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It often becomes a dilemma to choose the perfect gift when you pick a person’s name and you don’t know what to get them. Suddenly, you find yourself in a Secret Santa gift exchange situation where the fun gets taken out of the equation as you scramble to find the perfect present. If you want others to know you as the best gift-giving guru, you should use a Secret Santa questionnaire.

What is a secret Santa questionnaire?

One of the most fun-filled ideas during the holiday season is to pick out names for the Secret Santa game. This entails a lot of fun activities like sneaking around, learning about the person you picked, and, of course, buying the perfect gift. But how can you know what to get them, especially if you pick a person you don’t know?

It is here where the Secret Santa questionnaire comes in handy. This is a list of questions that you can post in the office or wherever you play the game. Giving Secret Santa questions a sure bet to ease the stress of finding gifts for everyone involved while cutting down on the time you spend preparing.

Downloadable Templates:

secret santa questionnaire 22

secret santa questionnaire 21

secret santa questionnaire 20

secret santa questionnaire 19

secret santa questionnaire 18

secret santa questionnaire 17

secret santa questionnaire 16

secret santa questionnaire 15

secret santa questionnaire 14

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secret santa questionnaire 01

secret santa questionnaire 25

secret santa questionnaire 24

secret santa questionnaire 23


Do you need a secret Santa questionnaire?

Almost all offices and even families play the Secret Santa game at Christmas. It truly is a great way of spreading Christmas cheer. The rules are quite simple – all participants will place their names in a hat. Then each person picks one name and to that person, you are their Secret Santa.

Most of us have joined this delightful game and we all know how tricky it can be to get the perfect gift, more especially so if you aren’t acquainted with the person you picked. To help you out, give everyone a Secret Santa questionnaire or a Secret Santa survey to help everyone choose the best present.

Companies usually have their own Secret Santa exchanges as part of the holiday tradition. These exchanges remain secret until the big Christmas party. You might be in trouble with your gift if your partner is someone you aren’t familiar with. If you work in a big company, you might not have even met that person!

So, before you go buying a lifeless gift card for the person you picked, give them a fun Secret Santa form to fill out. With this, you will have an insight into what your partner would love for Christmas. Download a Secret Santa template to find out what your Secret Santa partner would truly want for the season.

Secret Santa questionnaires for different people

To many of us, Christmas is all about making people around us happy and one way to do this is through gift-giving. This is why the Secret Santa game is so popular as many of us find the secrecy of the game so appealing.

As you give out Secret Santa forms, everyone needs to fill these out without knowing who has picked their name. A Secret Santa template is amazing as it still abides by the game’s rules. There is a variety of Secret Santa survey questionnaires you can make for the people in your life:

  • For kids
    Kids always love gifts. But what happens if they don’t like what they receive? It’s a hassle to return a gift during the Christmas rush hours. Plan this problem ahead by asking the child or the parent to fill in the questionnaire.
  • For colleagues
    Among colleagues, the Secret Santa game spells a lot of fun, more especially so if everyone gets what they wished for. It could even transform the Christmas party into a memorable moment. Keep things simple by asking your colleagues to answer Secret Santa questions. This makes the process easier and more interesting.
  • For family members
    Family get-togethers are the most important events of all for the season. You can make these better and more memorable if you gift your partner with something they have wished for. You can use the Secret Santa form to find out. This is a great way to know more about the person you picked.
    You can base your questions on your relationship levels. For this, customize your questions as needed. Just try not to disclose that you’re collecting information for your Secret Santa.

Many of us love to receive gifts but we often goof up at the eleventh hour. But with a Secret Santa template, Santa will come in early to help you plan your Christmas event better. Aside from using the questionnaire, you can even create a fun quiz where the receiver answers all the questions with you making the decisions.

Thinking of questions for your secret Santa questionnaire

As mentioned, one of the best games to play during the holiday season is the Secret Santa game which is perfect for the whole family, for colleagues or for even for your group of friends. Write down all of the names of the participants, place these in a bowl or a hat, and allow everyone to select a name randomly.

You will then have to look for a gift for whoever’s name you picked. Keep in mind that this is a Secret Santa game, meaning you shouldn’t tell anyone whose named you picked out of the hat. One problem in this game is when a participant pulls out the name of a person who he is not familiar with or one he hasn’t even met yet.

This is where the Secret Santa questionnaire becomes useful. Here are some examples of questions that can help get to know better the person you will buy the gift for even if you are not the best of friends. The answers to these questions will give you an insight into your partner’s interests so that your gift will be on-point:

  • Fun questions
    What’s one thing that you absolutely cannot live without?
    What’s one thing you find you always need more of?
    Do you have any collections or hobbies?
  • Foods and beverages
    What’s your favorite restaurant or fast food place?
    Are you allergic to any type of food?
    What type of food do you absolutely love?
  • Pop culture and entertainment
    What’s your favorite television show?
    What’s the one movie that you don’t mind watching over and over again?
    What type of music do you love?
  • Beauty and fashion
    Do you have any favorite scent, perfume or cologne?
    If you had the chance to splurge on one fashion or beauty item, what item would you choose?
    What’s your favorite beauty and fashion shop?
  • Sports and other activities
    Do you play any type of sports?
    What’s professional sport do you love watching on TV?
    Do outdoor activities appeal to you?
  • Miscellaneous questions
    What’s your favorite color?
    Who’s your favorite author?
    What’s your favorite thing to do on sunny days or on rainy days?

How to be the best secret Santa ever!

If someone has invited you to join a Secret Santa game but you’re having mixed feelings about it, just remember the Secret Santa questionnaire. Although the game involves presents and many fun surprises, having to get a gift without disappointing your partner is another story.

But after using a Secret Santa survey, things could be a little brighter as you now know the perfect gift to give. Then you can use these tips to make you a better, if not the best, Secret Santa:

  • Make a statement
    A greatly-wrapped gift can make the best statement of all. You don’t have to be a genius “wrapper” to do this as long as you make sure that your gift makes a big statement. For this, the packaging will make all the difference. The person you picked will feel special when they see what you give them even if they haven’t opened it yet.
  • Don’t give gag gifts
    Nobody wants a gag gift or one that you thoughtlessly picked up at the last minute. You should take the time to get a gift that you carefully thought of. That way, the person you picked will appreciate the effort and time along with the gift itself.
  • Make an adventure out of it
    There are no rules that say you should limit yourself to certain things. Give the person you picked an experience like a movie gift card, a paintings class or even something wild like flying trapeze lessons.
  • Add some humor
    Injecting humor into your gift will make it a gift that keeps on giving. How about a witty mug, a calendar with jokes of the day or anything else to make them laugh. This is a cool way to add more fun and festivity to the season.
  • Try not to be a Scrooge or a big spender
    For such a game, you will always have a price cap for the gifts to give. That doesn’t mean you have to spend much less or too much. You don’t want to seem cheap or show off to make the other person feel awkward if they don’t spend as much.
  • Include the receipt for certain items
    This becomes very important, especially when you opt for accessories or clothes. In case the gift is not quite the style your partner wants, they can exchange the gift as long as they have the receipt.


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