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A risk analysis involves identifying the potential risks. It also involves their impact on your business or project. In performing this analysis, you need to make a risk management matrix or template.

You can make your own quantitative or qualitative analysis template. If not, you can also download a template from here and modify it to suit your needs. In either case, you need to include some important factors.

Here are the things to include in your risk assessment matrix or template:

Project management

  • Several projects occurring at the same time
  • Not enough participants involved in your project
  • Too many participants handling the project
  • Unrealistic control or planning
  • Inability to handle changes in the project’s design
  • Poor organization of the project
  • Conflicts in priority

Risk analysis is a useful procedure done for businesses, projects or activities. The process involves a systematic assessment of any and all potential risks. In making a risk assessment example, you need to identify all the potential risks.

Then, you prioritize them according to the likelihood of them happening. Also, you need to think about how serious the outcomes of these risks are. Sometimes, you can refer to risk analysis as risk mapping or risk assessment.

You can create a risk assessment matrix that’s qualitative or quantitative. For qualitative analysis, the goal is to identify risks which present the most danger. Quantitative analysis involves explicit values.

Assign these values to the probability of the risk happening. Often, you measure the impact based on financial terms. Analyzing risks is extremely important. It gives you an opportunity to establish potential threats, vulnerabilities, and hazards.

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Downloadable Templates:

Risk Analysis Template 11

Risk Analysis Template 13

Risk Analysis Template 15

Risk Analysis Template 17

Risk Analysis Template 18

Risk Analysis Template 19

Risk Analysis Template 23

Risk Analysis Template 24

Risk Analysis Template 25

Risk Analysis Template 26

Risk Analysis Template 27

Risk Analysis Template 28

Risk Analysis Template 29

Risk Analysis Template 30

Risk Analysis Template 31

Risk Analysis Template 33

Risk Analysis Template 35

Risk Analysis Template 37

Risk Analysis Template 01

Risk Analysis Template 02

Risk Analysis Template 03

Risk Analysis Template 05

Risk Analysis Template 06

Risk Analysis Template 08

Risk Analysis Template 09

Risk Analysis Template 10


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