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A price comparison template is a useful document for when you need to find the best price before purchasing any goods or services. With the template, you can make comparisons between different suppliers, shops or vendors. Simple as this document is, it’s very beneficial to use, whether you need it for personal purposes or for your business. Read on to learn more about price comparison sheets.

What is a price comparison template?

Use a price comparison template if you want to find the best, cheapest or most reasonable price for goods or services so you won’t have to pay extra. A price comparison chart or vendor comparison template allows you to make comparisons between prices for you to make a more informed decision.

You can also use this template to perform your own evaluation of various products offered at different prices and price ranges. Rather than simply purchasing the goods or services you need, the price comparison sheets give you a better idea of what’s out there so you know where to go for what you need.

These sheets are especially important for companies or businesses who have a set budget for the items they need to purchase. If you’re in charge of purchasing those items, you can use this template to take note of the prices of the same items from different shops and find the products which have the best quality but which come at the most affordable price.

Comparing prices with a document also helps you compare between different kinds of products offered by various brands on the market. This helps you save a lot of time, money, and makes you feel more confident about the products you’ve purchased. A well-made chart is very easy to understand and it helps you make a decision faster.

Downloadable Templates:

price comparison template 47

price comparison template 19

price comparison template 20

price comparison template 23

price comparison template 24

price comparison template 26

price comparison template 27

price comparison template 28

price comparison template 29

price comparison template 30

price comparison template 31

price comparison template 32

price comparison template 33

price comparison template 34

price comparison template 37

price comparison template 38

price comparison template 41

price comparison template 42

price comparison template 48

price comparison template 01

price comparison template 03

price comparison template 06

price comparison template 07

price comparison template 08

price comparison template 09

price comparison template 22

price comparison template 40

price comparison template 43

price comparison template 44

price comparison template 46

price comparison template 50

price comparison template 02

price comparison template 04

price comparison template 05

price comparison template 10

price comparison template 11

price comparison template 12

price comparison template 13

price comparison template 14

price comparison template 15

price comparison template 17

price comparison template 18

price comparison template 21

price comparison template 35

price comparison template 36

price comparison template 45


Why do you need a price comparison template?

Both consumers and companies can benefit from using a price comparison template to make informed decisions and smart choices. For instance, a business which works frequently with suppliers and vendors may use a price comparison chart to evaluate the costs of products before selecting a vendor to purchase from.

Also, consumers may want to compare prices of the products they need then use the information they’ve gathered on the template to create a detailed shopping list. This saves them a lot of time and money. The price comparison document is especially useful for when you’re planning a big event like a wedding or a birthday party.

You may also need a vendor comparison template to conduct a competitive analysis if you want to have a better understanding of the market trends. Use it to see how the pricing structures and products of a company compare to other companies in the same industry.

Adding other details or points of comparison on the template makes it more versatile. For instance, you can add columns for the quality of the products, its features, and other important factors related to the goods or services. Then you can use the document to make different comparisons.

For business owners, you need this template to give you a better idea of where you stand in the market. Through the list, you can compare the prices of the products you manufacture to the prices of the same or similar products on the market from your competitors.

It’s a very useful tool for performing a competitive analysis of the market. It’s also quite helpful in the process of bidding. You can enter all the details of the prices set by vendors then compare these prices against each other. This allows you to make the most cost-effective decisions possible.

Types of price comparison

Before you create your price comparison template, think about why you need it first. Are you looking for a specific product for an event? Do you need to ask about the same type of service offered by different companies? Which industry are you planning to learn about for your price comparison?

These are some basic questions you need to answer before you start. After answering these questions and others you might think about, you can start deciding what type of price comparison sheets to use. Here are the most common types for you to consider:

  • Construction costs
    With a price comparison chart, you can compare bids from construction subcontractors and contractors. On the template, include the names of the contractors, their bid amounts, the descriptions of their work, and other relevant details. Then rank the bidders based on their qualifications and costs to make a better decision.
  • Competitor price analysis
    With the template, you can conduct a simple or extensive competitor price analysis by comparing the prices of products from different businesses similar to your own. Include columns for average, low, and high prices. This makes it easier for you to see where the prices of your own products fall on the spectrum.
    You can either download a ready-made vendor comparison template or create one for yourself. Either way, make sure to include other relevant information like shipping costs, taxes, product ID numbers, and other important details. Add as many columns as you need to accommodate all of the required information.
  • Vendor prices
    Apart from the products, you may also want to make a list of the different vendors to compare their pricing information. Create a column for the names of the vendors, their descriptions, and the column for the prices charged by the vendors for each of the products they sell.
    After entering all of the information you need, it’s easier for you to get a good look at which vendor offers the most reasonable or competitive prices for all of the products you wish to purchase. You can also use the price comparison template to find out which companies offer the lowest prices.
  • Product features
    Whether you plan to compare products internally or you want to evaluate your competitors, this type of template allows you to create a visual chart of all the product features. Aside from comparing prices, you can also compare each of the products based on their most important features.
    This template is highly beneficial for personal use but it’s also a lot more beneficial for business use. With it, consumers can find out the features that similar products have to offer and how they differ from one another. Since you also include the prices, you can also see how the features affect the cost of the products.
  • Product sales
    With this template, you can do more than compare prices. You can also use the information you’ve gathered to evaluate the performance of each product by comparing the sales figures. The template serves as a visual reference for keeping track of revenue and comparing products based on income.
    For this template, include the price of each unit, the total number of units sold, any shipping costs, the number of returned units, and the total amount of your profits. This provides you with an efficient way to gather then analyze sales information which, in turn, helps you manage pricing strategies, inventory, product development, and more.

Making a price comparison table

For you to make a great price comparison sheet, you should put a lot of thought into it. Type the title of the document at the top and create a table with an adequate number of columns and rows you need for the information you plan to collect from the different vendors about the different goods and services.

Type the titles for all of the categories on the top row of your table. For instance, type the name of the vendor, the product, the price, and all other information you need based on the type of template you’re planning to create. You can divide the columns further as needed.

The great thing about these templates is that you can customize them however you wish. If you download a template and it lacks information, add more columns or rows to it. Or if the template you’ve downloaded contains categories which you don’t need, simply delete those rows or columns or replace them.

These templates allow you to calculate the prices of each product or the prices offered by each of the vendors. If you’re comparing several products, you can calculate the totals after gathering all of the information. Then you can include other information like shipping costs, extra fees, and others if needed.

Whether you’re a business owner or a consumer, you’ll benefit from using this sheet. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Use it to compare the prices of a single product to see which vendor offers the best price for the same high-quality product you need.
  • Use it to perform an analysis of various products to determine your best option.
  • It allows you to find the best deals on the market so you don’t have to spend more than you need to.

When creating your template, think about all of the information you need to place on it. Think of all the details you want to compare. This ensures that you can get the most out of the template that you make.


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