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Most professionals or employees have a clear idea of which path they want to take professionally. No one wants to remain in the same position for years and years without getting a promotion, right? Although you’re holding a good position right now, you may want to move up the corporate ladder. If it’s your time to receive that much-awaited promotion, expect to receive a promotion letter from your employer.

The importance of a promotion letter

Take a look at the people in your company who hold the high positions. Most likely, they began their careers at the bottom holding low-level positions. Gradually, they worked their way up until they reached the top. But when they began several years ago, they were just like the rest of the rank-and-file employees.

When you’re thinking about how you can become a manager or an executive in your company, you need to keep yourself motivated until the day that you receive a job promotion letter to give you some good news. Getting a promotion means that you received an advancement in your job title and job position. You would receive a promotion thanks to all of the significant contributions you’ve made as well as your superior work performance.

A promotion would come with new duties, responsibilities, and an increase in your base salary and the benefits that you receive. If you’re the one in charge of informing employees of promotions at the office, you can download promotional letter templates and use them as your reference. But if you receive a promotion letter to employee, then you can also expect these benefits:

  • A salary increase
    When you get moved to a higher position, this usually comes with a salary increase. You may also receive additional perks and monetary benefits such as transportation allowances, higher medical benefits, a higher representation, and more depending on the new position you’re about to take.
  • A boost in your self-esteem
    When you receive a promotion, this is one way for the management to recognize all of the efforts you put into the company. Upon receiving a promotion letter, you would know that your employees trust in your abilities and they believe that you will be able to handle the new responsibilities that come with the higher position. Of course, this will give your self-esteem a boost and keep you motivated to keep on working hard.
  • An increase in your authority within the company
    If you’ve ever tried reading some promotion letter examples, you will see that most of the time, the promotion would also come with an increase in your authority. Your position may allow you to supervise or manage a small team of lower-level employees on a daily basis. Also, you would have more authority to make decisions and to perform higher-level functions.

Downloadable Templates:

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Tips for writing a promotion letter

In the corporate setting, the term “promotion” holds a great significance. Most employees look forward to getting promoted, especially if they want to move forward in their career. An employee who is about to get promoted may receive a job promotion letter from his direct supervisor or the management of the company.

There are different types of promotional letter templates to make. One promotion letter example is when you would write it to your employer when you see an opportunity for a promotion within the company. If you feel confident about your own experiences and skills, you may write such a letter. To help you out, here are some tips on how to write a promotion letter:

  • Include your main message in the first paragraph
    If you want to create a professional letter, make sure to include your main message which, in this case, is the opportunity for a promotion in the very first paragraph. That way, the person reading the letter will know exactly what it’s about right away.
  • Highlight all of your achievements
    Of course, there must be a good reason why you believe you deserve the promotion. To let your employers know why you deserve to move up in the corporate ladder, highlight all of your achievements and contributions. Then support your claims with specific examples to make things clearer for those who will make the final decision.
  • Declare your dedication and loyalty to the company
    While asking for the promotion, it would be very helpful to make a declaration of how much you love the job you currently hold. Also, state how dedicated and loyal you are to the company so that they know that you’re not just asking for the promotion to earn more money. They have to know that you sincerely believe that you deserve the higher position and that you want to make the company better.
  • Other tips
    When writing the sentences and statements in your letter, be very clear and concise. There’s no need to make a lengthy letter as it might end up boring the reader. Also, make sure that you meet all of the requirements of the position you want to get promoted to before you write the letter and send it to your boss.

Sometimes, the promotion letter to employee comes from the employer. This happens when a high-level position opens up, and the management makes a decision to promote one of their existing employees to take the said position. In such a case, the promotion letter would come from the employer and the one receiving the promotion would get it. When making this type of letter, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Include the date when the promotion will officially take effect
    One of the most important pieces of information in the letter is when the employee will start holding the new position. The main purpose of this letter is to inform the employee when his promotion will officially take effect. In doing this, the employee can better prepare for the new position before he has to hold it.
  • Provide the details about the employee’s new position
    Apart from giving the exact date when the employee will start in his new position, you should also give all of the details about the position in question. Some of the most relevant details include:
    The employee’s new job title
    The new salary rate or any other details about the compensation and benefits that come with the employee’s promotion
    Any additional perks or benefits the employee may receive
    The new duties and responsibilities that the employee will have to take on
  • Explain the reporting structure of the employee’s new position
    Since your employee will get promoted, he should also know the people he will report to such as his direct supervisor or his new boss. Also, the employee should know who will oversee his transition into his new position.
    It’s important to provide this explanation to avoid any confusion during the transition process. This is especially true in cases where the company’s organizational chart shows supervisors of equal ranking who work in the same department where the employee will start reporting to. If your employee has to report to more than just one supervisor, indicate this in the letter too.
  • Acceptance recommendations
    There are other things which you may want to include in the promotion letter. However, these aren’t strictly required. Usually, these items come after you’ve made a negotiation with your employee in light of his promotion. Often, these acceptance recommendations have something to do with probationary periods, salary considerations, and other types of negotiated perks such as additional vacation days, stock options, and more.
    As aforementioned, these items aren’t required in the letter, but it would be better for you to include them in writing for the purpose of documentation. It’s always important to include any important matters in writing as this would make them more enforceable, especially when both of you acknowledge these items. To finalize the agreement, both you and your employee would have to affix your signatures on the document.
    In some cases, you may not include these details in the job promotion letter. Instead, you can include them in a separate document which you and your employer will sign to make it an official agreement. Then attach this document to the letter to support the information about your employee’s promotion.
  • Coordinate with the other departments
    Sometimes, when an employee gets promoted, he would have to transfer from one department to another. In such a case, you should send copies of the letter to everyone involved. From your employee’s previous supervisor to everyone in the department he’s transferring to, everyone should receive the information about the promotion.
    The employee’s previous supervisor needs some time to orient the person taking his place and train him accordingly. Also, the new supervisor should know when the employee will start working in his department so he can prepare for the employee’s transition into his new position, responsibilities, and office environment.
    Also, there should be proper coordination among the accounting, payroll, and human resources departments with regards to the employee’s promotion. In doing this, you can avoid any delays, miscommunications, and complications which may arise after your employee has already started in his new position.


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