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Receiving a good education is a dream that every student has from the time they join the school to the time of graduation. Sometimes those dreams go through rough roads when money for their education is not sufficient. Instead of waiting for such disheartening moments, students apply for scholarships from individuals, business entities, schools & colleges, NGOs, and government institutions. As an organization, if a student is rewarded scholarship, you need to issue them a certificate and for that, you need scholarship certificate template.

Scholarship certificate template defined

A certificate of scholarship is a document written by an individual or an institution and addressed to a student informing them that they were selected for a scholarship that they had applied for to help them continue with their education. Printable scholarship certificates make it easy for you to convey to the students that they have earned it.

Contents of a scholarship award template

Because printable scholarship certificates are issued to students and not to the institution the student is attending, its details must be clear and precise so that once the student presents it to the institution, it will be an acceptable document.

  • Full name of the person awarded
  • The college or organization they were in when they won the scholarship
  • Date when the certificate was given
  • The kind of scholarship –
  • Why the student received it
  • Name of the scholarship
  • The awarding individual or institution
  • Signature

Downloadable Templates:

scholarship certificate 30

scholarship certificate 31

scholarship certificate 32

scholarship certificate 33

scholarship certificate 39

scholarship certificate 38

scholarship certificate 37

scholarship certificate 36

scholarship certificate 35

scholarship certificate 40

scholarship certificate 34

scholarship certificate 41

scholarship certificate 42

scholarship certificate 01

scholarship certificate 02

scholarship certificate 03

scholarship certificate 09

scholarship certificate 08

scholarship certificate 07

scholarship certificate 06

scholarship certificate 05

scholarship certificate 04

scholarship certificate 10

scholarship certificate 11

scholarship certificate 12

scholarship certificate 13

scholarship certificate 14

scholarship certificate 15

scholarship certificate 21

scholarship certificate 20

scholarship certificate 19

scholarship certificate 18

scholarship certificate 17

scholarship certificate 16

scholarship certificate 22

scholarship certificate 23

scholarship certificate 24

scholarship certificate 25

scholarship certificate 26

scholarship certificate 27


Applying for a scholarship? – Tips you need to know

Scholarships are different and each requires you to follow the set rules of application and have the right qualification. Some scholarships are for higher education, others for pursuing a hobby, certificates, or diplomas. You must have the right academic papers to qualify for any of the scholarships.

  • Check your certificates: You must be academically qualified for the scholarship you are applying for.
  • Confirm details: Confirm and understand every detail of the scholarship, they can help you win.
  • Do not cheat: do not indicate you have a degree when you have a diploma. Apply for opportunities you qualify for.
  • Keep applying: as long as you are a student, never give up applying as many times as possible.
  • Avoid lateness; if a scholarship indicates 7th November 8 pm, do not submit at 9 pm.
  • Be keen on time zones: a scholarship application indicating 1 pm in New York time would mean 10 am California time.

What to include in your scholarship application letter?

In the scholarship letter, introduce yourself as the right candidate to the institution or individual who advertised for the scholarship. Be keen to attach every document the issuing body asked for. Follow the format below:

  • Write the date of application
  • Include your name and address
  • Institution/individual you are writing to and their address
  • The institution you are currently in
  • The body of the letter – In the body, state the scholarship you are applying for and the reasons for applying (pursuing diploma, certificate, college degree, art, etc.). State what you intend to achieve and mention your experience, what activities you are involved in your school, community, or place of worship, and the lessons learned from them.
  • Format your letter, sign and include your name at the bottom.
  • Attach a cover letter
  • Submit your letter electronically or print and send if the requirements allow

How to write a cover letter?

A cover letter is written to a potential issuing institution confirming your interest in the advertised scholarship and give details of your qualifications. It acts as an encouragement to the person reading your application to go on reading and maybe finally issue you a scholarship certificate template. It contains the following details.

  • Date of the letter
  • Your name and address
  • The issuing body and address
  • Reference heading
  • Main body; in the body, start with greetings, describe the scholarship you are applying for, why you are applying and what you expect. Discuss briefly your qualifications and close by indicating you have attached the application letter for the scholarship.
  • Sign and include your name, print and attach it on the front page of your application, not at the back or in the middle. If you are applying online, let it be your first attachment.

