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When buying items from a store or a supplier, you need to have a purchase receipt to ascertain ownership of the items. It is like a certified paper containing information about what you bought and how much you paid for the items. Having one helps you when returning an item due to some reason within the warranty period. You can confirm this with a purchase receipt template that contains the terms on cancelation and returns. Some sellers give you purchase receipts without the need for a purchase order.

What is the purpose of a purchase receipt?

We’re all familiar with a common purchase receipt template as it has become part of our daily shopping lives. This receipt is a document that you issue to a customer. Generally, this document includes details about the purchase of a service or product.

For any purchase, you should use the proper receipt form and this depends on the kind of receipt you need. Another way for you to use a purchase receipt template is when an employee accepts or acquires materials from a vendor or supplier regarding a purchase order.

In such a case, all of the information including the date and time of purchase, the location, and the names of the seller and buyer, are all contained in the receipt for the purpose of record-keeping. Of course, these aren’t the main purposes of this receipt. Rather, it is an assurance that you were indeed able to get what you need.

Businesses in general, that purchase anything they need to operate any business-related projects or tasks must make these receipts to give information about what you have purchased and the quantity that you purchased. This can also work the other way around.

Downloadable Templates:

purchase receipt 03

purchase receipt 04

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purchase receipt 07

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purchase receipt 10

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purchase receipt 30

purchase receipt 31

purchase receipt 32

purchase receipt 33

purchase receipt 34

purchase receipt 35

purchase receipt 36

purchase receipt 37

purchase receipt 38

purchase receipt 39

purchase receipt 01

purchase receipt 02


Can you get a receipt after purchase?

Losing receipts is very common since they are pieces of paper that may tear, wear out, or burn easily. In such instances, you need to find ways to get your buying receipt back in the original state. It is very easy once you do either of the following.

  • Requesting a reprint
    Visit the store or place of purchase and request a reprint of your receipt. Most businesses are open to the fact that the receipt goes missing and are willing to reprint it. They know how important it is to you and their business. Keeping records helps them avoid future troubles with their clients because of proof of purchase template.
  • Reviewing your credit card and bank statements
    You pay for items bought through your bank’s credit card when not having cash. In this instance, the bank keeps a clear record of what you purchased, how much you spent, and the time you did so. Reviewing your credit card and bank statements helps you receive this information, allowing you to print the copies.
  • Printing copies of the purchased template
    Having a second or third copy of a purchase receipt is crucial to ensure you always have backup once you lose them. It is easier when printing at your convenience after buying items.

What should you include in a purchase receipt?

Businesses need to maintain a record of buyers, when, how they paid, and how much they used on the items. It acts as a proof of purchase template that helps dictate the owner. It helps acknowledge the provision of services or products to clients and should have the following information.

  • The details of the company that includes its name, contact information, and e-mail address if available.
  • Include the time and date when the transaction occurred.
  • The list of products bought including the quantity or the services offered and a brief description of them.
  • You use the whole sum of money on purchase and tax paid as VAT.
  • Include the methods of payment, whether by cash, credit card, or debit card.
  • Ensure that the total VAT is at the end of the statement.
  • If there are any return policy, they should appear, and if not, state it.

How do you write a payment receipt?

Purchase receipt templates are in two ways depending on the convenience and effectiveness required. Companies or stores often do it with the help of some programs, either online or offline, used to create them.

  • When writing it electronically.
    You only need an electronic device like a computer or a smartphone to create one. In this case, you need to download special accounting programs to ease the burden of calculation and arrangement of items on the list. They work using an automatic system to log in data and include the accounting information.
  • When designing it by hand
    It is easy if you are not a tech-savvy person because it only demands writing skills alongside good accounting skills. In the buying receipt, you write details of the items, check the price manually and include them, then calculate the total. You do this on a receipt book separated into sections to fit all details.
    What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?
    A receipt indicates payment of the items, and their sales are complete, unlike an invoice that shows it’s a payment request. They both contain the products ordered, their prices, taxing information, contact details, and credits.
    A receipt shows the exact time of payment by the customer, while an invoice includes a given period for payment. The latter allows for negotiations between the client and the company to decide when they should pay. They receive information on awarded discounts if they comply with early payment.
    A receipt shows proof of complete ownership of an item while an invoice shows partial ownership. The company may reclaim an invoiced item if the buyer fails to complete their payment on time. A receipt allows a buyer to return an item when spoilt within the warranty period.
    You receive an invoice before paying for an item or after paying some amount, unlike a receipt where you get it after payment. The receipt proves ownership of the item while the invoice shows potential ownership. It is why you receive it before full payment.

How do I write a receipt for payment?

A purchase receipt template can be as complex or as simple as you may wish, as long as the template meets your requirements and the requirements of your customers. For instance, the receipt can be as simple as a slip from your cash register or as casual as a scribbled note on a sheet of paper.

On the other hand, your receipts can also be very complex like a digital spreadsheet with programmed extension calculations, payment histories, and purchase order numbers. Here are some tips for you when writing your purchase or buying receipt:

  • The essential information to include
    All of your receipts must bear the name of your business since you issued them. Also, include the date of the transaction, the items or services bought, and the amount you charged. Most receipts also include the name of your customer, especially if the document represents a filled purchase order or if both you and the buyer are currently engaged in business deals with one other.
    When a customer submits a purchase order, the purchase number order should appear on the receipt for them to use as their reference. An order you have delivered should have in the receipt the buyer’s address and contact details for the reference of the delivery driver.
  • Other information to make your receipt more effective
    When a customer purchases a service or product, it would be very useful for you to provide them with some form of documentation as to how they will make payments.
    This receipt can also include details about the payment itself – on whether the customer made their payment in cash, with a check, or using their credit card. Remember that any payments made in cash are especially important because you cannot verify cash payments after the fact. But for credit card or check payments, you can still verify these.
    Aside from noting the payment form, it is also important for a customer’s reference to provide the check number or the last four numbers on the credit card they used. In general, these receipts may also include the terms of sale like whether sales are all final or whether the customers can exchange the items within 30 days after purchase, if the customer presents the receipt. This information is very useful too.
  • Essential documentation (for tax purposes)
    Another important use of these receipts is for tax purposes. You can use them to provide proof about your business’s expenses that are usually written off on your tax forms. Moreover, you can also use them for management accounting as they contain information for your accountant who needs to monitor your purchases and categorize them.
    From this, you can assess whether your expenses in a certain area are financially reasonable or if they’re consistent each year. Often, we face issues with the items we just purchased. In such a case, the receipt becomes indispensable as it serves as your proof of purchase so you can return or exchange the merchandise. Your customers may do this too.


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