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Pregnant Papers

As the name implies, pregnant papers are documents meant for women undergoing pregnancy. For instance, a proof of pregnancy contains a statement, usually from a doctor that a woman is, indeed, pregnant. Use these pregnancy verification documents to get time off from work, especially when you need to take some rest to ensure your health and the health of your baby.

Pregnant papers to prove your pregnancy

There are different types of pregnant papers women may use to prove their pregnancy. From pregnancy confirmation letters or pregnancy verification letters to pregnancy test results, and more, all of these proof of pregnancy documents are essential, especially for pregnant women in the workplace.

However, there are also fake pregnancy documents created just so women can take time off work. Such documents include fake positive pregnancy test reports, fake check-up documents, and the like. The trouble is, some of these documents look so realistic that they can fool employers and HR personnel.

These days, you can also find fake documentation to prove pregnancy online. All you have to do is input your information on the sites which provide the documents, print them out, and submit them. These documents even come with the names of physicians and other “official” information.

Of course, it’s always a risk to use fake pregnancy documents, especially if you plan to use them to ask for a break from your work. If your employer finds out that you’re not pregnant, you’ll risk losing your job. Therefore, you should only use authentic pregnancy verification documents and only when you’re pregnant.

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Pregnant papers and documents

If it’s your first time to become pregnant, anticipating your little one’s arrival can be very overwhelming. There’s so much going on with your body and your life that you might end up feeling stressed. But stress isn’t good for your baby. So you may have to take some time off work in order to rest, take care of yourself, and care for the baby in your womb too.

When you’re pregnant, there are several kinds of pregnant papers you would have to obtain, fill out, and create for different purposes. These documents are essential for your work, for the hospital, and even for your own personal files. Let’s take a look at these documents and what they typically contain:

  • Before giving birth
    Patient Information
    You must provide your personal information whether at the clinic, the hospital and in any other institution. For instance, if you will get admitted to a hospital, you need to provide your personal information for their records. In the case of an emergency, your partner or the person who accompanied you to the hospital must provide this information.
    Admission Slip
    This document contains your doctor’s instructions for you regarding what you must do the moment you get admitted at the hospital. It’s important to have this particular pregnancy paper as your due date approaches.
    Birth Plan
    Aside from a pregnancy verification letter, you should also prepare a birth plan. You would discuss the information on this document and finalize it with your OB-gyn before giving birth. This document contains your preferred pain relief methods, who you want to be in the room when you give birth, and other important instructions.
    In your plan, you may also want to include whether you would agree to a C-section if needed. After finalizing this document, provide a copy to your partner, family, doctor, and the nurses at the hospital. Giving them this document ensures that they know what you want during labor, childbirth, and recovery.
    Whether it’s your first time to give birth or you’ve already given birth before, a birth plan can be very helpful. This is especially true if you have specific preferences or instructions for your childbirth process.
    After all, you don’t want to go to the hospital only to find out that your doctor isn’t there and the whole staff in charge of your birthing process aren’t familiar with you. At least if you have a plan, they can go through it to know exactly what to do.
    Life or Health Insurance Card
    If you’re an employee, then you should have a life or health insurance card. This is one of the benefits of having a job. If your health plan includes maternity, don’t forget to bring your card. Also, inform your employer early on to ensure hassle-free processing.
    Marriage Certificate
    This document is only for pregnant women who are married. In such a case, you would have to bring a copy of your marriage certificate as well.
    Although creating a will isn’t something a lot of people want to do, it does hold a lot of significance. Much as we would like the birthing process to go smoothly, there are cases when the mother dies. Therefore, having a prepared will makes it easier to take care of the mother’s assets and any other instructions.
  • After giving birth
    Certificate of Live Birth
    After giving birth, you no longer need your pregnancy confirmation letter. Instead, it’s time to focus on your newborn baby’s documents. The certificate of live birth is your baby’s most important document. Check all of the information on the document to ensure its accuracy before registering it at your Local Civil Registry.
    Whether you give birth in a hospital, at a clinic or at home, make sure that you have this document ready. For those giving birth in clinics or hospitals, the medical personnel would forward the certificate to the Civil Registrar’s Office. Just make sure to obtain an official copy after a few days or weeks.
    For those who give birth at home, the midwife, nurse, doctor or the woman’s partner should take the certificate to the CRO within 30 days after the woman gave birth.
    Baby Book
    Although this isn’t a requirement, having a baby book ready allows you to keep track of the most basic information and milestones about your baby like the growth, health information, and the book may also contain records of immunizations.

Basic information to include on pregnant papers

Apart from a pregnancy confirmation letter, there are other kinds of pregnant papers you must prepare. If you need to take a break from work, submitting such documents can serve as your proof of pregnancy. Keep in mind that such documents must contain the following information:

  • The name of the doctor
    Make sure to include your doctor’s name on your pregnancy verification letter or in any documents for pregnancy verification. Whether your OB-gyn is a male or female, write the full name on your document.
  • The contact details of the doctor
    If you want to ensure that your document doesn’t look like a fake pregnancy document, include your doctor’s contact details as well. This is also important in case something unexpected happens at work and they need to call your doctor to ask for advice.
  • Dates
    You may also want to include the dates when you visited your OB-gyn for check-ups. This information may appear in more comprehensive pregnant papers like reports. Also, include your estimated delivery date so your employer can prepare for your maternity leave.
  • Accurate information
    Always make sure to include accurate and truthful information on your proof of pregnancy documents. It’s better to remain honest at all times, especially if you don’t want to jeopardize your job.
  • Symptoms of pregnancy
    In some cases, you may also include some of the symptoms of pregnancy which you experience. This information helps your employer and coworkers know what to expect from you and even how to care for you while you’re pregnant. Some of the more common symptoms include:
    Breast tenderness
  • Doctor’s note
    For this part, your doctor can include any medical information like how many weeks you’re at, any recommendations, information about your baby’s growth, and other relevant details.

Can you use fake pregnant papers to take leave from work?

Sadly, more and more women are now using fake pregnancy documents to take leave from work. These documents are slowly growing in popularity, especially with the strict employment rules and rising costs of healthcare. But no matter how much you want to take a break, it’s better not to fake it.

Creating fake pregnant papers doesn’t just jeopardize your job, it also comes with a lot of hassles. If you’re not pregnant, don’t claim that you are. Imagine how your employer would react if they find out that you’re not carrying a baby in your womb.

But if you do have a baby growing in your womb, pregnant papers will serve you well. You can download these, create them on your own or even ask your doctor to produce these documents for you. Before submitting the document to your employer, make sure to check all of the information on it first.

Such documents can only serve their purpose for expectant mothers, not for those who don’t want to go to work. If your purpose is to simply take a month off, think of another excuse to tell your employer so you don’t get into a lot of trouble.


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