Difference between scholarships and fellowships

  • Scholarships
    Scholarships are grants given to students after an excellent performance encouraging them to do better. It is money based and is issued by individuals, institutions of learning, government, or any other profit or nonprofit based institution. The money is nonrefundable and can be used to cater for tuition, books, projects, or any other expenses incurred by the student.
  • Fellowships
    Fellowships are grants given to students for research on a certain subject after going through the qualifying exam. They may cover various subjects like science, medicine, finance, among others. The student may not receive the grant directly, but it could be given to benefit the academic institution, though the student may benefit from access to the library. It is usually given to those perusing degrees and above for research purposes.

Sourcing for scholarships

With the current technological trends, you will be able to track your scholarship opportunities online and apply online too.

  • Search out online: Dedicate time for online search
  • Register with agents: There are free or paid online agents who post scholarship opportunities daily
  • Team up with other students: Join your like-minded fellow students and communicate whenever chances present themselves
  • Befriend your teachers, lecturers, counselors, and chancellors: They will remember you when chances open

The different types of scholarships

As an organization, there might be a misconceived belief that scholarships award certificate are only for high performing students. Yes, many could be issued along that line, but there are many other types of scholarships that you can make available.

For students, as long as you have a talent or desire that you want to pursue, it is likely that you will get someone to give you a scholarship award certificate if you are diligent in your search.

As the dynamics of life keep changing, different types of scholarships get created to fit the need of the beneficiaries. If you keep searching online, you will likely find a scholarship that suits you. Below, let us look into the different types of scholarships, starting with the most common.

  • Academic scholarships
    Academic scholarships target high performing learners in both academics and extracurricular activities. The recipients must prove their high performance by providing documents such as results slips, certificates of good performance, exam papers, awards, among others.
    Mostly, academic scholarships attract high financing and may cater to full tuition fees, admission fees, dorm fees, travel, among others. Academic scholarships can be used as a reference during job applications.
  • Gender-based scholarships
    Gender-based scholarships specifically favor women. They were created after studies showed that the male child enjoyed more chances of receiving higher education than their female counterparts.
    They cater to most needs of the female student while in college and could be extended to the student’s post-college life and assist them in joining the business world, innovation, and politics. They favor sciences more than the arts. Gender-based scholarships are mostly issued by government entities, women organizations, financial institutions, and female schools.
  • Minority scholarships
    Minority scholarships target minority groups who are considered disadvantaged in certain aspects of life including financial, political, demographics, and population numbers. In the USA, minority groups include African Americans, American Indians, Alaska natives, Hispanics, and pacific islanders.
    In the faith category, Jews are considered a minority group. Sources of funds for minority scholarships mostly come from corporations, universities, and the federal government, and mostly cover the areas of medicine, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Athletic scholarships
    Athletic scholarships target students who are talented in sports and are willing to pursue their special talent. The student must show talent and good academic performance including discipline. Usually, the students are nominated by their teachers/couches after noticing their unique performance in games.
    They are mostly issued by colleges looking for the best talent on their campuses. The nominees can have the advantage of free education and post-college life.
  • Scholarships for community service
    They target students who do well in community service and are exceptional in public work. They may originate from colleges, community service groups, political organizations, or individual politicians and the federal work programs. They come in small portions which can be significant to students.
  • Average performers scholarships
    They target students who are not good performers academically but portray good performance in other areas like leadership and sports. If they show exceptional performance in other areas like community work and be well-disciplined, they could be considered for average students’ scholarships
  • Creative arts scholarships
    They target students who display good performance in creative fields like arts, music, and drama. They are mostly issued by the colleges although sometimes the public and private groups do issue them.
    Creative arts scholarships are competitive and students applying for them need to prove their capability for earning a scholarship award certificate by showing relevant certificates, awards, videos, or audios. They attract scholarships in small amounts though, at times, students may enjoy full scholarships.
  • Unusual scholarships
    These are scholarships that are not necessarily aimed at education but could be aimed at achieving the personal goals of the issuing party. It can be a soft drink company aiming at promoting its goods. They use colleges as platforms for launching their product campaigns. In most cases, they do not target individual students but look for masses. The scholarship benefits everyone who participated in the program.


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