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For years, report cards have always been an important part of the school curriculum. It is the report card template that parents are able to learn about the performance of their students, and more importantly, they help to assess the performance and success of the student in a class.

A homeschool report card template will usually include details of the list of subjects that the student is learning through the school term, the student’s behavior in class and a number of conduct areas determined by the institution. Finally, here will be the grade the student has earned for their effort.

After the grades, the teacher is supposed to note down their comments on the student. Having guided the student all through the school term, the teacher is in a good position to understand the progress the student has made since the beginning of the term. In some cases, the comments in the high school report card template are usually thorough and in some cases they are brief. Some teachers might even request a meeting with the parents to discuss the progress of their student.

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Features of a report card

There are different types of report cards that each learning institution uses. If you compare them, you will realize that there is quite a disparity from one school to the other. However, there are some features that you will find on the report cards of most of the schools, whether it is a kindergarten report card template, a homeschool report card template or a high school report card template. The following are some of these features, and why they are important.


The report card you use should have the attendance of all the students tracked all through the school year. It is important especially in schools where attendance constitutes a certain percentage of the overall grade that the students will get at the end of the school term. The attendance sheet should be centralized, flexible and show real-time data for it to be considered efficient for your class.

Dioceses and Districts

In the case as a teacher, you are associated with a number of schools, for comparative purposes your report card will also need to show different information about other institutions. A good report card, therefore, should allow you to gain access to demographics, attendance and academic information from all the institutions you are affiliated with.

Discipline Records

This information is an accumulation of all the incidents that have happened through the school session. In the discipline records, there should be a proper and detailed history of the students, and this information can be accessed by administrators and teachers alike.


This is an area where a lot of parents pay attention to the report card template. Other than learning about the grades that the student has achieved in school, it also helps a great deal to know what the teacher thinks of the student. The comments usually shed more light on the personality of the student.

There are some traits that the student might not show when they get back home, but immediately they get to school they do. Some of these traits are usually propagated by the environment at home and the different environment at school.

Perhaps at home, the student might be meek and quiet, but in school, they are jovial and happy and interact freely with their fellow students. Teachers can make notes on these traits in the high school report card template and follow up on them with the parents later on.


While the teacher will leave their comments on the performance of the student in the kindergarten report card template, they are also supposed to provide recommendations on the same. Having read the comments, most parents usually look forward to reading the recommendations so that they can act on them accordingly.

Some concerned parents actually try and schedule a meeting with the teacher so that they can discuss in-depth the performance, comments and recommendations with the teacher so that they have a better understanding of how to assist the student.

Assessing students

In order to deal with the challenge of fake report card templates that some students make and present to their parents, some institutions have moved away from the traditional letter grades, and are implementing a more thorough and analytical approach. The teachers report on the performance of their students through a narrative.

In this case, the institutions have guidelines in place that the teachers follow while assessing the performance of the student, which you cannot find in a fake report card template. There are a number of areas that such reports cover, such that when the parent is presented with the report card at the end of the school term, they do not expect to see a letter grade, but a comprehensive report from the teacher about how their student has performed.

In a way, the high school report card templates are better and wholesome, given that they go in-depth about the student’s ability. A letter grade might indicate that the student has been scoring straight A’s student, but does not indicate that they are struggling to interact with other students.

Whichever the type of report that the school issues at the end of the school term, one thing is common; the fact that the parents need to know how their students perform in school, and the teachers need to provide detailed information on their interaction with the students.

Importance of the report card

Other than reporting on the performance of a student and the grades they have earned a high school report card template is also an important part of the learning curriculum. There are three important things that the report card will provide:

  • Assessing the student’s performance with respect to the school’s practices
  • Identify the changes that the student should make
  • Prioritize the changes the student needs to make

With the data obtained from a school report, it is easier for the teacher and the parents to understand the needs of the school and the needs of the student, and align them together so that eventually they are able to assist the student rise to the occasion and achieve their potential.

How does the school report help?

While most people see school reports from the perspective of the parents and the students, it is also important to look at the reports in the way the rest of the stakeholders in the school do. The community and policy makers all see the reports and get an average feeling of how the school as a whole is performing.

It is from these reports that they are able to determine whether the school is heading in the right direction and whether it is as competitive as other schools in the region. Such decisions are important especially to individuals who are planning on enrolling their students in the school in the near future.

The following are some of the areas where a report card will help the different stakeholders involved in the student’s life:

Assessing the student’s life

Through the performance reports, it is easier for the school community as a whole to assess the learning environment. This is a good system that can be used to understand some of the factors that affect the student’s academic well-being, alongside the behavioral barriers to their academic qualifications.

Strive for academic success

There are decisions that will support the well-being of the student and the staff, and more importantly, enrich the interaction between these two faculties. A lot of these decisions are made out of the results in the high school report card template, and eventually affect the student’s current academic goals, and their ability to work towards future success.

Support from stakeholders

There are a lot of people who are involved in the life of the student. From the information in their report card template, it is easier for the stakeholders to know where the student population as a whole is struggling, and look into ways of championing progress. Some of the decisions that can come out of this include:

  • Encouraging community involvement in the academic cycle of the students
  • Supporting and rewarding student achievement
  • Supporting staff and student wellness and cohesion
  • Encouraging more family involvement in the academic life of the student

The main reason behind the success of the report form is that the improvement of the student and the school as a whole is pegged upon wide assessment and planning, with a variety of non-traditional and conventional measures being put in place to bring forth a balance in the school and community interaction.

