Template 17 - breach of terms

Template 18 - car loan facility

Template 19 - car loan to bank employee

Template 20 - cash against security

Template 21 - claim 4 price of goods delivered

Template 22 -catering services supply contract

Template 23 - claim to co defendant1

Template 24 - claim with interest at commercial rates

Template 25 - company & parastatal contract

Template 26 - consideration 4 delivered goods

Template 27 - consideration claim

Template 28 - consideration claim3

Template 29 - construction contract

Template 30 - Construction1

Template 31 - contact of carriage

Template 32 - contract breach

Template 33 -contract of sale

Template 34 -contract terms

Template 35 - contract

Template 36 -contractual liability of guarantors

Template 37 -credit facilities

Template 38 - credit facility

Template 39 -credit facilty

Template 40 - credit facility contract

Template 41 - credit facilty contract

Template 42 - debenture contract

Template 43 - defamation (libel)

Template 44 - Defamation

Template 45 -charge

Template 46 - credit facilities contract

Template 47 - debt collection contract

Template 48 -claim for monies lent

Template 49 - contract for sale and delivery

Template 50 -credit facilities

Template 51 - defence

Template 52-delivery of goods and breach of payment

Template 53 -demand for outstanding balance

Template 54 - demand of balance due with interests

Template 55 -demand of the outstanding balance

Template 56 - dishonoured cheques

Template 57 -duplicated payment

Template 58 - duplicate payment claim

Template 59 - employment contract breach

Template 60 - eviction

Template 61 - Eviction proceedings

Template 62 - failure to render the total purchase price

Template 63-fiduciary duty breach

Template 64 -foreclosure

Template 65 -foreign exchange contract

Template 66 - foreign exxchange spot transaction

Template 67 - fraud and negligence (Commissioner for lands)

Template 68 - fuel contract

Template 69 -fuel dumping

Template 70 - general contract

Template 71 -general contract. trusts

Template 72-guarantee

Template 73 - Guarantee

Template 74 -guarantors liability

Template 75 -Guarantors

Template 76 -implied terms

Template 77 -import duty refund

Template 78 -improper search by col

Template 79 -indebtness proof. Contract

Template 80 - industrial training 2

Template 81 - industrial training

Template 82- infrastructure contract

Template 83- infrastructures contract

Template 84- land contract (amended plaint)

Template 85- Land contract

Template 86 - land contract

Template 87- lease agreement

Template 88- lease fateinasale

Template 89 - legal fees

Template 90 - lending contract

Template 91 - liabilities takeover

Template 92 - loan agreement

Template 93 - loan contract

Template 94 - loan default (outstanding balance)

Template 95 - loan default

Template 96 - loan facility

Template 97 - loan facility guarantee

Template 98 - loan (financiers of motor vehicle)

Template 99 - Loan

Template 100 - loan-guarantee

Template 101 -loan-guarantees

Template 102 - loan-promisory note contract

Template 103 - locistandi & contract

Template 104 - material damage to motor vehicle

Template 105- misrepresentation by a bank

Template 106 - misrepresentation by bank

Template 107 - motor vehicle purchase contract

Template 108 - negligence (motor vehhicle)

Template 109 - negligence (motor vehicle)

Template 110 - negligence (personal injury claim)

Template 111 - negligence

Template 113 - negligence (motor vehicle)

Template 114 - negligence

Template 115 - negligence (motor vehicle)

Template 116 - negligence

Template 117 - negligence inaccident

Template 118 - notice of change

Template 119 -notice of change

Template 120 - oral and written agreement

Template 121- oral and written contract

Template 122 - oral and written contracts

Template 123 - outstanding amount for goods delivered

Template 124 - outstanding debt claim

Template 125 - outstanding sum for goods sold and delivered

Template 126 - overdrawn account

Template 127- negligence & fcontract

Template 128 - performanceof contract

Template 129 - precedent for trespass

Template 130 - products sold price claim

Template 131 - products sold price claim

Template 132 - Tenant landlord lawsuit. Raymond Nduga

Template 133 - property negligence

Template 134 - purchase contract

Template 135 - purchase of land

Template 136 - renumeration for legal services

Template 137 - repair service contract

Template 138 - repairs work contract

Template 139 - reply to counterclaim

Template 140 - reply to defence

Template 141 - reply to defence

Template 142 - reply to defence

Template 143 - reply to defence

Template 144 - reply to defence and defence to counterclaim

Template 145 - reply to defence and defence to couterclaim

Template 146 - reply to defence

Template 147 - reply to defence & undertaking

Template 148 - sale and purchase of shares

Template 149 - sale and purchase of shares

Template 150 - sale of goods contract (demand of the sum due)

Template 151 - sale of goods contract(Both oral and written terms)

Template 152 - sale of goods contract

Template 153 - sale of land(amended plaint)

Template 154 - sale of land (breach)

Template 155 - sale of land

Template 156 - sale of land breach

Template 157 - sale of shares contract

Template 158 - sale of goods

Template 159 - sale of goods

Template 160 - sale of goods (amended reply to defence)

Template 161 - sale of goods

Template 162 - sale of goods contract

Template 163 - service contract (industrial training)

Template 164 - service contract

Template 165 - settlement clarification

Template 166 - termination of loan facility


PS. Sometimes all that’s needed is a form, document or tip that can solve problems or issues that repeat in your life or business. To save you from unnecessary legal costs by hiring lawyer(s), here are customizable smart templates/forms that you can use as often as you need; flexible enough to allow for changes without leaving you exposed.

In many cases, when visiting our website, you will be able to solve your legal and business problems in 20 minutes without ever contacting even our lawyers! You can of course do it the old-fashioned way if you prefer, but it's much more fun doing it remotely and saving you costs! If you need our help, kindly follow the following instruction:

For our ONLINE legal and business services, please follow this instruction:

    1. click the following website link,
    2. once on the website’s homepage, an ONLINE brown chat box will appear at the right bottom end of screen;
    3. click on the chat tab, insert NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER; and
    4. proceed when ready, letting us know the issue(s) and eliciting HELP from our lawyers and business specialists.

Click the following links below to search for the desired template, download it and embark on your great legal adventure – and don’t forget to bring the bug spray.  For each template, we have numerous different customizable documents.

Our aim is to facilitate resolution of legal and business problems in twenty minutes without ever contacting even our lawyers.  The old-fashioned way works, too, but it is ever so much more fun doing it remotely without incurring legal fees.


















Our passion to help people and business owners succeed inspired us to come up with these high-quality, customizable documents. The core idea has always been to provide a service that offers a big bang for the buck.  (Translation: HUGE value for a small price.) Note: We charge a small fee, specific to the type of document, to customize the template.

Go to the "Order Now" page and make a request.

We look forward to addressing your concerns and earning your trust and confidence in us!

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