Healthy school environment

The performance of the students by far indicates the performance of the teachers. Through these reports, the institution can learn some of the weaknesses that their teachers have, and their strengths. At the end of the school term, the institution might consider reshuffling the teaching staff to spur efficiency. They can promote one or two teachers to higher positions where they can share their insight to success with the rest of the teachers under them, for the betterment of the wider student body.

Monitor school support

The report card is also a good way to report on the support that students are getting from the school. When the school supports the students and the staff through a variety of wellness programs, it is easier to achieve positive student behavior and significant academic achievement.

Spur improvement

From the information available in the student homeschool report card template, the relevant stakeholders are able to notice the areas where improvement is necessary and challenge the student to strive for more. Some improvement plans can actually be integrated into the academic curriculum, like mentorship programs to help the students achieve more.

Steps in the report card process

There are four important steps that make up the report card process. Each of these steps is interlinked to ensure a complete cycle of events in the academic life of the student.


The teacher needs to gather all the information about the progress of a student from the moment the school term begins to the day the school term ends. There will be a lot of information sharing between teachers who teach the students different subjects.

It is also at this juncture that the teacher is able to learn from other teachers whose classes the student is a member, of their performance and the way they interact with others around them, how they respond to challenges and so forth.

When all this data has been collected, the teacher can then compile a comprehensive report on their assessment of the student and present it to the parents in the report card template.


Scoring is simply about the grades that the student has achieved in the subjects that they are undertaking. There are different grading methods that each institution uses. Some institutions also award marks for things like the overall attendance record, which eventually contribute a percentage of the final grades.

The scores in the high school report card template will also include random tests in class, the grades that the student gets in their assignments and group work.


When the teacher has all the information they need to compile a homeschool report card template on the student, they can then come up with a report. This report will usually be complete at the end of the school term. These are the results that the students take home to their parents.


The process of reporting student grades does not just end when they take their reports home to their parents. In fact, this marks the beginning of a new chapter, evaluation. Some teachers actually have a trend report and share the same with the parents.

With a trend report, they will show the parents how the student has been performing over time. A trend report shows a graphical representation of improvement, failure or stagnation. In case there are events in the life of the student out of class that might have been responsible for this, the teacher and parents can discuss that further.

Using the data in a report card

The data that is presented to the parents in the report form can be used in a number of ways, primarily to help the student to become better at their studies. The following are some of the ways in which the reports can be implemented to support the student:

Community resources

From their understanding of the information in the student reports, the school administration will understand, through interactions with the teachers and other stakeholders, where the school can do more to promote the progress of the students.

Towards this end, the school can look for better ways to make use of community resources to improve the academic performance of their students. They will schedule things like more educational trips, exchange programs and so forth.

Professional development

The life of a student does not just revolve around the learning center, there are other avenues where the student needs to thrive also. To enable the student to succeed in class, it is important that they also engage in other activities like sports, debate, music and so forth. These can be addressed easily by the report, and the relevant recommendations made.

Collaborative efforts

It does take a village to raise a child. Teachers and the entire school community alongside the parents are all stakeholders in the success of the student. Because of this reason, they are all capable of playing a role in the student’s life by helping the student realize their potential.

At the end of a school term, teachers usually hold meetings to discuss performance and what they can do from their end to help the students. They raise concerns they have noticed through the school term, share ideas and where possible, involve the parents in helping in seeing this through.

Identify focus areas

Not all students have the same challenges, and not all students will struggle with the same concern in the same way. From the reports, it is easier for the teachers to identify areas where students have specific challenges and find a way to help them.

It is even easier if the teachers have a trend report, because they can follow the progress that the student has made over the years, and even point out the turning points in their lives, and attribute these turning points to specific events that might have transpired in the life of the student.

Deal with systemic values

Even though the high school report card template will be about the student, there are some areas where change can only be achieved in the student’s academic reports through specific system changes in the school. Perhaps there is a trend in a certain teacher’s class that is just not working for all or most of the students. It could be the way the teacher is teaching or something else.

These are changes that can only be effected by the institution, and perhaps with a bit of a push from the parents, especially when they realize that there is a common problem that their children share about a certain subject or a certain teacher.

Foster teamwork

The role of the teacher should also include making sure that the students are able to appreciate collaborative efforts, and at the same time work well on their own. This culture can be instilled into the students at an early age so that they learn to appreciate others around them.

This is why group efforts are also important and should be graded effectively. These reports usually help the teacher understand how receptive the student is to work with others in a group, and how their performance changes when working as individuals.

It might also be wise to rotate the group membership from time to time so that the students are able to learn from working closely with other students too. It helps to bring out their strengths and weaknesses.

Identify leadership qualities

All the activities that students undertake in school are supposed to be graded and reported. With this in mind, it will be easier for the teachers to take note of the leadership qualities or potential that a student has. This enables them to challenge the student to strive for more, and even hand then leadership roles in class.

Report cards, therefore, are about so much more than just reporting on the grades that a student obtained in class. They can be a wholesome tool that will shape the life of a student not just for the school term, but into the future. There are a lot of lessons that parents, students, and teachers alike can take from the information provided in the report card template, and this will all work well towards making the student’s life better in the future.


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